The 50 Best Men’s Gifts Under $100

Nov 20, 2017

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By now, we’re confident you’ve caught on to the theme of these price-point driven gift guides. Whether it’s under $30, under $50, or here in this list of the best gifts for men under $100, each of these price ceilings represents a tier of quality in these products. For instance, under $30 for the annual Secret Santa office ritual or under $50 for some stocking stuffers. However, it’s when we begin to approach the $100 threshold that the experience becomes a tad more regimented, and the gifts more purposeful. Whereas lower price points equate to more spontaneous buys, gifts around this price point require more thought and appreciation.

This by no means, however, discredits the value of a less expensive gift this holiday season. Trust us, some of the greatest gifts we’ve ever give or received have been homemade – coming from the heart rather than a warehouse somewhere. Nonetheless, the quality and caliber of gifts available for this price point allow you to gift someone special a potentially heirloom-worthy piece, while still holding onto some semblance of financial responsibility. Want to see for yourself? Be our guest, there’s a whole list of 50 below that are up for grabs this year.

Anker Powercore+

With over 10 million sold so far, it’s no doubt this is one of the more popular portable chargers on the market. It features high-speed charging technology, is about the size of the lipstick container, and adds up 6 hours of talk time to the iPhone.

Purchase: $15

Soto Pocket Torch

Light em up. Actually, touch em up with any cheap gas station lighter you can find (except Bic lighters). The Soto turns these ordinary boring flames into a 2,300 degree Fahrenheit torch that actually increase the lighter’s life by 60 percent.

Purchase: $20

Harry’s Winston Set

Shaving is just a part of life. That’s a given. Which is why Harry’s works to make shaving kits that are both affordable and well-built for guys rocking any type of stylish facial hair – or none at all.

Purchase: $25

JBird Jumper Lanyard

Attaching keys and gear to a belt loop has never been easier or more reliable compliments of the JBird Jumper Lanyard. Each piece is modeled after snap shackles typically found on sailing vessels, but boasts a full grain, vegetable-tanned leather construction and is handmade right here in the US.

Purchase: $30

Brooklyn Slate Beverage Coaster

Stylish and functional, these locally sourced coasters come from a family quarry in upstate New York, are available in a set of four, and are made from temperature-resistant stone serving a non-discriminatory purpose atop the bar or coffee table.

Purchase: $30

Stanley Vacuum Insulated Growler

Beer is great. It’s even better fresh from the brewery. Knowing this, there’s no excuse why this 64 oz Stanley Vacuum Insulated Growler wouldn’t be on your wishlist this year. It’s construction and foam-insulated lid keeps beer cold for 24-hours and the heavy duty handle allows for single hand pours without worry.

Purchase: $33

GustBuster Golfing Umbrella

Whether it’s on the green or on the way to work, rain is rain. So unless soaking your fresh clothes is a desired option, opting for the GustBuster 48-inch Golf Umbrella could be a solid choice. It’s made from 100 percent nylon, features a double-reinforced and lightening-resistant fiberglass shaft, and come with an attractively fitted sheath.

Purchase: $35

Maxx & Unicorn Money Clip

For the minimalist designer on your list, this handsome brass money clip is about as straightforward a device as possible for carrying around both cash and card. It’s also built right here in the US. Can’t beat that.

Purchase: $38

Best Made Tall Enamel Tumblers

Utilizing aged WWII era techniques, Best Made’s European enamelware maker builds these stackable 5-inch tall tumbler cups out of steel. Ideal for both the patio and the campsite.

Purchase: $38

Holy Stone Predator Drone

It’s amazing how affordable and accessible drones have become over the past few years. The Holy Stone Predator is a fine example of this phenomenon thanks to a headless security system, 6-axis Gyro Stabilization System, and a wind resistant control range of 30-50 meters.

Purchase: $40

1911 Rubber Band Gun

As the world’s most respected handgun, it’s only fitting the 1911 would be repurposed into a rubber band gun for our enjoyment. Here, each Elastic Precision Rubber Band Gun is built from high quality hardwoods and semi-automatically fires up to 6 rubber bands at a time.

Purchase: $40+

Shinola Baseball

While “playing ball” might not be an option for this classy Shinola baseball, displaying it atop the mantle next to a prized autograph certainly is. Each USA-made option is hand cut and sewn and boasts a handsome waxed linen thread along with a premium leather construction.

Purchase: $40

Nordic Pocket Saw

Have an outdoor enthusiast in your life that likes to get hands-on with their landscaping renovations? The Nordic Pocket Saw is a fantastic option for cleaning out small vegetation thanks to a 65 cm chain made from heat-treated high carbon steel with double cutter teeth.

Purchase: $42

Bug A Salt Fly Gun

Make the extermination process a bit more enjoyable. With the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 users will enjoy more accuracy, power and less salt used per shot. Additionally, a textured handgrip allows for non-slip cocking each and every time another pest enters the crosshairs.

Purchase: $42

Satechi Universal Aluminum Notebook

Desk space is valuable real estate. That’s why Satechi makes this handy Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand to help save space when the computer is not in use. Best of all it looks clean, sleek and design-forward to boot.

Purchase: $45

Stanley Adventure Prep Cook Set

Few things in this life are as rewarding than cooking a full meal in the backcountry after a long day hike. Fortunately, the packable Stanley Adventure Two Pot Prep Set comes with just about everything you need to chef up a hot meal for friends and family.

Purchase: $48

Tracksmith Twilight Tee

Not here to show off, the Twilight Tee is a form-fitting and comfortable running option that speaks volumes by not saying much at all. Here, it’s all about action more than flair. Well, that and a light Italian Borgini fabric construction.

Purchase: $48

Schott Zwiesel Old Fashioned Glass

Every home bar needs a set of adequate glassware. This set of Old Fashioned Cocktail glasses are just what the bartender ordered due to their Tritan crystal construction and entirely dishwasher safe characteristics.

Purchase: $48

Higonokami Friction Folding Brass Knife

Both clean and elegant, this Japanese-inspired folding knife features a 3.5-inch blue paper reverse tanto steel blade with a lever deployment and an accompanying 4.75-inch brass handle.

Purchase: $50

Cha-o-ha EDC Card

Quite literally a multi-tool that’s the size and shape of a standard credit card, this EDC card boasts up to 30 functions, is made with S35VN blade steel (harder than titanium mind you) and can actually fit inside a traditional bi-fold if needed.

Purchase: $50

Amazon Echo Dot

Everyone could use a little help from their friends from time to time. In this case, Alexa is the universal friend and comes in the form of the Echo Dot. Here anything from music requests, traffic updates, to shopping lists are up for grabs and managed so you can focus on life’s more pressing matters.

Purchase: $50

Matador Pocket Duffle

Duffle bags are great for short weekend trips around the country. Packable duffle bags that fold down enough to fit in your pocket? Now we’re onto something. Amazingly enough, once unfolded the Matador Pocket Duffle boasts up to 30 liters of capacity and is both waterproof and puncture resistant.

Purchase: $50

Iron & Resin Perfect Tee

CA-based Iron & Resin got tired of searching for the most comfortable basic t-shirt out there so they decided to go ahead and make their own. These Perfect Tees are made right here in the US, boast a standard fit, and a left chest pocket like any good t-shirt should feature.

Purchase: $55

Norden Monhegan

Bring a little fresh fragrance into the humble abode compliments of this sandalwood, tobacco, and leather scented candle. And as an added bonus, it comes dressed in sleek black hand-thrown stoneware for an added design element.

Purchase: $55

Converse Chuck II Gum High Top

Functioning as a stylish twist on the classic silhouette, the Chuck II Gum offers both gum rubber soles along with a premium canvas upper, padded non-slip tongue, and are available in a bright white colorway.

Purchase: $55

Caol lla 12 Year

Let’s face it. Nothing beats the gift of great whisky this time of year. And what better way to show the whisky lover in your life that you care without splurging on an uber premium bottle that with this 12 year Islay single malt. Balanced, but with a unique peaty kick.

Purchase: $58

Prometheus Lights Beta QRV2

Keep the light shining whenever the time comes to light up the night with a little help from the Prometheus Beta QRV2. It attaches to a standard keychain, features a quick release function, and hosts a Nichia 219 CRI LED for reliable light when you need it.

Purchase: $59

Adidas Stan Smith

Made from full grain leather and a pimple outsole for grip, these all black iterations of the classic Stan Smith silhouette are bound to set off any outfit with subtle yet meaningful punctuation.

Purchase: $60

Surf Ears

Spending time out in the water for an extended period of time can take a toll on your ears. So, to combat this phenomenon, Creatures of Leisure developed Surf Ears – purposed to protect your inner ear while still allowing you to hear everything that needs to be heard out in the lineup.

Purchase: $60

Rudy’s 123 Bundle

Easy as 1 2 3, the Rudy’ Bundle takes the guessing game out of the daily shower routine. Here, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all come in one no-nonsense package and surely smell classy as well. What else would expect from a quality USA-made brand?

Purchase: $60

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

If shaving with a straight razor is more their speed, it doesn’t get much better than this heat-resistant stainless steel razor for the price point. The Feather SS also boasts an ergonomic handle for an excellent grip and boasts a replaceable blade for continued use in the years to come.

Purchase: $65

Quiet Carry Titanium Knife & Key Organizer

Outfitted as a smaller, more carry friendly multi-function knife, the Quiet Carry Q 2.0 can hold up to 4 keys and is made from lightweight grade-5 titanium along in addition to its 2.3-inch folding blade for good measure.

Purchase: $68

Best Made Toolbox

We’ll be honest, Best Made doesn’t discriminate either for or against trades. So whether it’s art supplies or straight-up tools, they’ll certainly find a home in this USA handmade toolbox built from 22-gauge steel and measuring 15.125” x 7” x 5.625.”

Purchase: $68

Heimplanet Monolith Dopp Kit

For those who travel often, a reliable Dopp kit is required alongside that weekender bag. Luckily, Heimplanet builds this durable option from a combination of 840D ballistic nylon and TPU coated 840D ballistic nylon while only weighing a lightweight .8 pounds.

Purchase: $75

JBL Flip 3

Keep the party going in the great outdoors with a little help from the JBL Flip 3. Not only is it splashproof, but with a 3000mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery and Bluetooth connectivity for up to three devices, everyone will get their chance to DJ for hours on end.

Purchase: $76

Rhone Guru Short

Engineered as a go-to short that works with you in every which way you move, the Guru is Rhone’s first yoga short. Which makes sense considering its 4-Way Stretch and superior wicking fabric construction.

Purchase: $78

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

Nothing like a sleek and simple traditional bi-fold for old time’s sake. Bellroy certainly has that going on here with their Slim Sleeve that comes complete with vegetable tanned leather and thread while boasting the capability to carry up to 12 cards along with some folded bills.

Purchase: $80

Trayvax Element Wallet

A handy wallet and money clip that’s unlike anything we’ve come across before, the Element is Trayvax’s flagship product. And for good reason, it comes equipped with grain oil finished American leather wrapped around a strong and durable stainless steel frame and can fit up to 5 bills and the 5 cards without breaking a sweat.

Purchase: $85

Prometheus Lights Lambda Top

For the fidgety desk jockey, this attractive solid brass spinning top is surely a treat to behold. Thanks to a hollow center shaft and ruby tip, this is one of the most precise spinning tops ever made – spinning for up to 10 minutes straight in some cases.

Purchase: $85

Olivers All-Over Short

A gym short built for the 21st Century, each and every OLIVERS All-Over Short boasts premium moisture-wicking technology, a 4-way stretch, and water repellent characteristics. Whether you’re running, jumping, or throwing, the All-Over Short is here to not interfere with the task at hand.

Purchase: $88

Maxx and Unicorn Rectangle Valet Tray

Keeping all that EDC gear safe and sound in one place is easier said than done. That is, unless there’s one of these Rectangle Valet Trays around to keep things organized. Here, each valet tray is made in the USA from sustainable harvested multi-stripe walnut and features a low sheen varnish for an added touch.

Purchase: $88

United By Blue Rift Backpack

Time to dump the old raggedy backpack from years ago and upgrade to something that not only looks good but will keep for years to come. The Rift has over 25 liters of internal space throughout a myriad of external and internal pockets – ideal for EDC gear – and is built with a Durable Water-Repellant finish to keep that gear protected.

Purchase: $88

Matador Beast 28 Packable Backpack

Pack it in, pack it out. With over 28 liters of storage space at your disposal when unpacked, this water and puncture resistant backpack is the ideal option for the outdoorsman with little room to spare in their Subaru.

Purchase: $90

Leatherman Wave Multi Tool

Any self-respecting DIY guru has heard of Leatherman. They’re respected and well-known for their reliable and handy tools. Here, their Wave Multi-Tool only serves as a continuation of this truth, thanks to its one-hand operable folding design, 17 built-in locking tools, and their 25-year guarantee.

Purchase: $90

Inventery Mechanical Pen

Featuring an all-brass unibody construction with both a Schmidt deployment system and a Schmidt P8126 cap-free rollerball refill, this is one pen that’s certainly worth its salt in the EDC arena.

Purchase: $90

Buck Mason Pocket Shirt

Comfortable, form fitting, and stylish, this classic single pocket stripe shirt boasts a yarn-dyed fabric straight from a Japanese mill that’s been in the business for over 200 years.

Purchase: $95

Form Function Form Timex Weekender

Boasting both a sleek appearance and reliable Timex movement, this handsome watch with a Horween leather strap is ideal for that special someone in your life that can never seem to be on time for anything. No more excuses.

Purchase: $98

Grados SR80e Prestige Series

Despite popular opinion, quality on-ear headphones don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here Grado offers this sweet pair of headphones compete with an upgraded driver design, large ear cushions, and an adjustable soft vinyl headband.

Purchase: $99

The James Brand Folsom Knife

Offered exclusive through Gallantry, this handsome olive drab and black Folsom Knife combines the sleek design principles of the Portland-based workshop with the color scheme of the gear-based online shop. It hosts a CTS-BD1 steel blade, and a G10 scaled handle for a superb grip.

Purchase: $99

OlloClip iPhone Lens Set

Self-described as the world’s most awarded mobile lens, the olloclip turns any regular iPhone into a high-end and versatile came capable of fish-eye shots, 120-degree point-of-view photography, a 15x magnification for high-detailed macro shots.

Purchase: $100

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