Bulleit Partners With American Forests For An Eco-Friendly Earth Day Cocktail Kit

Late last autumn, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey partnered with American Forests as part of its ongoing Frontier Fund, a program dedicated to giving back to the community and shaping the future moving forward. Along with the announcement came an ambitious initiative in which the Kentucky distillery would plant over one million trees within the next five years. And the thing is — they were just getting started.

In celebration of Earth Day this year, Bulleit and American Forests have come together on a sustainable cocktail kit in collaboration with Cocktail Couriers. Much more than a token eco-effort, it features packaging made from completely compostable materials and a grip of responsibly sourced ingredients. As such, the kit includes everything you need to make “A Sip of Paradise,” an environmentally-friendly cocktail comprised of bourbon, citrus stock made with discarded fruit rinds, and a pineapple cordial distilled using juice byproducts. And that’s not all — along with each box, you’ll also find some sustainable home bartending tips printed on seed paper as well as a set of upcycled Bulleit rock glasses. Simply plant the paper and soon you’ll have a garden filled with herbs to garnish your mixed drinks. It’s available now from $35.

Purchase: $35+