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10 Best Keychain Chargers For EDC

Photo: Native Union

As our world continues to become more reliant on technological devices to conquer our daily tasks, being left with a dead device or relying on one with a short battery life is ill-advised. And while most everyday carry gear is focused on the type of self-reliance that doesn’t require a power cable, the reality of our need to connect is all too often unavoidable — and having access to a charging cable or small power device for your phone, computer, tablet, GPS, or any other battery-operated technology can mean the difference between getting the job done or missing the boat entirely.

For those of us who like to be prepared for any situation the day may throw our way, the inclusion of a keychain charger or cable in our EDC loadout is paramount to success. With that fact in mind, we’ve found the 10 best keychain chargers and power cables for EDC that will keep you connected.

inCharge Keychain Cable

If you make a habit out of looking for your disappearing charging cable, you’ll want to direct your attention to InCharge’s small keyring charging and data transfer cable. These tangle-free cables feature a strong N52 magnet system to close onto your keyring, folding down to 1.5 inches once snapped shut — small enough to add to your king ring and forget about until you need it. They make charging your smartphone using the USB connection as convenient as reaching for your keys. Grab one of these micro cables in nine colors in your choice of Lightning, Micro USB, and USB C.

Length: 1.5”
Connectors: Lightning, Micro USB, or USB C.

Purchase: $13

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

When only the planet’s toughest keychain cable will satisfy your everyday carry needs, look no further than the virtually-indestructible Micro-USB android charging cable from Fuse Chicken. This nine-inch smart device connector weighs a minuscule 0.32 ounces and folds down to 4.5 inches when clipped to itself for easy use with your keychain. It’s human proof, pet, proof, and really, everything proof — built to handle anything you can throw its way — which is more than a marketing gimmick when you know it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Length: 4.5″ (folded)
Micro USB

Purchase: $17

CulCharge Charging Cable

If you need the world’s smallest charging and data transfer cable with a 1000mAh battery for an Andriod device, you could do much worse than this little black Micro USB cable from CulCharge. This tiny charger measures up and a minute 2.36 inches, which means it will fit onto your crowded keychain without much fuss. If you’re the type of person who uses your smartphone for gaming, social media, or streaming movies and television, you’d be wise to add a mini charger to your everyday carry gear.

Length: 2.36″
Micro USB (also available in Lightning)

Purchase: $18

Anker PowerCore+ Mini

If you spend a significant amount of time using your smartphone for watching shows, gaming, or social media, chances are you burn through your battery before the sun goes down if you don’t get the chance to charge it up a few times. If that’s the case, then having a backup source of power in close proximity is a necessity. Anker’s lipstick size intelligent portable charger can detect your device to ensure optimal charging up to one amp. The powerful little power bank provides over one full charge to an iPhone 8 or at least 80% to the Galaxy S8. These aluminum chargers are available in five colors with an 18-month warranty.

Length: 3.7″
Connectors: Lightning and Micro USB

Purchase: $20

Nomad Lightning Key

If you’re looking for a durable Lightning to USB connector for charging and data transfer that’s no more noticeable on your keychain than a large key, you’re not going to do better than the Lightning Nomad Key. With Bayer Polycarbonate and Dupont TPE rubber construction, this tough-as-nails connector is surprisingly light at only 7 grams. This high-speed and 2.5amp-ready cable works with any iPhone 5 and up, as well as iPad 4th generation and up, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th generation and up.

Length: 2.6″
Connectors: Lightning (also available in Micro USB)

Purchase: $25


Having access to a charging and data transfer cable can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling or away from home and running low on battery power, but not having anywhere to plug your cable in can be an exercise in frustrating futility. To avoid that problem, look no further than Chargerito — the world’s smallest wall charger with a foldable plug. The 2” device fits easily onto any keychain to ensure you always have a wall charger on hand for your Apple Lightning devices. Chargerito works without the hassle of a battery or cords with Phone 5/c/s, 6/+/S/S+, SE, 7/+, 8/+, X, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod Touch 5/6, iPod Nano 7, and Airpods.

Length: 2″

Purchase: $30

Native Union Key Cable

Whether you’re tired of forgetting your charger or battling with tangled cables at the bottom of your bag, Native Union’s keychain cable with concealed connectors is the solution you’ve been seeking. The short and compact paracord-looking cable is the perfect addition to your everyday carry gear because it’s small enough to fit into your pocket yet long enough to allow you to use your smartphone while it’s charging. Six times stronger than standard Lightning cables, this small charging solution made from hard-wearing TPE and durable braided nylon is built to last and comes in six patterns and colors for Apple Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-A to USB-C.

Length: 6.5″ (when opened)

Purchase: $30

Nomad Lightning Carabiner

While having a completely off-the-grid adventure is what many outdoorsmen dream about, it’s not a realistic option every time out for many of us. And If a wrapped up three-foot charging cable doesn’t fit into your minimalist everyday carry expectations, then this problem-solving carabiner is the connector you’ll want to carry. With a high-grade stainless steel reinforced frame, spring loaded gate, and Dow Dupont polycarbonate exterior, the rust-resistant Nomad Lightning Carabiner is a utilitarian solution to your Apple device-related power and data transfer problems. Clip this ultra-portable charging cable to your backpack or connect it to your keyring and forget about the inconvenience of not having a backup cable when you need one.

Length: 3.5″
Connectors: Lightning

Purchase: $35

CulCharge 3-in-1 Powerbank

If an extra source of power is what you need to access while out and about, this 3-in-1 powerbank, charger, and data transfer device from CulCharge will get the job done well. Claiming to be the smallest and most powerful charger and data cable on the market, the 4.2oz provides 1,000mAh of charging power for all of your Apple Lightning devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can purchase with confidence knowing the Culcharge comes with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Length: 4.3”
Lightning (also available in Micro-USB)

Purchase: $36

Popcord Keyring Charging Cable

If ultimate portability is important in your keyring charging cable search, you’ve met your match with Popcord’s Micro USB and Apple Lightning cables. These nickel-coated premium rubber connectors are 2.5amp-ready, high-speed solutions for your on-the-go smartphone charging needs. When folded down, Popcord measures at a meager 2.67” which is hardly noticeable on your keychain or carabiner. Pick up one of these trusty 9g cables in red, green, white, or black, and never get stuck out of the house with a dead phone and no cable again.

Length: 2.67″
Connectors: Lightning (also available in Micro USB)

Purchase: $38


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