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The 12 Best Multi-Room Wireless Speakers for Any Budget in 2023

Photo: Bang & Olufsen Three Room Bundle

What was the last concert you went to? While it may be harder for some to remember than others, it’s impossible to forget the electrifying rush of music coming at you from every angle. As a result of modern-day technology, this feeling is no longer limited to venues and clubs. Wireless multi-room speaker setups have become immensely popular over the years, primarily due to their party-friendly sound, user-friendly capabilities, and, above all else, seamless smartphone connectivity.

As you could’ve guessed, there is no shortage of choices to make in this department. Whether you’re looking to roll with a trusty audio manufacturer’s pre-ordained stereo set or concoct your unique array of AirPlay-compatible speakers, the options are endless. Being enveloped in sound is an immersive experience, especially when you get to do so in the comfort of your home, which is why we’ve compiled a price-conscious guide to the best multi-room wireless speakers for any budget.


Alexa, Play Music

Amazon isn’t the first brand that comes to mind in the audio world, but it’s certainly up there when it comes to making life easier on us through connected smart devices. Whether it’s groceries delivered to your front door or, in this instance, the ability to speak to your device and have it control every element of your house, there’s no denying just how convenient it can be to live without staring at a screen to operate every move. And while other gadgets offer built-in Alexa, Amazon’s own smart speakers remain noteworthy, trustworthy, and, above all else, affordable.

Amazon Echo Dot

It’s possible that you already own Amazon’s Alexa-friendly Echo Dot, so you may be halfway there, already. And while Amazon may not be the name that comes to mind when you think of speakers, its endless range of smart home products offer pretty impressive audial specs across the board. While its voice assistant has become remarkably convenient, the online retailer claims that it is “designed to protect your privacy” thanks to its smart microphones disable themselves automatically based on your movements.

Purchase: $50

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon’s premier speaker is highlighted by Dolby Atmos capabilities for a surprisingly low price, making it an incredible choice if you’re looking to save some scratch and make the most of modern tech. It is composed of a handful of internal speakers that offer a dynamic soundscape whether you’re listening to music or podcasts. Plus, like the majority of Amazon products, it has built-in Alexa, so you can achieve high-fidelity playback without even lifting a finger.

Purchase: $200


Setting The Standard

Sonos products tend to set themselves apart from the competition based on far more than sound alone. The main draw to Sonos’ catalog is that owners can pair one speaker with another using the brand’s user-friendly app, allowing you to add to your stereo system over time without having to worry about purchasing the same speaker you first bought again. So if you plan on bolstering your home theater with a soundbar or want to listen to your podcasts as you clean the whole house, there’s no need to worry about a lack of connectivity.

Sonos 2-Room Set with Ray

As one of the most popular manufacturers in the space today, Sonos products are an ideal choice thanks to each one’s ability to connect to another, which ultimately creates an ecosystem of rich sound. The Ray is Sonos’ most recent product, and it paves the way for balanced acoustics when playing games or catching up on your favorite show. Plus, thanks to its impressively crisp dialogue delivery, you can ditch the subtitles once and for all. As for the Sonos One, it is a great choice for giving a boost to your home theater or album listening party, and can easily be tucked away thanks to its portable size.

Purchase: $458

Sonos HiFi Set

While the Santa Barbara-bred brand’s previous set is great for cinephiles, this upscale iteration is ideal for audiophiles and record collectors. The Sonos Hi-Fi set features two of its premium Five speakers, paving the way for an enveloping experience that has been heralded by sound purists. The brand’s premium flagship boasts a trio of high-excursion woofers that result in deep lows and booming bass. Additionally, its unique acoustic architecture sheds reverb and echo, leaving you with nothing but refined sound quality through and through. Most importantly, it’s tuned to perfection and can easily adjust to mono when standing upright.

Purchase: $1,098

Bang & Olufsen

Audiophiles Only

If you’re in a position to shell out for a system that screams luxury, then you shouldn’t be looking any further than Bang & Olufsen. The esteemed audio manufacturer checks every box from unsaturated sound quality to unrivaled design cues. It is rare to find a company that is lauded by dedicated audiophiles and trendy designers alike, but B&O is one example of how these two niche audiences cross paths. While finding other speakers to pair with the brand’s catalog is difficult, you won’t need any others when purchasing one of its bundles.

Bang & Olufsen Two Room Bundle

When it comes to Bang & Olufsen, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a single product. Whether you’re buying wireless buds or an all-encompassing stereo set, you get what you pay for, and you’re typically getting a whole lot. The German manufacturer’s best starter multi-room option is its Two Room Bundle, which consists of B&O’s Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbar and the Beosound Level, a powerful Wi-Fi-enabled speaker with a gorgeous streamlined design that’s perfect for rooms as big as 500 sq-ft.

Purchase: $4,148+

Bang & Olufsen Three Room Bundle

B&O’s Three Room Bundle is highlighted by the Beoplay A9, an unrivaled standing speaker with mid-century modern design cues and a recommended room size of up to 1,000 sq-ft. The latter shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it boasts an 8″ woofer, a pair of 3″ midrange drivers, two 1.5″ full-range drivers, and 2 1/4″ tweeters. While this speaker could practically hold its own in the average apartment, this bundle comes equipped with the brand’s Beosound Balance, another well-designed speaker that doubles as a refined sonic centerpiece. Lastly, it features the aforementioned Beosound Level for an added boost. The all-encompassing set is compatible with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, so it’s a seamless addition to any grandiose home.

Purchase: $7,447+


An Apple A Day

Like we said earlier, modern-day technology has paved the way for your favorite music, movies, and more to fill your living space. Much of this comes courtesy of Apple, which is to thank for many of the tech world’s advancements in recent memory. The tech giant’s proprietary AirPlay tech (now in its second generation) allows you to curate an array of compatible products to connect for a unique sound tailored to your liking. If you’re aiming for a personalized listening experience, then this is your ideal category.

Apple HomePod mini

Apple’s HomePod mini doesn’t get the respect it deserves and even that is an understatement. The Siri-compatible home speaker boasts a customized acoustic EQ optimized for 360-degree audio, proving that there’s no room for error when paying such a low price for high-tech features. It is powered by a full-range driver and a pair of passive radiators, paving the way for rich bass and crisp highs. And although this is an Apple product, the HomePod mini supports third-party streaming services like Spotify and Tidal.

Purchase: $99

Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker

While you may be more familiar with Marshall’s iconic guitar amplifiers, the British audio brand’s future-proof speaker is one worth adding to any room. While it may not feature the same sonic prowess as an amplifier, the Google Assistant-compatible gadget is packed with a dynamic driver and a remarkably broad frequency range of 54-20,000 Hz. Whether you want to compose an array of Marshall speakers or simply add on to your lineup, we recommend rolling with this choice if you’re willing to spend a bit extra.

Purchase: $220

Sonos Move

If you want something you can easily transport from one room to another, let alone outside the house, Sonos’ Move is a perfect choice. Like the Sonos picks from earlier, the Move delivers finely-tuned acoustics that automatically adjusts based on wherever you put it. In other words, you won’t have to worry about not hearing it because you decide to move it to another part of the house. Above all else, the Move boasts a shock-absorbent composition and is IP56-rated for water resistance, deeming it one of the most durable picks you’ll find in our guide.

Purchase: $399

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

Taking after its namesake, the Zeppelin all-in-one speaker from Bowers and Wilkins is highlighted by its obtuse shape. The sleek design houses an array of components that make it an award-winning speaker, including a pair of 1” double dome tweeters, two 3.5” FST midrange drivers, and a booming 6” subwoofer to balance the highs and lows. It also features digital signal processing and dynamic EQ to provide optimized sound based on what you’re listening to. Lastly, audiophiles will learn to love this speaker right out the gate, as it can stream music in up to 24-bit quality.

Purchase: $799

Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation

Naim has been pumping out Hi-Fi products since 1973, and its prominence has been proven by appearing in Bentley models and Princess Yachts. You should consider Naim’s Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation Wireless to fill a different venue — your living space. While it has AirPlay 2 compatibility, it offers direct streaming via Spotify Connect and Tidal. Above all else, it can easily be connected to your TV via HDMI, resulting in a cinematic showcase.

Purchase: $1,199

McIntosh McAire Integrated Audio System

When it comes to premium audio equipment, it’s almost impossible to outdo McIntosh — after all, this is the same manufacturer that supplied Woodstock with its gargantuan amplifiers. The New York-bred gadgeteer’s audiophile-approved McAire is an all-in-one system that boasts a pair of 4” woofers, a couple of 2” mid-range drivers, and two three-quarter-inch tweeters, all of which go hand-in-hand to play your music in the most unsaturated manner possible.

Purchase: $3,000

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