25 Best Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Dec 15, 2017

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An essential part of the holiday tradition comes the form of holiday stockings – originating via a wives’ tale where Saint Nicholas put gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters one Christmas Eve who were drying them out by the fireplace. As the legend goes, he threw three bags of coins down the chimney which happened to land in each sister’s stocking. And so, the holiday tradition of hanging / gifting smallish items by the fireplace was born, continuing today.

So, if gifting gold isn’t in the budget this year, there’s always the more affordable option of hooking your loved ones up with some useful pocket-sized items that outlive the holiday season. From travel adapters to cash concealing keychains to a well-made leather journal, what follows is a list of 25 fantastic stocking stuffer ideas all for under $25. Can’t beat that.

Red Wing Taslan Laces

Refurbish those old boots without heading out and picking up a new pair. Here, Red Wing’s Taslan Laces breathe new life into those work boots thanks to their two-toned rolled construction boasting those classic Red Wing colors.

Purchase: $5

K-Bar Tactical Spork

Appearing to have taken influence from the chow line, here’s a tactical spoon fork complete with a hidden 2.5-inch serrated knife all in one. It’s made right here in the USA and measures in at 6.875 inches.

Purchase: $8

Baxter of California Beach Soap

Teaming up with Saturdays NYC, this east vs west beach soap boasts a citrus forage fruit scent capturing the essence of the mighty Pacific Ocean and made with the soothing components of aloe vera, Vitamins E, D, and A along with some sea kelp extract.

Purchase: $9

Word Notebooks

Keep your life organized at all times with a little help from these USA-made pocket notebooks that come equipped with 48 lined pages and, surprise surprise, fits snuggly in most shirt and pants pockets.

Purchase: $10

Barrel Aged Pepper Sauce

Who doesn’t like a little bourbon and spice? Each Pappyco bottle of Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce is ideal for a year-round kick to your favorite dish. It’s an easy decision.

Purchase: $12

Titanium Pocket Bit

Here’s a keyring/driver bit duo that’s especially handy. Not only because it serves as a #2 Philips and 6mm flathead screwdriver, but attaches to your keychain with ease so you’re never without these trusty tools.

Purchase: $14

ProSafe Key Card Lock

Purposed to help keep your luggage safe and sound while traveling, this key lock utilizes a coded key card locking mechanism to ensure nothing can be picked or “Jimmied” leaving you with peace of mind.

Purchase: $14

Anker PowerCore+

Boasting high-speed charging technology, this lipstick-sized power bank adds a full charge to the iPhone and recharges in as little as 3 hours. A travel essential that’s for sure.

Purchase: $16

Iron M Universal Travel Adapter

Covering over 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AUS plugs, you’ll never be without a charged device again thanks to this handy adapter.

Purchase: $17

Opinel No. 8 Trekking Knife

Opinel is known throughout the industry for their affordable yet reliable construction. The No 8 Trekking Knife is no slouch either – built with a 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade, a leather lace at the end, and an attractive beechwood handle.

Purchase: $18

Stanley Adventure Flask

Made from durable 18/8 stainless steel, there’s no situation or environment where this Stanley Adventure Flask is out of place. It’s also BPA free, is leak proof, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $18+

Knox Titanium Keyring

Modeled after your average keyring, except this option is crafted from 6AI4V grade 5 titanium, features a 10-sided exterior and boasts a smooth insular curve to keep things moving without any issues.

Purchase: $19

Keysmart Compact Key Holder

Think of this utilitarian piece as the Swiss army knife for keys. No longer will the jangle of keys drive you mad when in transit. Now, fit up to 14 keys in this aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Purchase: $20

Lightning Nomad Key

Purposed to give your iPhone a quick charge, or if you find the need to off-load some important intel, the Nomad Key is a miniature connector that’s durable, flexible and can charge your phone anywhere there’s a USB port.

Purchase: $20

Trayvax Summit Wallet

The ultimate minimalist wallet, this nifty wallet offers RFID protection, a capacity of 8 cards and 5 bills as well as an insanely slim profile of only .375 inches. Oh, and it’s also made right here in the USA.

Purchase: $20

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Would you believe us if we told you this keychain attachable blanket – constructed from Hyprlyte Nylon – is both water and puncture resistant and can seat two people when unfolded? There’s only one way to find out.

Purchase: $20

Bullet Pen

Keeping a pen on you at all times is a must. So, why not opt for a classic? This USA-made bullet pen is a timeless work of art boasting a tough brass exterior and a pressurized ink cartridge within that works at any angle – even in zero gravity.

Purchase: $20

Griffin Pocket Tool Mini

Functioning as a combination of the most used tools on the workbench, the Griffin Pocket Tool Mini comes complete with 9 different tools and surely stands up to the test when the time comes.

Purchase: $20

PPK Rubber Band Gun

For the big kid in all of us, it’s time to take rubber band wars to the next level. This 1960s-style Walther PPK rubber band gun can semi-automatically fire 5 rubber bands at a time up to 20 feet through the air.

Purchase: $20

Soto Pocket Torch

Turn that cheap gas station lighter into something truly special. The Soto Pocket Torch transforms that very lighter in a 2,300-degree torch that’s wind resistant and increases the life of the lighter by up to 60 percent.

Purchase: $20

Movement Photo Case

In addition to its sleek appearance, this minimalist phone case is compatible with any of Movement’s beautiful lenses. Not to mention it’s durable as hell and available in either wood or black canvas.

Purchase: $24

Tin Mill Key Safe

We could all use a little side cash on hand in case of emergencies. Thanks to the Tin Mill Key Safe, that’s now a convenient reality. Each stainless steel option is durable or everyday punishment and corrosion resistant and watertight in addition to it’s cash-hiding properties.

Purchase: $25

Exotac Waterproof Match Case

If rain is in the forecast at the campsite, it would behoof you to keep your matches nice and dry in this waterproof match case. It’s practically indestructible thanks to an anodized aluminum construction and can fit upwards of 20 kitchen matches at a time.

Purchase: $25

Bull and Stash Travel Stash

Keep those notes handy in style. The Bull and Stash Travel Stash is a handsome pocket-sized notebook complete with an oiled and naturally blemished leather cover, full metal binding hardware, and 50 pages of refillable 60 lb bleed-resistant paper.

Purchase: $25

Supr Good Co Slim Wallet

For those interested in a wallet in it’s most pure form, check out Supr’s Slim Wallet. It’s devilishly thin, yet boasts the capacity to house up to 8 cards in its flexible elastic construction.

Purchase: $25

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