8 Best Trucker Wallets For Men

There are a lot of options nowadays for men’s cash and card carriers. And that’s excellent news because it means you can customize not just the appearance of your wallet to suit the rest of your everyday carry, but also choose a format that best suits your lifestyle.

For a large chunk of folks, there are a couple standard wallet styles that work just fine. Typically, these include front-pocket minimalist options, classic bifolds, and – less and less commonly – tri-fold wallets. For folks that spend a lot of time on the road, however, there’s one prevailing style that suits them all the better: the trucker wallet. Also known as a long wallet, these cash and card carriers have seen a recent resurgence in popularity – and it is with that in mind that we put together the following collection of the 8 best trucker wallets for men.

What Are Trucker Wallets?

A Primer

Originally popularized around the 1950s, trucker wallets (AKA long wallets) emerged out of necessity. You see, it was at about this time that credit cards were first created. And while this form of plastic payment is the prevailing option nowadays, there were many businesses that still preferred cash. Gas stations were one such business and, that being the case, they wanted to incentivize people to pay with paper instead of plastic.Long wallets were created so that folks would be able to carry a greater number of bills without the need to fold them. So, they started offering discounts – specifically to truckers – who payed for their petrol with paper currency.

The discounts were too good to ignore, so truckers began to carry cash with them while hauling their trailers across the country. But, long-haul trucking requires quite a bit of gas, which also means that truckers needed to carry a good amount of cash. And, as anyone who has seen Seinfeld can tell you, large wads of cash do not bode well for classic bifold wallet users. So, long wallets were created so that folks would be able to carry a greater number of bills without the need to fold them.

Interestingly enough, as time went by and the importance of carrying cash waned, motorcycle riders ended up adopting the long wallet style for themselves. But it wasn’t so much for the format of these wallets, as it was for the attached chains. A wallet chain, you see, allowed a biker to be sure that his wallet wouldn’t fall out of his pocket and disappear while out on the road. Nowadays, the biker crowd is still the prevailing customer for these wallets, but they’re also available to anyone who wants a unique and storied cash and card carrier that offers a tremendous amount of unique style and security.

Carhartt Trucker Wallet

An old standard in workwear, Carhartt has been around the block enough times to know their crowd likes sturdy blue-collar gear. So, of course they have built a superb budget-friendly trucker wallet. Mad from 100% leather and featuring a secure wrap-around snap-button closure, this long wallet has enough space inside for 12 credit cards, cash, and even has an ID window. If you want the security of this wallet style, but you don’t have a ton to spend, this is your best bet.

Capacity: 12 Cards & Cash
Size: 7.25″ x 4″
Material: Leather
Chain Included: Yes

Purchase: $45

Mr. Lentz Leather Biker Wallet

If you’re not already familiar, Mr. Lentz makes some truly exceptional leather everyday carry gear – including a number of different wallet styles that range from traditional bifolds, to long wallets, to passport-sized travel wallets. And each and every one is made by hand here in the USA. This particular option is a bit shorter than traditional long trucker wallets, but can still carry up to six cards, cash, and more. This option can also be personalized with either leather stamping or branding, if you want to spend a little extra for it.

Capacity: 4-6 Cards & Cash
Size: 4.75″ x 3″
Material: Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned Leather
Chain Included: Yes

Purchase: $63+

American Bench Craft Boneyard Biker Wallet

Like Mr. Lentz, the folks at American Bench Craft build all of their tremendous EDC gear using traditional methods here in the USA. So, of course, when it came to building a trucker wallet, they pulled no punches and ended up creating one of the absolute best available. Handsome and durable, this long wallet features no thread stitching of which to speak – opting instead for metal rivets. It also has space inside for a stack of cash, 4+ credit cards, and is available in your choice of black or brown.

Capacity: 4+ Cards & Cash
Size: 6.125″ x 3.875″
Material: Oil-Tanned Leather
Chain Included: Yes

Purchase: $79

Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

There are a couple of things that we really lover about Tanner Goods’ Workman Wallet. For starters, this trucker wallet is built to exacting standards (just like all of the brand’s gear) from high quality materials – like full-grain bridle leather and a premium Riri metal zipper and hardware. But it also has just enough individuality in its appearance to make it stand out from the pack, thanks to that diagonally-cut cover. In fact, our only complaint is that this one doesn’t come with its own chain – though you can purchase a lanyard from Tanner Goods themselves.

Capacity: 4+ Cards & Cash
Size: 7.5″ x 3.25″
Material: Vegetable-Tanned Meridian English Bridle leather
Chain Included: No

Purchase: $150

Billykirk No. 263 Large Trucker Wallet

Similar to the Tanner Goods option, Billykirk’s long wallet doesn’t actually come with its own chain – but it still earns a spot on the list because everything else is done exactly right. For instance, it is built from incredibly beautiful and sturdy harness-grade leather, has a fold-over design with secure button snaps for extra security, has multiple pockets inside for cash, cards, coins (with a zipper to keep them from falling out), and more.

Capacity: 2+ Cards & Cash
Size: 7.75″ x 3.375″
Material: Top Quality Harness Grade Leather
Chain Included: No

Purchase: $160

Red Wing Heritage Trucker Wallet

When it comes to leather goods (especially boots and footwear), few have a handle on it quite like Red Wing’s Heritage sub brand. And of course that extends to their trucker wallet, as well. This gorgeous cash and card carrier is made right here in the USA from Oro Russet frontier leather, features brass hardware (both the snap buttons and the zipper closure on the coin pouch), and can be attached to a matching leather lanyard – though, while also made by Red Wing, it requires a separate purchase.

Capacity: 2+ Cards & Cash
Size: 7.25″ x 4″
Material: Oro Russet Frontier Leather
Chain Included: No

Purchase: $170

Filson Weatherproof Trucker Wallet

One of our all time favorite brands of gear, apparel, and otherwise – Filson has a superb handle on well-made offerings. Take their weatherproof trucker wallet, for instance. A Gallantry exclusive, this long wallet is made from proprietary boot-grade harness leather vegetable tanned in Pennsylvania by Wickett & Craig, features a custom sand-casted brass chain lanyard with the brand’s own key ring and snap shackle, has custom-finished YKK snap buttons, and is made entirely in the USA. And if that’s not enough, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Capacity: 4+ Cards & Cash
Size: 6.75″ x 3.375″
Material: Wickett & Craig Vegetable-Tanned Harness Leather
Chain Included: Yes

Purchase: $195

Anvil Customs Long Biker Wallet

If you’re looking for the absolute most secure long wallet, then the Anvil Customs Long Biker Wallet is probably your best bet. No, the wallet itself is not bank vault-esuqe, but the lathe-turned nickel-plated brass chain that it is attached to is one of the beefiest we’ve ever seen. This long wallet is also made from gorgeous custom cowhide leather, can hold 4+ cards and cash across multiple pockets, and comes with the brand’s lifetime warranty.

Capacity: 4+ Cards & Cash
Size: 7.25″ x 4″
Material: Cowhide Leather
Chain Included: Yes

Purchase: $240

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