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Business Casual: 10 Best Work Pants For Men

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Oct 12, 2017

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We see so much outdoor adventure clothing and comfortable casual wear that sometimes we think the fashion industry has forgotten that there are a whole lot of people with work to be done. Lucky for us, however, there are still some excellent brands out there dedicating themselves to putting together garments that can stand up to working in the shop or on the job site. And, perhaps the most important clothing article for such endeavors is the work pant.

Designed to stand up to punishment, keep your legs safe from stray sparks and splinters, and – oftentimes – keep some tools on hand, work pants are an often overlooked, yet still incredibly important part of any man’s wardrobe. They’re tougher than your Grandpa’s Dockers and a lot more utilitarian than the average pair of jeans – and still, there are some that are better than others. So we’ve scraped together the following collection of the 10 best work pants for men.

Dickies Double Knee Work Pant

As one of the all time greatest staple workwear brands, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Dickies have garnered a spot on our list. With a construction of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these wrinkle- and stain-resistant bottoms are a solid go-to whether you work on cars or in a wood shop. They also feature a double-knee for extra durability, a simple hook and eye closure, and have a side cell phone pocket that will keep your tech safe and out of the way.

Purchase: $20+

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Ranger Pant

Another major staple American clothing brand, Wrangler is most famous for their line of rugged denim jeans. But that doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good at, as evidenced by their Riggs Workwear Ranger pants. These bottoms are made from 100% ripstop cotton fabric, come with reinforced knees for added durability, have dual cargo pouches in which you can put any tools you need quick-access to, and feature a hammer loop on the righthand side – you know, for a hammer.

Purchase: $23+

TRU-SPEC 24/7 Tactical Pant

Just because something features the word “tactical” in its name, that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for use on the battlefield. Take, for instance, the TRU-SPEC 24/7 Tactical pants. Built from a combination of polyester and cotton, these durable bottoms are just as effective in a machine shop as they are at a gun range. And that’s thanks in large part to their stain-resistant teflon coating, gear-friendly cargo pockets, and reinforced knees – which also feature opening for knee pads, if you want them.

Purchase: $32+

5.11 Tactical TacLite Pro Pant

Built for the kinds of hard battlefield use that most people wont ever seen in their lifetime, these 5.11 Tactical TacLite Pro pants still double as extremely rugged work pants that will certainly suit all of your manual labor needs. Crafted from a wear-resistant teflon-coated combination of polyester and cotton, these triple-stitch reinforced multi-cargo pocket pants have durability and gear capacity in spades – and you’d do well to make full use of them.

Purchase: $34+

Carhartt Duck Utility Dungaree Pant

Carhartt hasn’t survived for this long because they make sub-par gear. In fact – as can be seen in their Duck Utility Dungaree pants – it’s quite the opposite. These straight-leg work pants are made from a 12-ounce heavy duty cotton duck canvas with large front-of-leg reinforcements – which are riveted to the pants to ensure that they never fail you. These pants also feature side utility pockets for your cell phone, measuring tape, or whatever else. And they come equipped with a hammer loop at the side.

Purchase: $40+

Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Work Pants

Duluth Trading Co’s advertisements would have you believe that they are a no-nonsense brand focused on utility over everything else. And they’d be correct. Hence, why their Fire Hose Work pants have graced our list – their 100% cotton canvas construction is comfortable for all-day wear and it’s also incredibly durable, thanks partially to a water-repellant FendOff fabric finish. They also feature utility pockets with stowable flap covers, triple-stitched seams, and come in a number of different colors.

Purchase: $65

Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Double Knee Pants

Most people know Patagonia as an outdoor gear brand. And that would be an accurate assessment, for the most part. But they also make gear that’s focused on far different venues, like their Iron Forge Hemp Double Knee pants. In fact, these very pants are the foundation of the brand’s workwear line. They’re made from an innovative hemp fabric that’s 25% more abrasion resistant than cotton duck canvas, require no breaking in, have a gusseted crotch for extra mobility, and have a reinforced knee for more durability when in use.

Purchase: $79

1620 Workwear Nyco Single Knee Pant

While it might not occur to you at first thought, having some measure of stretch to your work pants can be incredibly beneficial – especially if the work you’re doing requires you to squat, lunge, or do anything really other than just standing still. And that’s one of the major benefits of the 1620 Workwear Nyco Single Knee pant. Made in conjunction with Cordura, these pants are mil-spec, water/oil/stain-repellant, and have a lot of hideaway gear pockets.

Purchase: $148

Topo Designs Duck Canvas Work Pants

In similar fashion to Patagonia, Topo Designs has tried their hand at workwear. And, wouldn’t you know it, they also similarly succeeded in spades. Their Duck Canvas Work pants are the most resilient bottoms the brand has to offer, boasting double front panels that can protect you from dirt, dust, rocks, and harsh winters alike. They also feature triple-stitched seams and their construction is super heavy duty. And we’d expect no less from one of our favorite outdoor brands.

Purchase: $149

Earnest Tasker Pant K-Canvas

If you can get past their admittedly exorbitant price point, you might just realize that Earnest Co’s Tasker pants are some of the all-around toughest workwear on the planet. In fact, they could easily double as motorcycle pants – in fact, the brand slide tested them and they scored 4.39 seconds. They’re also resistant to slashes, sparks, and have an absurdly strong tensile strength. Truly, these are some of the most amazing canvas pants in the world.

Purchase: $249

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