The 50 Best Men’s Gifts You Can Buy Under $50

As we head into the holidays, the need for affordable, functional gifts becomes all-the-more prevalent. The truth is, there are a million different offerings that can make the great stocking stuffer for the modern man, from clothing, grooming essentials, and fragrances, all the way to top-end products from the industry’s most reputable companies — but finding them is an entirely different story.

We understand that the search for the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming; we’ve been there. We’ve braved the lines, we’ve camped outside of the department stores, and we’ve turned up empty-handed after a day of hectic consumerism — it’s not a good look. Luckily, the internet has made shopping much easier during the holiday season, helping you to shop for your family and friends without leaving the comfort of your home. Below, we’ve decided to outline some of our favorite items for the holiday season, and give you some insight into the best everyday carry, tech, grooming, and style essentials that have pinged our radar this year.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

The surf lifestyle is a fever dream for most, but for William Finnegan, it’s just another day. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life is a memoir of his enchantment with the sport, and comes chock full of interesting photography, wordplay, and philosophies to strengthen your relationship with the sea.
Purchase: $10

Field Notes Front Page Reporter Notebook

Whether you’re busy or always on-the-go, you don’t have time to memorize all of the important aspects of life. Luckily, Field Notes’ Front Page Reporter Notebook has you covered, offering layers of memo-worthy paper enclosed in a sleek, convenient package. Jotting down one of those “in the moment” thoughts has never been easier.
Purchase: $13

Real Beer Shampoo Bar

Washing your hair with all-natural ingredients is a great idea, since it promotes healthy personal hygiene, keeps our waterways clean, and maintains your unruly mane. That’s where the Real Beer Shampoo Bar comes in, offering you a travel-friendly, paraben-free alternative to traditional bottles. Each example is made with 100% natural leatherwood honey & organic plant/essential oils to keep your hair in the best condition possible.
Purchase: $14

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Sometimes, the apex of a long trip is the perfect time for a cocktail. Instead of carrying your entire mixology kit out to the trail, onto the plane, or in the car, take along a compact Carry-On Cocktail Kit. These ultra-thin tins house a recipe card, spoon/muddler, bitters, and cane sugar to ensure that you’ll have access to a great-tasting mix at any time, regardless of the location.
Purchase: $15

Exotac Waterproof Lighter Case

When you’re facing inclement weather, there’s nothing better than adequate preparation. If you think you’re going to run into some wet weather on your next outing, be sure to pick up Exotac’s Waterproof Lighter Case, which utilizes a durable, waterproof fire sleeve to keep your Bic lighter protected and ready to operate when the time arises.
Purchase: $16

Stanley Classic Flask

Nothing evokes a sense of calm like a drink with some friends around a warm campfire. If you’re looking to take some of your favorite spirits into the outdoors, Stanley’s Classic Flask is the ideal container, boasting a nostalgic, vintage feel, a rustproof 18/8 stainless steel construction, and an integrated lanyard for easy carry throughout your trip.
Purchase: $17

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Corkcicle’s Whiskey Wedge is a drinking accessory for liquor connoisseurs. The angled wedge helps to keep your drinks cool, stylish, and classy, without watering them down. In all, you’ll be treated to a single Double Old-Fashioned whiskey glass and a long-lasting silicone ice form for years of luxurious use. If you’re an avid drinker who wants to keep your spirit chilled and robust, the Corkcicle wedge is the way to go.
Purchase: $18

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

One of the most important aspects of outdoor survival is hydration. If you’re caught without water, there’s a good chance that your health with deteriorate as a result; so, to ensure that you’re prepared for that eventuality, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter provides a means of emergency-filtration for natural waterways. It can filter up to 1000 liters of water and has no batteries or moving parts, helping to remove 99.9% of waterborne parasites and bacteria, should you find yourself in dire straits.
Purchase: $18

Remington Body Groomer

As a guy, hygiene is always important. As such, Remington’s Body Grooming kit was devised to ensure that you’re always well-groomed, and well-kept. This all-encompassing capsule includes nine different attachments, including a foil shaver, full-size trimmer, nose, ear, and detail trimmer, and a vertical body hair trimmer. To keep your facial hair in check, an adjustable hair clipper, beard, and stubble comb provide a well-rounded selection for everyday use, while self-sharpening surgical steel blades ensure you’ll look great for years to come.
Purchase: $21

Taylor Stitch Merino Sock

Taylor Stitch’s Merino Socks are the perfect foot-bound peripherals for warm, daily wear. They’re odor resistant, and keep sweat to a minimum, while a 60% Mercerized Merino construction provides wearers with quintessential comfort and breathability.
Purchase: $22

Mecarmy IllumineX-4S Flashlight

Mecarmy’s IllumineX-4S Flashlight makes dark nights a lot less daunting, thanks to its small, form-fitting stature, accessible silhouette, and a keyring attachment to keep it close by at all times. Better yet, it’s got one of the most reliable, and powerful beams on the market, making it the illuminator of choice for individuals who hope to stay prepared for anything.
Purchase: $24

Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

Bradley Mountain’s Utility Roll might seem like a vintage variant of your favorite old-school tool carrier, but it’s been outfitted with a sturdy, American-made Martexin waxed canvas and an oiled leather strap to enhance its rugged stature. It features a handful of 5.5-inch deep pockets, helping to keep your most important items safe from harm, organized, and within arm’s reach.
Purchase: $25

Fisher Space Pen Bullet

The Fisher Space Pen has been trusted by NASA for years. It’s one of the many peripherals that’s been used in the space program, but remains readily available to the public. This American-made writing instrument is perfectly balanced and provides owners with a tasteful, functional device for life’s more menial writing tasks.
Purchase: $25

Harry’s Winston Shaving Set

Harry’s Winston Shaving Set might look like a traditional shaving kit, but you’d be wrong to believe that it’s anything less than extraordinary. This tasteful selection boasts a proprietary shaver that’s been outfitted with the company’s well-designed Winston handle, three German-engineered blade cartridges, and a flex hinge to give you the closest shave possible. Each pack comes with a high-end utensil, a protective travel cover to keep your blades sharp and functional, and a great-looking die-cast zinc/polished-chrome finish that’s as attractive as they come.
Purchase: $25

Parks Project National Parks Poster

Parks Project has made it a point to pay homage to North America’s most prolific national wonders, and now, you’ll be able to support the cause/see the locations of your favorites wit the company’s National Parks Poster. This great-looking novelty piece is printed on premium, FSC-certified paper, is responsibly sourced, and promotes the cleanup, restoration, and removal of waste from the country’s beautiful ecosystems.
Purchase: $25

Tec Accessories RETREEV Mini Grappling Hook

Sometimes, all you need is a grappling hook. That might seem like an odd thing to say, but when it comes to Tec Accessories’ RETREEV Mini Grappling Hook, it starts to make sense. This compact tool is made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and boasts an anodized finish to keep it looking great, and performing at optimal levels, allowing you to grab hard-to-reach objects with its weighted magnet. If you’ve ever lost an important item, and you’ve given up on trying to find it, the RETREEV might be the accessory you’ve been looking for.
Purchase: $28

Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Dopp Kit

Herschel Supply Co.’s Chapter Dopp Kit was built to provide you with a tasteful way to keep your essential items organized and ready for use, so let it do its job. This 100% polyester bag features a dependable zip closure to keep all of your important peripherals in one place, while its rugged nylon lining and attractive composition promote years of use while traveling.
Purchase: $30

Matador Pocket Blanket

Sometimes, a quick trip to the park, beach, or campsite seems like the right thing to do. For the moments when you need a soft place to lay your head, have a picnic, or watch passersby, Matador’s Pocket Blanket is the perfect peripheral to keep on hand. This lightweight blanket is made with a 90-micron thick Hyperlyte Nylon, giving it puncture-resistant, water-repellent properties, allowing it to be used by up to four individuals at a time, rain or shine.
Purchase: $30

Buck Mason Pima Curved Tee

Buck Mason’s Pima Curved Tee is the perfect basic for everyday use. This style essential stays true to the brand’s lauded construction practices, calling upon a durable, ruggedized 100% pima cotton that’s long-lasting, and comfortable. Better yet, it features a rounded shirttail that makes it perfect for layering, as well as on its own.
Purchase: $32

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star Low needs no introduction. This iconic sneaker has earned its way onto nearly every sub-$50 list, thanks to its legendary cultural impact, great-looking canvas construction, and an Ortholite insole to keep your foot cushioned and protected throughout the day. The Chuck Taylor All-Star Low is as authentic as it gets; if you don’t have a pair, you’re doing something wrong.
Purchase: $32

Hitch & Timber Pocket Runt

Hitch & Timber’s Pocket Run is a classy way to carry around your favorite EDC peripherals. This leather and elastic caddy was built by hand in the USA and features a selection of Horween’s lauded leather, providing users with a long-lasting pocket organizer that’s full of elegance and rugged character.
Purchase: $33

SouthOrd Lock Pick Set

SouthOrd’s Lock Pick Set is a quintessential collection of European and Japanese lock picks. They might seem nefarious at first glance, but they make a great addition to any guy’s heritage workspace, gear layout, or aesthetic collection. If you do decide to use them for their intended purpose, the nine-piece set features seven different picks, two tension tools,and a snapover top grain leather case to keep everything organized and protected.
Purchase: $33

Izola ZYX 6 Oz. Flask

A good spirit is always welcome, especially when it comes to life’s small victories. To celebrate these, the Izola ZYX 6 Oz. Flask certainly comes in handy, offering drinking aficionados a great-looking, stylish container for their favorite spirit. It’s compact and form-fitting, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. There’s never been a better time to toast.
Purchase: $34

Vicotrinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

If you’re a natural in the kitchen, you know the importance of a good chef’s knife. Victorinox creates some of the most well-reviewed examples around, and the company’s Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife stays true to its name. This top-end offering is affordable, attractive, and comes constructed with the industry’s best tapered stainless steel edge, helping to make cuts more efficient with each pass.
Purchase: $34

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi-Tool

If you’ve ever been caught without a multitool, you’ll realize the value of having one on-hand. Luckily, Leatherman’s Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi-Tool is the perfect peripheral to keep with you at all times, thanks to its small size, keychain ring, and lightweight stature. Despite its size, it still features nine on-board tools, including a knife, bottle opener, and pliers to keep you on your toes for those random situations where a multitool is key.
Purchase: $35

Opinel No.8 Survival Pocket Knife

Opinel’s No.8 Survival Pocket Knife is the perfect peripheral for any outdoorsman, calling upon the company’s professional expertise to create one of the most well-rounded knives around. This 3.35-inch knife features a dependable Sandvik Stainless steel blade, a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide handle, and shock, humidity, and temperature-resistant, giving it the gumption it needs to take on all of life’s interesting situations.
Purchase: $35

Hella Slingshots No. 3

The Hella Slingshots No. 3 is an homage to one of childhood’s most iconic toys, and as such, and it stays true to the peripheral’s timeless design. This modernized version is handmade in San Francisco and features a great-looking forked tree branch construction, a leather ammo pouch, and latex bands for reliable use.
Purchase: $37

Barebones Living Pruner & Sheath

Barebones Living creates some of the industry’s best instruments, accessories, and tools, giving the company’s Pruner & Sheath a firm leg to stand on. This attractive combo was inspired by old-world Japanese design and brought to life through a durable steele construction, classic copper accents, and a weather-resistant, waxed canvas carrier for use in a variety of situations.
Purchase: $38

Bushwick Honey Trio

Bushwick’s Honey Trio is a trifecta of great-tasting bliss. This collection of odd honeys includes a spicy, salty, and lemon-imbued version for use in your everyday dishes. Each example is bottled, blended, and shipped from New York, and arrives as a flavorful gluten-free/Paleo-friendly offering for those who can’t get enough of the liquid-gold’s fantastic taste.
Purchase: $40

Elastic Precision Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

Shooting rubber bands from your finger is child’s play. Instead, upgrade to the Elastic Precision Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun, a replica of one of the world’s most revered firearms. It boasts the same balance and feel of the original, but keeps things a bit less “lethal,” firing up to 6 rubber bands at a time for some on-the-job target practice.
Purchase: $40

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

A good water bottle is essential for outdoor excursions. To remain hydrated, there’s no better choice than Hydro Flask’s Vacuum-Insulated variant, which can keep your favorite beverages cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. Each example is BPA-free and is made from a rustproof 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, meaning that your insulated water bottle will stay by your side for years.
Purchase: $40

Mecarmy CMP-2 Keychain Compass

Save yourself from getting lost in the woods with Mecarmy’s CMP-2 Keychain Compass. This small, but handsome piece of gear is critical for any excursion, and comes with a rugged black PVD titanium construction to keep it ticking throughout its lifespan. It even features specialized encapsulation technology to keep it precise, regardless of where you are.
Purchase: $40

Quietcarry Bandit Titanium Keychain Knife

Quitecarry’s Bandit Titanium Keychain Knife is a quintessential folding variant for the avid blade aficionado. It’s small, compact, made from durable titanium, and features an all-black PVD finish to keep it sleek and secretive.
Purchase: $40

WESN Quick Release Titanium Keychain

WESN’s Quick Release Titanium Keychain is the perfect peripheral to keep your keys, flashlights, or other important items within arm’s reach. For those situations where the separation of your office, car, and house keys will come in handy, this well-rounded peripheral allows you to access each with ease.
Purchase: $40

Williams Sonoma Copper Bar Set

Williams Sonoma’s Copper Bar Set is the perfect gift for any mixologist, turning every occasion into a full-fledged party through a bolstered four-piece set that includes a cocktail shaker, double jigger, strainer, and ice tongs. Aside from their professional construction, these copper-plated stainless steel accessories will make a great-looking addition to any guy’s bar area.
Purchase: $40

W&P Homemade Gin Kit

W&P’s Homemade Gin Kit is an old-school collection that features two 375ml glass bottles, a fine stainless steel strainer, and a stainless steel funnel to help you prepare your own homemade spirits. Each set also comes with a tin of juniper berries and W&P’s secret botanical blend, giving you access to one of the best-tasting gins around, while also looking the part.
Purchase: $42

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

ALPS Mountaineering’s Eclipse Table is a lightweight essential to make your next camping trip a bit more organized. Instead of eating with your hands, or with a plate on your lap, this compact, foldable design is the perfect piece of trail furniture to pack out for food or games. It even holds some of your beverages for additional utility.
Purchase: $45

Best Made Leather Key Fob

Best Made’s Leather Key Fob is a great-looking peripheral to keep your most important items in one spot. Each variant stays true to Best Made’s good name, and features a U.S.A.-made construction, 100% vegetable-tanned skirting leather, and a solid brass clasp to house the company’s durable keyring. If you’re looking for a functional Fob that’s also as stylish as possible, the Best Made Leather Key is for you.
Purchase: $48

Filson Smokey Bear Mug

Pay your respects to one of the forest’s biggest supporters with this Filson Smokey Bear Mug. This 12-ounce offering was hand-crafted by Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery in Minnesota, and features the likeness of everyone’s favorite park-protecting bear.
Purchase: $48

Billy Kirk No. 424 Headphone Pouch

Billy Kirk’s No. 424 Headphone Pouch might seem a bit outdated with the advent of Airpods, but the fact remains that this tasteful heritage offering is one of the best-looking carriers to-date. Each example is crafted with a plush American hide and Latigo leather, and features a premium nickel, or brass, snap to keep your headphones safe from harm. Better yet, you can use the No. 424 for coins or keys, giving it plenty of use when you upgrade to your next wireless audio device.
Purchase: $49

Dango Coin Capsule & Tether

Dango’s Coin Capsule & Tether stay true to the company’s futuristic design principle, and as such, this all-encompassing peripheral brings the best of the company’s characteristics to the forefront. Each carrier is made from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum and features a stainless-steel clip and loophole to keep your money secure, but accessible, at all times.
Purchase: $49

Anker Powercore Portable Charger

If you’ve ever been the victim of a dead phone/device battery, you’ll know that the advent of portable power banks has made the situation all-the-less understandable. There are a ton of viable power banks on the market, but Anker’s Powercore Portable Charger is one of the best, bringing a lightweight, 12.5-ounce silhouette, high-speed PowerIQ and VoltageBoost capabilities, and self-charging system to the digital consumership. In effect, you’ll be able to recharge your iPhone or Android up to eight separate times, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about a deteriorating battery level again.
Purchase: $50

Echo Dot Smart Speaker

The Echo Smart Speaker might look small and underwhelming, but thanks to its robust sound and improved speaker quality, it’s one of the industry’s leading in-home peripherals. It features a voice-controlled interface that will allow you to listen to music, change tracks, and play your favorite podcasts with ease, and can even turn on the lights, adjust thermostats, and lock the doors at your beck and call.
Purchase: $50

Fire TV Stick 4K

The Fire TV Stick 4K is the industry’s most powerful streaming media stick, and the fact that it’s so affordable makes it even more attractive. Aside from streaming your favorite channels and movies, the Fire TV Stick gives you access to Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Apple TV, and others, and is compatible with HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision for the ultimate in sound and picture quality.
Purchase: $50

James Brand Stillwell Pen

James Brand’s Stillwell Pen is the perfect all-arounder when it comes to writing instruments, taking on the company’s lauded design principles to offer users a quintessential experience when it comes to jotting down important details. Aside from its looks, the Stillwell is as hard-wearing as they come, thanks to its strengthened construction.
Purchase: $50

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

If you’re a fan of your morning brew, it’s hard to beat the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker. The GR is a step-above when it comes to brew quality, and features a compact, featherweight design that makes it perfect for on-the-go use, helping you to bring your robust coffee collection with you wherever you go. Better yet, it doesn’t require compressed air or N20 cartridges like its competitors, giving it an edge due to its always-ready, hand-operated construction.
Purchase: $50

Nomad Apple Lightning Cable

Ensure that you’re always getting the fastest charge possible with Nomad’s Apple Lightning Cable. This sleek peripheral is a high-end alternative to the industry’s less-than-exemplary charging cables and stations, and offers a rugged, dependable construction that can stand up to over 10,000 flexions thanks to its military-grade 1000D ballistic weave nylon composition.
Purchase: $50

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the road, a well-rounded dopp kit is essential. Topo Designs’ proprietary offering is one of the best bags around, offering a lightweight and compact Cordura construction, water-resistant cloth lining, and a roomy interior to those who are looking to take their travel kit to the next level.
Purchase: $50

Trayvax Axis Wallet

The Trayvax Axis Wallet is a modern EDC essential that’s top-of-the-line when it comes to construction and design. The stainless steel, cerakote frame bifold wallet can carry up to 14 cards and 8 bills, and even features a hideaway pocket for coins, making it the perfect synthesis of form and function.
Purchase: $50

YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry

YETI’s coolers are a notch above the rest, and thanks to the company’s expertise in sealed storage solutions, the Hopper Sidekick Dry is the perfect companion for a day at the lake. Instead of lugging around a full-sized cooler, the Sidekick brings a minimal silhouette to the table, thanks to its 100% waterproof hydroshield closure, RF-Welded seams, and a Dryhide Shell that’s crafted from the same materials as whitewater rafts, to keep your important beverages (or peripherals) safe from harm.
Purchase: $50