The 15 Best iPhone 13 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

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Protruding a couple of millimeters out from your beloved new iPhone’s sleek form is its oft-neglected supporter and protector: a trustworthy case. There are few things more heartwrenching than dropping your phone out of your hands only to pick it up and realize that your four-figure investment now has a cracked or shattered screen. Forgoing an iPhone case is akin to playing with fire, and we always recommend outfitting your shiny new Apple gadget with a sturdy and well-specced case, which is why we’ve put together this guide to the best iPhone 13 cases you can buy.

Nowadays, with countless brands to choose from at practically every big box store or online retailer you tend to shop at, there’s simply no reason not to have your phone covered with even the most minimal case at the very least. With that being said, some of the more lightheartedly designed cases you find online may be fun and reflect your personality, but they tend to offer these expensive smartphones little to no protection whatsoever. You’re better off going with a quality case that you know will offer actual protection for that inevitable moment when your phone falls from your hand onto hard concrete, and having a case that also accommodates Apple’s latest tech doesn’t hurt either. In the case of the iPhone 13, that means you may want a case that allows for not only traditional Qi wireless charging, but also Apple’s proprietary magnetic MagSafe charging. With this in mind, we’ve gone ahead and split up our guide into two sections. The first deals with our favorite MagSafe-compatible chargers, while the second covers the best chargers that omit the new tech for those who favor fashion over function. So take a look below and see which case you’d like to toss on your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Max.

MagSafe Cases

The Latest & Greatest

Apple Clear Case

As one of the more obvious choices of the bunch, is there anyone whom you would entrust a shiny new iPhone to more than its creators themselves? Thanks to this in-house case’s clear makeup, you don’t need to worry about your device’s color of choice being hidden behind the scenes of your handy new case. On top of that, the case’s scratch-resistant coating insists that the phone’s hue won’t look blemished in the foreground.

Purchase: $49

Otterbox Aneu Series Case

When buying a durable new case was the most trendy thing around in the early-to-mid 2010s, OtterBox seemed to be the only brand people wanted to talk about. Whether it was because of its rugged reputation or because it was one of the few brands sold at Apple retailers, the unabiding admiration that accompanied the brand’s products was there for good reason. Years later, they’re bringing no less than what we’ve come to know from them, as their Aneu Series case is designed specifically for Apple and boasts an ultraslim design that practically makes it unnoticeable.

Purchase: $50

Pelican Protector Case

Making use of materials that were initially intended for none other than first responders and extreme sports enthusiasts, this impact-resistant case from Pelican is a shoo-in for anyone seeking a tactical option. Thanks to its military-grade build, this non-slip case provides a vastly reassuring 15-foot drop protection, going to show there’s practically nothing you have to worry about.

Purchase: $50

Nomad Goods Leather Folio

If you favor a minimalist EDC by combining your phone case and wallet, then Nomad Goods’ offering is right up your alley. Crafted from the beachside brand’s signature Horween leather, this handy folio features a cash pocket and a trio of card slots, all the while promising 10-foot drop protection so that your items remain intact from well up above.

Purchase: $80

Lifeproof NËXT Antimicrobial Case

While keeping your phone secure is important, keeping it sanitized is genuinely vital nowadays. Luckily, Lifeproof keeps your case’s safety in mind, not to mention the remainder of the planet’s. Their NËXT Case features a sustainable composition, with at least half of it being put together from recycled plastic and capable of resisting many common bacteria. With the ability to block out dirt, debris, and even snow, this durable case is drop-proof from over six feet, as well.

Purchase: $90

Bandwerk Nappa Leather Case

Composed of naturally grained Nappa leather, this handcrafted piece from the German-bred Bandwerk is lined with soft microfiber that is still reliable enough to protect your phone. Something so artisanally well-crafted needs no reason to be as technologically functional, but this Italian-made case is still up to date and compatible with MagSafe. Available in a bevy of colors, you can also personalize it to your liking for an extra $10.

Purchase: $97+

Moment Starter Kit w/ Case

Needless to say, few features stand out about the iPhone 13 more so than its impeccable camera quality — especially in the case of the Pro models. With that in mind, Moment has made it their task to take full advantage of that, packaging their bestselling lenses alongside their branded mountable phone case. With a variety of lenses to choose from, Moment invites you to take your photography spins for a whirl with this ideal piece of equipment. On top of that, the kit even comes with the brand’s Lens Pen to keep photos as clear as day.

Purchase: $170+

Non-MagSafe Cases

Quality Without The Tech

totallee Thin Case

At times, the best case is the one that doesn’t even seem to be there, and totallee comes through with a 0.02-inch case that is as minimal on the eyes as it is on the hands. With such a barrier between the phone and case, it is easily compatible with wireless charging, all the while offering your iPhone optimized protection from any bumps and bruises it may encounter along the way.

Purchase: $39

Mujjo Full Leather Case

For anyone seeking a subtle, classy feel, then it’d be best to roll with the case crafters over at Mujjo. Crafted from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, this eco-friendly option is smooth to the touch and equipped with a raised camera bump to avoid damaging those precious camera lenses. Though Mujjo’s offering is well-equipped to work with Qi wireless charging platforms, they are yet to release a rendition suitable for MagSafe.

Purchase: $45

Urban Sophistication The Puffer Case

Urban Sophistication is a humble brand that came about in 2015 by way of a pair of siblings. With this stylish, plush take on the iconic down puffer jacket, the case still manages to provide adequate protection as well as water resistance. Composed of polyurethane, its raised edges also assist in making sure you won’t have to worry about any cracked displays while showing off your phone’s new fit.

Purchase: $65

Bellroy 3 Card Case

Having a couple of cards in your digital wallet is always convenient, but there are still numerous mom-and-pop shops around the country that don’t accept Apple Pay. Luckily, Bellroy’s 3 Card case holds up to its namesake and is a perfect pickup for anyone who likes to shop local. Constructed from eco-tanned leather and polymer, it is also backed by the brand’s generous 3-year warranty. While this is a stellar case equipped with a kickstand to boot, this particular offering is not MagSafe or wireless charging-compatible and requires owners to remove it before charging.

Purchase: $79

UAG Monarch Series Kevlar Case

UAG’s Kevlar-coated offering provides iPhone wielders with a whopping 20 feet of protection, assuring you there is no need to worry about dropping your phone mid-call and bearing witness to the outcome. With five layers of protection, this rugged case is finished off with a sleek shine and oversized tactile buttons. While these are ideal qualities to have, this addition to the Monarch Series is only compatible with basic wireless charging stations.

Purchase: $80

Rimowa iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Constructed from sturdy polycarbonate and shockproof TPU, Rimowa’s matte black case has only been crafted for the iPhone’s illustrious Pro Max model, as of now. Nevertheless, the revered luggage label throws their patented groove finish on the back of this stark case, making sure everyone knows that you’re quite the jetsetter upon pulling your phone out.

Purchase: $100

Plus Cases Wireless Charging Case

While a standard case is always nice, they can’t live up to a charging case’s capabilities, and Plus Cases is a privately owned band of Texas-based gadgeteers that craft them as well as anyone else. Boasting a powerful 4800mAh battery pack, the case delivers an additional 120% of battery life as it helps bolster the iPhone’s already-hefty 3,125mAh internal battery. Although you will have no problem juicing your phone on the go, Plus Case’s offering is only compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Purchase: $150

Gray Alter Ego Titanium Case

We know what you’re thinking — why the drastic jump in price? Well, take a look at this intricately designed piece of work from the sci-fi-lovers over at Gray and that should be enough of a reason why. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and boasting a mechanically textured finish, this design has been honed by a rebellious worldwide team of artists. Labeled as a “sculpture” as opposed to a case, this impeccable work of art sadly is not equipped to work with MagSafe, but no one’s buying this for the practicality.

Purchase: $1,900+

How To Clean and Sanitize Your iPhone

As we said, keeping your phone clean in this day and age is as important as making sure it’s protected. For the safety of you and those around you, we’ve compiled an ideal guide that’ll provide you with a quintessential breakdown on how to sanitize your iPhone the right way.