The 10 Best Pocket Suspension Clips For Everyday Carry

Photo: Handgrey Kin No. 9

To the uninitiated, a pocket clip and/or suspension clip might seem a strange and perhaps unnecessary addition to your everyday carry. However, those in the know can tell you that they’re actually remarkably handy, make for a tremendous increase in overall convenience, and will even go toward making your EDC gear (at least in regards to keychains and keychain accessories) sleeker, less cluttered, and better suited to both in-pocket and out-of-pocket carry.

The reason these seemingly-innocuous devices are so handy is a quite simple one. You see, when attached to your keychain, pocket suspension clips can attach to your belt loop or the top of your pocket — thus “floating” your keys at the top of your pocket rather than allowing them to clump in an unsightly bunch at the bottom. This tends to look better than an awkward bulge, but it also makes them easier to grab at a moment’s notice without sacrificing much, if any security. And while there are numerous options available, there are a few shining examples that stand out from the rest of the pack. And that’s where we come in: we’ve rounded up the 10 best EDC pocket and suspension clips to add to your loadout.

KeySmart Nano Clip

Crafted from solid stainless steel, the KeySmart Nano Clip can take a lot of punishment. But it’s also smaller than a standard house key, skeletonized to save weight, and was actually designed specifically to work with KeySmart’s entire suite of offerings — giving it a bit of versatility and tremendous compatibility. For the price, you really can’t do better.

Purchase: $7

TEC Accessories P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip

Made in the USA from spring-tempered stainless steel, the TEC Accessories P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip is handsome, durable, and made to last through a lifetime of punishment. At just 3 grams and 1.53″ at its longest point, this tiny titan is the perfect convenient addition to any EDC keychain and will serve you beautifully for decades.

Purchase: $12

Maxx & Unicorn Pendulum Key Hook

A unique, heritage-styled alternative to more modern pocket and suspension clips, the EDC-friendly Maxx & Unicorn Pendulum Key hook is crafted from solid brass and does double-duty as a hybrid keyring-pocket clip. That means it’s secure, convenient, and does away with the need for an additional keychain or keyring — which is great for minimalists and those trying to keep their carry as lightweight as possible.

Purchase: $20

Pangea Designs Enigma Pocket Clip

At first glance, the Pangea Designs Enigma looks vastly different from the other offerings on our list. And that’s because it is. You see, along with working as a pocket suspension clip, this EDC wonder was also designed specifically to function as a bottle opener. Furthermore, it has a small stepped hex wrench built into its design. And that makes this perfect for anyone who demands maximum functionality out of their everyday carry. It also doesn’t hurt that it was made in the USA from solid titanium.

Purchase: $25

Huckberry Fish Hook Key Ring

For stylish traditionalists, more modern pocket suspension clips might not quite do the trick. But that’s where the Huckberry Fish Hook Key Ring comes in handy. This heritage-style ring looks beautiful both in its form and its all-black finish (which mates beautifully with the included, removable brown leather lanyard) and, since it’s made from solid brass, it’s also durable enough to survive through generations if need be.

Purchase: $28

Dango Pocket Clip

If you happen to be the proud owner of one of Dango’s exceptional USA-made M-Series wallets, then you’ll likely find a keen interest in Dango’s Pocket Clip, as it’s actually compatible with all M-Series wallets — functioning like a removable money clip. However, even if you don’t own one of the aforementioned cash and card carriers, this USA-made stainless steel keychain suspension clip is abundantly handy and useful.

Purchase: $30

Handgrey Kin No. 9 Titanium Key Hook

Inspired directly by the Bauhaus movement, Handgrey’s entire catalog of EDC gear is beautiful brutalist. And the brand’s pocket clips are, thankfully, no exception. Take, for instance, the Kin No. 9 you see here. It’s made from solid titanium, weighs 7.4 grams, measures up at 2.362″ (roughly the same length as a standard key), and it even comes with a matching titanium keyring. For lovers of titanium, this is probably the perfect pocket clip.

Purchase: $39

Scout Leather Co. Scout Hook

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: there is beauty in simplicity. If you want proof of this, just have a gander at the Scout Leather Co. Scout Hook. This suspension clip is as minimalist as they come, yet it is still a great-looking piece of everyday carry gear. It’s also made from your choice of brass, copper, or titanium and even functions as a bottle opener. This pocket clip is a winner if there ever was one.

Purchase: $45

Big Idea Design TPC Titanium Pocket Clip

If you appreciate industrial design and multifunctionality, you’ll probably have more than a passing interest in the Big Idea Design TPC. Short for Titanium Pocket Clip, the TPC is (obviously) crafted from solid titanium, it weighs virtually nothing, it measures up at under three inches in length, and it has a clever integrated 1/4″ hex bit driver and a ruler

Purchase: $45

Dapper Design Klip Titanium Knife + EDC Suspension Hook

Of all the pocket suspension clips on our list, the Dapper Design Klip might be the most unique and, therefore, the most enticing for many everyday carry enthusiasts. This is because — on top of its titanium body, 0.56-ounce weight, and 2.36″ length — it also hides away a tiny, 1.06″, 440C folding blade. That means, along with doing everything a pocket clip should do, it can also function as a handy on-the-spot cutting tool. Even accounting for its high price (when compared to its competition), that’s a tremendous amount of value.


Purchase: $49

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