The 14 Best WFH Pants For Men

Dec 15, 2020

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There is no doubt in our minds that folks out there are getting more use out of their ratty old sweatpants than ever before. After all, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of people working from home as a result of the pandemic shutting down most offices. However, while they might be comfortable for normal in-home lounging and activities, they’re probably not going to make the cut if, for whatever reason, you need to be on video.

Thankfully, ratty old sweatpants are hardly your only option when it comes to work-from-home bottoms. In fact, you might just want to ditch your old options entirely in exchange for something a bit… better. And that’s what we have for you today: a collection of pants that are both comfortable enough for all-day in-home wear and look good enough that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in them on a video conference. Just keep in mind, some of these options are a bit more formal than others, but they’re all members of the group that we’d call the best WFH pants for men.

Buck Mason Pima Lounge Pant

If you’re on a bit of a budget, but you still want comfy bottoms that work well for WFH purposes, you definitely can’t go wrong with the Buck Mason Pima Lounge Pants. They’re designed after and made from the same ultra-comfortable fabric as one of the brand’s best-selling t-shirts, they have roomy legs and a comfortable waistband, and they look a good deal more refined than sweats better-suited to a boxing gym.

Purchase: $65

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant

For those who prefer a more fitted look than the above, the Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant (which is really more of a jogger than anything else) will serve your purposes beautifully. Crafted from micro-sanded french terry, they’re ultra-comfortable and easy to clean — but the cut adds a bit of style and refinement to the bottoms. Add a little bit of stretch and four distinct colorways, and you’ve got a stylishly cozy selection of options for every workweek.

Purchase: $78

Roark Layover Pant

Roark’s Layover Pants are great for travel — as is their intention — but that also happens to make them exceptional for WFH purposes. This is because, in part, they don’t look even half as comfortable as they actually are — more closely resembling, say, chinos. However, they’re made from a soft, stretchy cotton blend and come with a comfortable drawstring waistband. Whether you’re headed out on a flight or staying in indefinitely, these work-from-home bottoms are top-notch.

Purchase: $79

Vuori Everything Chino Pant

Chinos are a classic staple of men’s style, but they’re not always well-suited to lounging, even when they’re much more lightweight than jeans. These ones from Vuori, however, were made specifically with comfort first in mind. And while their stretch and chino styling are both highlights, it also bodes well that they’re made from a cotton-poly blend that’s also tough, roomy, and stretchy enough for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Purchase: $112

Patagonia Twill Traveler Pants

Known for their exceptional and expansive catalog of outdoor gear, Patagonia might not be a brand you think of when considering work-from-home pants. However, as evidenced by the brand’s Twill Traveler Pants, that would be a mistake. These bottoms look almost like a pair of slacks at a distance, but they’re actually built from a stretchy, breathable, durable, quick-drying blend that also makes them great for adventures big and small. Somewhere between a chino and a performance pant, these bottoms won’t let you down.

Purchase: $119

Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpant

Certainly more on the casual end of the spectrum, but no less well-suited to a WFH lifestyle, we have the Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpant. Don’t let the name fool you, however; these ain’t your daddy’s sweats. While they wear like traditional loungewear, they also boast a more refined silhouette, they boast chafe-reducing flat-locked seams, and they even have EDC-friendly pockets for your loadout — if you do happen to need to leave the house.

Purchase: $120

Marine Layer Saturday Pant

At a distance, Marine Layer’s Saturday Pant looks an awful lot like a classic pair of chinos — making them perfect for working either at home or in an office. However, a closer inspection might elicit some surprises. For instance, they’re made from a unique canvas that has a built-in stretch for added comfort without sacrificing style and that matches beautifully with the drawstring waistband. They also come in two smart colorways, so you can ensure your outfit looks great whether you’re on video or not and feels just as good.

Purchase: $125

Rhone Commuter Pant

One of the more formal-looking options on our list, the Rhone Commuter Pant features a silhouette, cut, and appearance that most closely resembles a pair of slacks. Truthfully, you could pair them with a blazer and nobody would bat an eye. However, their Flex-Knit fabric makes them shockingly comfortable when compared to pants with similar styling — and that gives them a huge leg up on the competition. If you need to look good all the time, even when working from home, these pants might be just the ticket.

Purchase: $128

lululemon At Ease Jogger

Built from stretchy, naturally-breathable four-way stretch fabric, lululemon’s At Ease Joggers are perfect for lounging, heading to and from the gym, and (yes) even working from home. Their style and cut might be better for those who have infrequent video conferences — or those with a very casual work environment — but their comfort, durability, and versatility are otherwise unmatched. Not to mention, they’re available in five of the most interesting colorways of anything else on our list.

Purchase: $128

Faherty Brand Traveler Pant

Yet another exceptional travel-focused pant that translates beautifully into a work-from-home staple, the Faherty offering you see here comes in a trio of handsome colors, it’s made from a soft and comfortable lyocell and cotton blend perfect for all-day wear, it has plenty of stretch, and it even comes with reinforcements where you need it. If you want something that sits somewhere between a chino and a jean regarding its appearance, but with far more comfort, this is it.

Purchase: $148

Taylor Stitch The Camp Pant Wool

As you might’ve garnered from their name, Taylor Stitch’s Camp Pant was inspired by in-the-field wear. And, truth be told, we wouldn’t suggest every iteration as a great WFH garment. This pair, however, is an exception because of their unique construction. You see, these pants are built from a super-comfy and stretchy wool blend that sticks them squarely in the perfect-for-working-from-home column. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they look extremely smart, as well.

Purchase: $148

Mission Workshop The Markham Slack Pant

Few gear and/or apparel brands blend purpose and style quite as well as Mission Workshop. So it should come as no surprise that their best work-from-home offering is so much more than just another pair of comfortable trousers. Rather, these slacks look great, they’re ultra-stretchy, they’re sturdily built (tough enough for bike commuters, of course), and they’re even water-resistant. Try and top that with a pair of normal sweats.

Purchase: $195

Tracksmith Run Commute Pants

If you saw someone out at the store in a pair of Tracksmith’s Run Commute Pants, you might think them a normal pair of khakis or chinos. You’d be dead wrong, however, as these are actually performance-oriented athletic pants well-suited to exercise. What that means, in this case, is that they look spectacular, they’re extremely comfortable, and they can stand up to a pretty major amount of punishment — even withstanding some rainfall, thanks to their Merino wool construction.

Purchase: $198

Todd Snyder Knit Traveler Suit Trouser

Leave it to Todd Snyder to figure out a way to craft a pair of joggers that look good enough that you might not bat an eye were they worn with a full suit. In fact, they were designed alongside a pinstripe matching jacket, in case you do really love them. Of course, while a first glance might elicit images of a three-piece set, they’re also superbly comfortable — due mainly to their cotton, wool, acrylic, and nylon blend. Just keep in mind, like many formal slacks, these ones are dry-clean-only.

Purchase: $248

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