Everyday Carry: Field Kit

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When you’re in the field — whether that means the backcountry far from human civilization or just around the corner from home in a big city — the one thing you should always be able to rely upon is your everyday carry gear. It’s this dependability that is perhaps the largest and most impactful tenet of the very idea of EDC. The things you keep in your pocket, regardless of your lifestyle, should be the things that help you tackle any situation that might come your way — planned or not. And while there are conflicting ideas of what a “field loadout” should entail — with some folks boasting staunch support for modern, minimalist gear and others who refuse anything but the most hardcore tactical gear — the only person who can make the decision of what to carry is you. It’s with that fact in mind that we’ve put together this unconventional pocket dump as proof that just because something doesn’t look tactical that doesn’t mean it can’t stand up to the same punishment.

Magpul DAKA Everyday Wallet

Sleek and slim enough to fit in your front pocket, but tough and capacious enough to go toe-to-toe with any bifold, Magpul’s DAKA Everyday Wallet is a minimalist EDC masterpiece. It’s made in the USA, has enough space for seven cards, boasts a handy windowed ID pocket, is chemical- and weather-resistant, and comes in your choice of four handsome colorways.

Purchase: $25

MecArmy CPW Titanium Watchband Compass

While your smartphone or hiking smartwatch might die without access to a power outlet, the MecArmy CPW Titanium Watchband Compass will continue to guide you for ages without fail. Designed to fit on any standard watch band, this nearly-indestructible bad boy is the perfect contingency plan for the well-prepared survivalist.

Purchase: $55

Eagletac D3A Titanium Flashlight

A marvelous, limited edition offering that encompasses everything we love about Eagletac and more, this D3A flashlight is made from ultra-sturdy titanium, has several lighting modes (including programmable options), boasts an output of 353 lumens, and can run for over 150 hours at a time.

Purchase: $78

CRKT Homefront Folding Knife

Normally, we’d suggest against a folding knife for extensive fieldwork, as they can get jammed up pretty easily. But the CRKT Homefront has an added advantage: it’s constructed with Field Strip Technology that allows users to dismantle it without tools for easier cleaning. Better still, it can be put back together just as simply. It also boasts an AUS-8 steel blade, aluminum scales, and a sturdy liner lock.

Purchase: $83

Filson Field Watch

Leave it to American heritage brand, Filson, to create a watch that’s as beautiful as it is rugged and outdoor-ready. This handsome timepiece boasts a reliable quartz movement, stainless steel case, Super LumiNova markings for low-light visibility, 100m water resistance, and a sturdy rubber strap.

Purchase: $350