Knuckle Meat Pounder 0

Knuckle Meat Pounder

Pro tip: If you tell your parents you just used your knuckles to pound your meat, make sure you quickly follow that statement up with a tray of hamburgers. Because the only thing parents love more than an awkward innuendo from their son is a delicious cheeseburger … Continue reading

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Foodini 3D Pizza Printer 1

Foodini 3D Pizza Printer

“It’s not delivery, it’s Dih-I just printed this pizza out.” OK, so maybe that’s not the slogan the Foodini will go with, but anything is possible in a world where you can hit Print on your computer and get a robot to … Continue reading


Grizzly Bear Underwear 0

Grizzly Bear Underwear

Imagine hearing this tease from your local news: “Tonight at 11, police make a grisly discovery,” but they actually meant grizzly and they’re talking about your underwear! For that surreal magic to happen, the first thing you’ll have to do is buy … Continue reading


Coolest LEGO Pop Culture Sets

The 33 Coolest Pop Culture LEGO Sets and Minifigures

Since 1949, LEGO building blocks have provided kids with countless hours of playtime. Hell, it’s provided us as adults with nonstop entertainment as well. LEGOs are one of the few toys you never really grow out of. In fact, as … Continue reading


Star Wars Original Trilogy Triptych Art By Toby Gerber 0

Star Wars Original Trilogy Triptych Art By Toby Gerber

Let’s face it, Star Wars stuff triggers that feel-good nostalgia vibe in most guys between say, 30 and 50, but the old films aren’t quite as intense to today’s teenagers as they were to us back then. Maybe this raw take on the … Continue reading



Kittyo: Play With Your Cat While Away From Home

The first step to recovery from being a crazy cat lady (or cat man) is getting the hell out of your house. Drop the Cat Fancy magazine, put Catwoman on paws pause, and just leave. It’s OK now. You have … Continue reading


Super Nintendo And Game Boy Cartridge Soaps 1

Super Nintendo And Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

Whether you need to rinse off the Battlefield 4-induced sweat after a PS4 marathon, or you’re just flat-out filthy from handling your 33-year-old Atari 2600, there’s no finer way to wash off a dirty gamer body than with these Super Nintendo and … Continue reading


Goldee Smart Light Controller

Goldee Smart Light Controller

There’s probably no greater buzzkill than that first blast of harsh light in your eyes at 6am. Goldee, a smart light controller, aims to ease you into the day, comfort you at night, and even fake out some wannabe crooks when you’re away from … Continue reading


Belcampo Holiday

Bacons Of The World Delivered To Your Door

When was the last time you hugged the UPS guy? Even if squeezing middle class men in brown shorts isn’t high on your to-do list, you’ll be hard-pressed to not press his flesh against yours when he’s holding a box of delicious bacon … Continue reading


Sustainable Floating House Concept 00

Sustainable Floating House Concept

Designed by Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew, the sustainable floating house is the perfect way to get away from all the daily stresses one experiences living in an urban environment. This house literally floats on the water, and thanks to the … Continue reading