Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Sled 0

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Sled

Sleigh riding on a hand-crafted sled made from Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels is the kind of crazy thing that you usually dream of at 4 in the morning. This time, the dream is a reality—at least for a few lucky … Continue reading


Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System 1

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System

Pegboards have long been a great way to keep all of your smaller hand tools organized, but what about when you need something to hold up all your larger, heavier tools and accessories? Leave that job to the king of … Continue reading


Roll-Up Board Games by Sondergut 1

Roll-Up Board Games by Sondergut

Everything is better in the backcountry, and that includes your favorite board games. The Germany-based backpack specialist at Sondergut have created a range of roll-up board games designed specifically for enjoying on the go. Each full-size board is hand crafted … Continue reading


Compleat FoodSkin Lunchbox 0

Compleat FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

Part of the appeal of a great sandwich is not just how it goes down your gullet, but the picture-perfect formation. The stack of breads, meats, cheeses, fixins, and condiments, all resulting in one tempting tower of tastiness. So when … Continue reading


Best Hand Warmers

Fists of Fire: The 6 Best Hand Warmers

A pair of winter gloves and a down jacket are all well and good, but against serious, “Hey, why are my fingers turning black?” cold you need more than a little thinsulate and some happy thoughts. You need a hand … Continue reading


Beretta Presents- HUMAN TECHNOLOGY

Beretta Presents: HUMAN TECHNOLOGY

It’s safe to say most of us have never seen the construction of a shotgun. And after watching this insanely detailed video of how a Beretta is made, we’ll never need to see another one again. It’s just that good. … Continue reading


Snurfer Boards 1

Snurfer Boards

Before there were snowboards, there were Snurfers. OK, perhaps some background is needed on what exactly a Snurfer is. The Snurfer was pretty much the original snowboard. Created by Sherman Poppen in 1965, it was ridden like a snowboard, but … Continue reading


2014 NikeLab ACG Collection 1

2014 NikeLab ACG Collection

Just when you thought Nike had basically washed its hands clean of its All Conditions Gear line, Phil Knight and company are bringing it back… with a twist. Reborn as NikeLab ACG, the new line of footwear, outerwear, and portable storage … Continue reading


Whisker Dam Mustache Protector 1

Whisker Dam Mustache Protector

Your perfectly groomed stash is a hit with the ladies, but when it comes to that frothy head on your favorite beer – well, that’s a different story. Shaving that gorgeous stache just isn’t an option, which is why the … Continue reading


Speedo's new fins will help you swim faster. Really.

Speedo Nemesis Fins

When we’re looking for innovation within the world of gear, we don’t ever waste our time with swim fins. Although these are quite popular in swim training and underwater fitness, there’s no one really pushing the envelope. Speedo said enough … Continue reading