The 13 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Vacation-Ready Style in 2022

Photo: Reyn Spooner Summer of ’66 Aloha Shirt

For whatever reason, Hawaiian shirts typically get a bad rap. Whether it’s because people connote the eccentric tops with retirees or can’t picture themselves wearing such an exuberant piece, we could never overlook the vacation-worthy garment. Be that as it may, Aloha shirts can often be a hit-or-miss, as some brands embrace the style’s integrity to a tee while others can overdo it.

Hawaiian shirts aren’t limited to one silhouette. While an open camp collar and a floral print may be the most traditional, many have differing collars, button closures, and, most importantly, patterns. If you’re considering buying an authentic option courtesy of a genuine Hawaiian brand or a reimagined spin on the matter from a trendy mainland label, then countless designers will outdo your local secondhand finds with repetitive designs. So, rather than bidding you a farewell, we bid you an aloha as we take you through our guide to the best Hawaiian shirts to wear this summer.

Patagonia Go To Shirt

While you probably weren’t expecting the iconic outdoor brand to craft a high-quality Hawaiian, the Go-To shirt is stylish and sustainable — after all, this is Patagonia. It is available in a couple of nautical colors and made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which goes to show that anything good for the planet typically turns out to be good for you, too.

Purchase: $69

Flint and Tinder Short Sleeve Retro Hawaiian Printed Shirt

The Huckberry house brand’s take on the Aloha shirt is fully inspired by the top worn by none other than Agent 007 in Die Another Day. Say what you want about the Brosnan-era Bond flicks, but it’s hard to deny that this shirt oozes tropical style. For summer’s sake, it’s crafted from a lightweight blend of cotton and linen, then rounded out with a handsome camp collar for that quintessential look of the season.

Purchase: $78

J.Crew short sleeve cotton camp collar shirt

Considering the Hawaiian shirt is an American staple, we’re not surprised to see the preppy American label craft a noteworthy one. J.Crew’s easy-going camp-collar shirt is crafted sustainably using antimicrobial hemp and cotton yarns, giving it a sturdier composition than a standard shirt. The light brown-colored top is finished off in a floral motif with shades of yellow, blue, and off-white.

Purchase: $80

Go Barefoot Land of Aloha Camp-Collar Shirt

Go Barefoot’s classed-up spin on the standard Hawaiian is best showcased on the black-colored option, as the colors tend to pop much more against the darker backdrop. The buttoned top’s ‘Hula Hands’ motif is dominated by hula dancers, deep orange flowers, and guitars. Looks aside, this comfortable camp-collar silhouette is crafted from a lightweight blend of cotton and rayon to give it the breathability it needs to take on any tropical forecasts.

Purchase: $90

Kamehameha Rainbow Isle

Here is an ideal place to start if you’re looking for an authentic Aloha shirt. Kamehameha is a Hawaiian brand that has been preserving the integrity of this emblematic garment since 1936. This particular example began as a ‘70s-era painting initially commissioned as a trade show backdrop, then reprinted by Kamehameha in the ‘90s. It was a great decision, as this is one of the most stylish options on the market.

Purchase: $99

Avanti Hawaiian Maiden

Avanti’s vintage-inspired Hawaiian Maiden shirt is another high-quality choice in an onslaught of authentic options. It is crafted from red Crepe de Chine silk, a crisp fabric that, oddly enough, looks better when wrinkled. Then, it’s embellished with a pair of floral chest pockets and a head-turning hula girl motif on the back. While the Waikiki-based boutique has countless camp-collared options, this is a piece that’s hard to overlook.

Purchase: $115

Reyn Spooner Summer of ’66 Aloha Shirt

You’re probably familiar with the summer of ’69, but Reyn Spooner’s upscale take on a classic Aloha shirt will convince you to dial it back a few years. The brand has been dubbed the “Brooks Brothers of the Pacific,” and high-quality pieces like this prove that’s a fair comparison. It’s crafted from the native Hawaiian label’s proprietary Spooner Kloth material, a blend of cotton and spun polyester that is wrinkle-free and remarkably soft. As opposed to the traditional floral arrangements, it is finished with a beach-ready surfer print

Purchase: $120

Faherty Rayon Kona Camp Shirt

Rayon is an ideal material to wear this time of year thanks to its natural water-absorbing capabilities, so it’s perfect when you’re sitting shoreside. As a result, Faherty’s uses nothing but this synthetic textile to make its shirt, which paves the way for a crisp, wrinkle-free shirt coated in colorful coconut trees. On that note, the eco-friendly brand embraces Hawaiian tradition so much that it even has coconut-crafted buttons as the piece de resistance.

Purchase: $148

Saturdays NYC Summer Bloom Canty Short Sleeve Shirt

If you want to embrace the fact that you’re on vacation but aren’t a fan of flashy colors, then you should roll with this subtle choice from Saturdays NYC. The brand’s signature Summer Bloom motif coats the shirt to compose a Hawaiian shirt that will deviate from the majority. Composition-wise, it is crafted from an airy blend of cotton and Tencel, then rounded out with a camp collar. For added breathability, it even has a side vent to take in the much-needed summer breeze.

Purchase: $165

Todd Snyder Aloha Print Short-Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt

Todd Snyder’s allegiance to menswear staples trickles down to the prominent brand’s handsome take on the matter. Like the pick from Saturdays NYC, this fellow New York-bred clothier’s responsibly-made top is crafted from breathable Tencel material that’s cool to the touch and built to take on the hottest weather. This all-over motif evokes a traditional Aloha shirt to a tee, featuring everything from coconut trees to hula girls and surf shacks to ripples of water.

Purchase: $178

Corridor Magnum Deep Hawaiian Short Sleeve

Corridor’s nostalgia-inducing shirt takes after its namesake and is practically built for the screen. The Magnum Deep Hawaiian Short Sleeve is inspired by the iconic top worn by Tom Selleck on Magnum P.I., and it might surpass the original in style points thanks to its vibrant shade of red accompanied by gorgeous green, yellow, and blue floral embellishments. Lastly, like most summer-ready tops from Corridor, it is crafted from an ideal fabric to battle tepid weather in lyocell.

Purchase: $185

Gitman Vintage Aloha Ray-On Shirt

Gitman Vintage’s collection of American-made items remains an outlier amongst most brands that manufacture their products overseas. That is simply a testament to its heritage, in the same vain that its Aloha Ray-On Shirt is an homage to the beloved garment. The brand’s signature double-track stitching method makes the shirt sturdy, but it is pre-washed for a comfortable, lived-in feel. It is available in a stylish Seaform color that’s finished off with trees and a breezy island shore.

Purchase: $249

The Real McCoys Rayon Hawaiian Shirt

We’ve concluded that anything The Real McCoy’s puts forth is noteworthy, and this unique Hawaiian shirt is right up there with the best in its catalog. The Japanese label’s shirt is, again, crafted from rayon, resulting in the perfect blend of silk-like style and breathability. However, what separates the shirt from most others that appear through our guide is its lack of an inviting floral print, which has been swapped out with an epic, all-over motif of winged tigers, vintage airplanes, and towering mountains.

Purchase: $306

Honorable Mention

Todd Snyder Palm Leaf Full-Placket Polo

While this other top from Todd Snyder is arguably the most stylish choice here, we’re labeling it an honorable mention due to its unorthodox design — well, unorthodox compared to the standard Aloha shirt, anyway. Nevertheless, this Italian-made knit polo practically doubles as a short sleeve cardigan thanks to its full placket, making it an ideal transitional piece as we inch closer to the fall. Lastly, it’s sewn from a silk and cotton blend for an extra luxurious feel.

Purchase: $248

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