Retro Relaxation: 12 Best Camp Collar Shirts

Jul 25, 2018

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The camp shirt is making a comeback. Also known as a cabin shirt, a cabana shirt, a lounge shirt, a Cuban shirt or a Revere-collared shirt, the camp shirt is a throwback style shirt that is resurfacing in 2018 as a trendy addition to men’s wardrobe for casual-wear. If you’re looking for a camping shirt, you definitely want to avoid this list. Instead, check this out for a more rugged selection. A camp shirt is not meant to endure much – maybe a few hours at the beach, or the rubber impressions of a lounge chair. A spilled beer, perhaps. But these garments, usually made from cotton, linen or even silk, are far from gore-tex. So, you might be wondering, how does this misnomered men’s shirt get its name? Read on to find out.

What is a Camp Shirt?

A popular leisure shirt in the 1950s, the camp shirt is a casual shirt that features a “camp collar,” or a collar that doesn’t feature a collar band, and therefore is loose fitting and naturally casual. Perfect for the beach, poolside and park, popular forms of camp shirts include Hawaiian shirts and bowling shirts (which simply feature broad stripes and often a black-and-white colorway). The camp shirt combines gaudy style and comfort. Often printed with effusive colors and eccentric patterns, camp shirts assure that other people won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

UO Liam Golden Rayon Bowling Shirt

The Liam Golden Rayon shirt invokes the bowling shirts of yore, with a stylish contemporary twist. The checkerboard camp collar is contrasted from the golden rayon fabric, with white stripes along the short sleeve seams and front pocket. Truly a throwback to the days of Leave It To Beaver and Happy Days.

Purchase: $30

Topman Lemon Print Camp Shirt

When life gives you lemons…rock them across your chest, with this light and leisurely lemon/lime print camp shirt. The camp collar is also called a Cuban collar or revere collar, and the term indicates that the collar naturally falls downward, rather than standing up. This Topman shirt is a slim fit, but the construction of the shirt is designed to fall against one’s body softly, contouring to your shape, so it won’t ever feel constrictive.

Purchase: $55

Patagonia Men’s Pataloha Shirt

Patagonia is commonly known for its super rugged, durable clothes for hiking, mountaineering, and adventuring of all kinds. However, even the most badass trailblazers have to carve out some time to just relax. They can do so in this Pataloha shirt from Patagonia. Dedicated to the Hawaiian islands, this Pataloha shirt from Patagonia is crafted from 100% organic cotton, which features a linen-like texture.

Purchase: $59+

J.Crew Camp Collar

This Hawaiian shirt from J.Crew features a lovely, retro printed pattern with muted colors.  The airy slub cotton of this camp collared shirt is highly breathable, making it a super comfy wear. The white buttons will pair with a light pair of summer shorts. The beautiful leafy and floral pattern will separate you from the sometimes overly-garish floral patterns on other Hawaiian shirts.

Purchase: $60

Club Monaco Camp Collar

Club Monaco, which is a division of Polo Ralph Lauren, has taken the mid century camp collar style and infused it with some modern color. The floral pattern is bright and warm, and contrasts nicely with the cold blue leaf pattern underneath.

Purchase: $70

Gitman Aloha Camp Shirt

The Gitman Brothers company loves recreating vintage clothing. Naturally, they would re-animate the camp collar Hawaiian shirt, and they’ve done it with trademark precision. This rayon Aloha shirt is like a shirt taken directly from the past. The deep emerald green and the white flower pattern create a signature Hawaiian look, and the straight hemmed bottom allows the shirt to fall just below the waist.

Purchase: $115

STÜSSY Hana Camp-Collar Voile Shirt

Though Stüssy is known for its rather wild designs, they’ve kept it somewhat tame for their lovely Hana Voile shirt. The pink blooms on the Hana shirt are sparse, leaving mostly white space. The Hana is a more demure and handsome Hawaiian shirt than most are used to. Made from a breezy fabric called voile – a plain-weave, semitransparent fabric of cotton – you’ll keep cool on a hot day.

Purchase: $115

AllSaints Devoir Camp Shirt

Now we’re getting gaudy. Appropriately so for the camp-collar shirt. Allsaints delivers a camp collar shirt with a fabulous and fashionable pineapple print on the main fabric of the shirt, and a leopard print collar. Devoir means “must,” as in you must pick this shirt up from Allsaints if you want to be the star of the next barbecue or pool party.

Purchase: $130

Polo Ralph Lauren Linen Camp Shirt

Polo’s linen camp shirt takes the classic biker’s bandana and blows it up into a piece of leisure clothing. The linen will match the texture of the iconic red bandana worn by the Hell’s Angels – and the Bloods – but blended with cotton and a “touch of silk” so you’ll be very comfortable. Just try not to attend a pool party with any Crips.

Purchase: $145

Saturdays NYC Canty Camp-Collared Shirt

Saturdays are for the camp collar. Something like that. There isn’t a shirt on this list that’s breezier than the Saturdays NYC “canty” shirt, with a breathable Tencel fabric and side slits to help you aerate. Decorated with the Brooklyn-based brand’s ‘Monstera’ palm print, this is an authentic New York take on a Hawaiian classic.

Purchase: $175

Mr. P Camp Collar Shirt

Mr. Porter’s exclusive camp shirt is made from a cotton-poplin fabric for a smooth and plain texture, and a soft, lightweight wear. The red shirt is dappled by an arrow and medallion that is exclusive to Mr. Porter.

Purchase: $175

Gitman Vintage Camp Shirt

An authentic blast from the past, this Vintage Camp Shirt from Gitman might remind you of your grandmother’s drapes – and that’s because it’s a genuine throwback to a commonly used fabric pattern from the mid century era. The traditional hibiscus flower motif and has a retro camp collar make this the most faithful recreation of a camp shirt on the list.

Purchase: $210

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