Endemico Luxury Hotel In Baja California Mexico 1

Endemico Luxury Hotel In Baja California, Mexico

No, a shot of tequila and a Doritos Taco does not count as an “authentic slice of Mexican culture.” Hell, it barely counts as sane. If you’re looking to sample some of Mexico’s finest attributes without going too far across the border, check … Continue reading


BMW i8 LCD Key 2

BMW i8 LCD Key Displays Car’s Vital Signs

We covered BMW’s forthcoming i8 plug-in hybrid sports car previously, but we’ll be darned if the i8’s key doesn’t deserve its own spotlight. Yes, we said the key. Because this key is special, with its high resolution LCD displaying much of the … Continue reading


Coffee Lover Gift Guide

Coffee Connoisseur: 21 Gifts for the Coffee Lover

While beer is most definitely our go to at the end of a long work day, it’s coffee that helps us get moving during the early morning hours. Admittedly, we’re huge caffeine addicts, and as we get older, we only … Continue reading


Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer

Web Consumption: The Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer

Only a few days left till Christmas, so when you’re done checking out what’s going on around the web, you better get moving on those last minute gifts. 1. Sylvester Stallone is getting another new cast of badasses back together … Continue reading


MK1 Mini Transforming Coffee Table 1

MK1 Mini Transforming Coffee Table

Here’s a real nice option for the bachelors out there who occasionally actually successfully lure a woman into their living spaces. The MK1 Mini Transforming Coffee Table can be your coffee table (OK, beer table) 90% of the time, then when a lady … Continue reading


Alite SH Sleeping Bag 0

Alite Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

Studies show recreational camping in America is down 62% since 1980. While some people theorize that drop off is due to technology taking over, we think it’s either because mosquitoes stepped their game up or people finally got tired of having awkward … Continue reading


Stag Horn Whiskey Flight 1

Stag Horn Whiskey Flight

Looking to put a little Ron Burgundy in your burgundy sipping? This is it. OK, so technically it’s called the Stag Horn Whiskey Flight, but we’re guessing you can glass up just about any liquor and have it taste 77.3% more manly … Continue reading


Apples 12 Days Of Free Gifts

Apple’s 12 Days Of Free Gifts

Apple’s not exactly known as a bargain-based company — “Hmm… double knee surgery or a new iMac?” — and that’s what makes its ’12 Days of Gifts’ promotion all the more noteworthy. Now for the first time available for US customers, … Continue reading


Art Deco 1930 KJ Henderson Custom Motorcycle 1

Art Deco 1930 KJ Henderson Custom Motorcycle

Looking like a cross between something you’d find in a museum and something you’d find in the Batcave, this custom-made 1930 KJ Henderson Custom is the pride and joy of one Frank Westfall of Syracuse, NY. Underneath all that homespun bodywork … Continue reading


The Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Notebook 1

The Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Notebook

Moleskine is no stranger to big name collaborations, and while the Star Wars partnership is one of our personal favorites to date, their latest collaboration is definitely one worth picking up for the new year. Introducing The Simpsons Moleskine Limited … Continue reading