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Ten Thousand’s Tactical Shirt & Shorts were Created with U.S. Special Operations Members

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Photos: Ten Thousand

Athletic clothing company Ten Thousand prides itself on quality-tested and durable gear made without shortcuts. To be even more confident about the utility of its products, many of the label’s offerings are made in partnership with professional athletes. With the brand’s shorts and shirts being especially popular choices for athletic gear. To kick things up a notch, the brand has consulted and teamed up with members of the United States Special Operations for the Ten Thousand Tactical Shirt and Tactical Utility Shorts, as part of the Tactical Collection.

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Photo: Ten Thousand

Starting things off with the Tactical Utility Short, Ten Thousand collaborated with members of the U.S. Special Operations to design them. They’re built to withstand the toughest conditions and workouts, inside or outside, thanks to the quick-drying outer shell, and have an 8” inseam. The label’s in-house Propylo Stretch, Odorblock technology, and stretch canvas fabric make these shorts durable yet flexible, and also resistant to odors. With 2.5” reinforced belt loops, tactical belts will fit easily around the shorts. And there’s even a dedicated pocket for your knife clip. As for the Tactical Shirt, it’s equally as durable as the shorts and made with a mesh micro-knit fabric. It offers the same flexibility and odor-blocking capabilities as well, but features a 45+ UPF rating so UV rays are sufficiently blocked. Additionally, the back and shoulders are padded to increase comfort during workouts and general heavy lifting involving straps.

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Photo: Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand’s quality tests confirm that the company’s products can withstand up to 100 pounds of pressure, 10,000 abrasions (with the Tactical Utility Shorts able to handle up to 60,000), and countless washes.

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Photo: Ten Thousand

The Ten Thousand Tactical Shirt and Tactical Utility Shorts are available now as part of the Tactical Collection, with the shirt going for $64 and the shorts for $98.