The 18 Best Summer Pants For Men of 2022

Photo: Taylor Stitch Sheffield Trouser

When the days start to lengthen and the temperature begins to climb, most men take that as a cue to tuck their pants away until the weather is more accommodating of the extra coverage. With little exception, May through September becomes a time wherein shorts and swim trunks reign supreme, effectively replacing their long-legged counterparts as the acting MO. After all, on those afternoons when it’s pushing 95-plus, the last thing you want is to be caught out in the heat rocking heavy dark denim. In addition to being downright uncomfortable, it’s also a surefire way to wind up drenched in sweat, fabric clinging to your legs with no hope of coming free.

But here’s the thing. Summer doesn’t have to be a season during which you deprive yourself of pants. In fact, there are countless options on the market that are capable of beating the heat, be they breathable linen trousers, sweat-wicking performance chinos, or even lightweight blue jeans. Of course, finding a pair of summer pants to match your signature style can prove a pretty tedious endeavor, what with the wide variety in cuts, pocket counts, and patterns. To save you the trouble of hunting for yourself, we’ve looked high and low in search of the most ideal warm-weather wear, also curating this handy guide for your convenience. What follows are what we believe to be the best summer pants for men, so you can give those shorts a much-needed break.

Uniqlo Ultra-Light Pants

Ever the authority when it comes to affordable men’s fashion, Uniqlo makes an entire range of ultra-light pants that are perfectly weighted for summer. We like this pair in particular because their cotton-like construction is incredibly versatile, equally appropriate in the office or after-hours grabbing a round of drinks. What’s more, they feature strategically placed air vents in the pockets and around the back of the waist, ensuring optimal comfort and breathability despite an otherwise slim cut.

Purchase: $40

Everlane Performance 5-Pocket Pant

If you’re after some dependable everyday pants that are as comfortable as they are durable, you can’t go wrong with this pair from Everlane. Made from a high-performance cotton-elastane blend, they’re stretchy, sweat-wicking, and even quick-drying, ensuring that your legs are always feeling cool and breezy. And because they’re a part of Everlane’s Uniform collection, they come backed by a 365-day guarantee that covers holes, shrinkage, and any other unexpected mishaps.

Purchase: $75

J Crew Slim Dock Pant

These ’60s-inspired dock pants are essentially the ultimate pair of summer sweats. For in addition to boasting an unrivaled range of motion and a convenient elastic drawstring, they also come with some Cordura nylon reinforcements for some added strength, as well as a trim fit for a more refined aesthetic. Good with everything from casual tees to classy button-downs, they make for an option that’s too good to pass up. Left up to us, we’d go for the ‘submarine blue,’ but the khaki is an excellent alternative to chinos.

Purchase: $80

Vuori Aim Pant

Just because you’re looking for a more formal silhouette doesn’t mean that you have to compromise when it comes to summer comfort — especially in the case of Vuori’s Aim Pant. Despite their dressier design, they feature a featherweight, woven polyester-cotton material that offers 4-way stretch and an assortment of hidden zipper pockets. Wear them for work or for play — they’re prepared for whatever your day has in store.

Purchase: $89

Buck Mason Vintage Canvas 5-Pocket Pant

Buck Mason is among the best in the biz when it comes to crafting high-quality, heritage-inspired men’s apparel, and this pair of vintage canvas pants are a case in point. Combining the accommodating mid-rise cut of blue jeans with the loose-fitting breathability of canvas, the result is an option that’ll feel broken-in at first wear and continue to hold up over the long haul. Oh, and they’re also garment-dyed and pre-washed, so they’re pretty much as soft as they come.

Purchase: $95

Outerknown Verano Beach Pant

Outerknown is a brand bent on the pursuit of an endless summer, so it goes without saying that their Verano Beach Pants are a warm-weather staple. Coming in at half the weight of a standard pair of jeans, they feature a super-soft 7oz hemp and organic cotton construction. In other words — they might look like a pair of trousers, but their comfort is on par with practically any jogger on the market.

Purchase: $98

Stan Ray 80s Painter Pants

While painter’s pants are traditionally pretty baggy in cut and utilitarian in design, this pair from Stan Ray proves a stylish exception to the rule. Crafted from a cool white cotton twill fabric, they maintain many of the functional features of their namesake — like cargo pockets and a tool loop — whilst switching things up with a slimmer fit and a shorter length. But the best part is that they’re a true American classic, made right here in the good ole US of A.

Purchase: $115

American Giant Brigade Pant

When all else fails, you can count on the military to make a material capable of handling the hotter temps — just take the Brigade pant from American Giant, for instance. Engineered for tactical application, they’re made from two separate layers of nylon and spandex, giving them superior inner comfort beneath a robust outer shell. As an added bonus, they’re also wind-resistant and virtually wrinkle-proof, guaranteeing that you’ll look your best all year long.

Purchase: $128

lululemon ABC Jogger 30”

If you find some of the above options a bit too formal for your particular taste, these joggers from lululemon should do just the ticket. Up top, they make use of the brand’s signature ABC technology, adding an ergonomic gusset in order to free up some extra room around the crotch. And because they’re cut with a streamlined, slightly-tapered fit, they give your glutes and thighs plenty of freedom to move without being so baggy that you’ll be afraid to rock ’em out in public.

Purchase: $128

Olivers Traverse Pant

In case you’ve missed it, cargos are experiencing something of a second coming, and it’s easy to see why when you consider pairs like the Traverse Pant. Unlike their early 2000s predecessors, these puppies are actually slim enough to be considered stylish. But that’s not all; they also up the utility factor, adding UPF 50+ sun protection, a water-repellent finish, and a stretchy canvas construction. Even if you can’t get on board with current trends, the Traverse pant is one option well worth a look.

Purchase: $138

Alex Crane Cham Linen Pant

Linen has long served as a staple summertime fabric because it’s lightweight, naturally temperature-regulating, and exceptionally soft despite being stronger than cotton. Alex Crane’s Cham Linen Pant puts the material on full display, combining a 100% sustainably-grown construction with a trim fit, a clean four-pocket design, and a set of smart Brazilian corozo nut buttons. While the solid ‘Dusk’ colorway makes for a more understated option, we like the ‘Lines’ because it oozes old-school prep.

Purchase: $145

Flint And Tinder Summer Jean Slim

Although we wouldn’t usually advise donning jeans once the mercury starts to rise, this pair from Flint And Tinder can take the heat in stride. Cut from a deadstock Japanese denim and faded for a worn-in wash right from day one, they incorporate just a bit of spandex to give them some added stretch and improve their flexibility. Rock em with a tee or dress things up with a polo; either way, you’ll be the envy of anyone who’s sweating it out in their regular bulky blue jeans.

Purchase: $148

Saturdays NYC George Cotton Trouser

When you’re looking to kick back and take it easy on those warm weekend afternoons, Saturdays NYC has you covered. A looser take on the traditional trouser pant, the George features a midweight stretch-cotton fabric with a baggy cut through the seat and thighs and a wide opening at the bottom for maximum breathability. While you won’t want to wear these in any office environment, they’re perfect for lounging around the house or catching some sun at the park.

Purchase: $150

Taylor Stitch Sheffield Trouser

In times when the previous pick might be considered a little too laid-back, Taylor Stitch’s Sheffield Trousers could be just what you need. With their tailored slim fit, hook-and-bar closure, and Cocoa finish, they make for an option that’s classy enough for dinner parties yet casual enough for a night out at the bar. And because they’re sewn from 100% linen, you better believe that they’re light, airy, and oh-so-comfortable.

Purchase: $178

Relwen Flyweight Flex Chino

Okay, admittedly, it’s a pretty tall order to expect a pair of pants to be wearable year-round — you’ll almost always be faced with some sort of compromise. Relwen’s Flyweight Flex Chinos, however, are perfectly comfortable no matter the season, because they’re made from a superlight cotton blend with articulated knees and gusseted seams. In practice, this means that they’re incredibly breathable whilst also offering a full range of motion, guaranteeing that you’ll be feeling your best at all times.

Purchase: $198

Todd Snyder Japanese Chambray Traveler Suit Pant

Todd Snyder is among the most trusted names in men’s fashion, so it should come as no surprise that a pair of his pants makes the cut. These Chambray traveler suit trousers combine the relaxed fit of a jogger with the handsome pleats of a polished suit, resulting in a silhouette that’ll keep you comfortable and looking the business. Pair them with the matching jacket and you’ll have an outfit that makes for a next-level addition to your WFH wardrobe.

Purchase: $198

3Sixteen ST 122X Lightweight Shadow Selvedge Jeans

Even though 3Sixteen doesn’t technically bill these as “summer” jeans, per se, they offer everything you need to stay cool in the warmer weather. Woven from a 12oz selvedge denim sourced from Kuroki Mills, they come pre-rinsed and tumbled dried for that perfectly broken-in feel. Although they’ll start out a deep indigo color with black weft threads, over time, they’ll fade to become a brilliant high-contrast blue.

Purchase: $230

Mr P. Pleated Cotton and Linen-Blend Suit Trousers

Last but not least is this pair of Pleated Suit Trousers from Mr Porter’s Mr P. collection. Because of their stone shade, they’re a highly versatile pant that can be matched with practically anything in your wardrobe. And since they’re spun from a breathable cotton-linen blend with a generous straight cut in the legs, you’ll be looking for any excuse to wear them — even despite their more formal appearance.

Purchase: $230

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