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This Compact Cycling Computer Uses Real-Time Feedback For Rider-Informed GPS

One of the beauties of riding a bike lies in the ability to explore the world under the power of your own two legs, neither bound to main roads nor frustrated by the flow of traffic. That being said, it’s an experience that can go downhill pretty quickly once you’re without a reliable form of navigation.

But with the launch of the Velo 2, UK-based startup Beeline has created a GPS that makes finding your way on two wheels easier than ever. As the successor to the first Velo computer, version two offers a marked improvement, pairing all-new hardware with lots of added functionality. For instance, it now comes with support for a smart routing mode in which users can pick from three tiers of turn-by-turn instruction, with ‘fast,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘balanced’ routes each catered to different types of riding. What’s more, Beeline has developed an intuitive rating system that uses real-time feedback for improved, rider-informed mapping. And when you consider that it also comes with up to 20 hours of battery life, both shock and water resistance, and a universally compatible mount, the Velo 2 promises to be quite the bargain at $109. And if you pledge now it can be yours for only $79.

Kickstarter: $79+

Photo: Beeline
Photo: Beeline