BMW 1200R Custom Motorcycle by Lazareth 1

BMW 1200R Custom Motorcycle by Lazareth

In search of a “neo-retro scrambler,” a France based motorcycle enthusiast hired Ludovic Lazareth and his team to customize this beautiful BMW 1200R. The end result is a fusion between Scrambler and cafe racer – a truly unique offering. The … Continue reading


Rhino Skin Kevlar Protective Backpack 1

Rhino Skin Kevlar Protective Backpack

While most of us here in the states don’t have to worry about living each day in a war zone, we can certainly see where this Rhino Skin Kevlar Protective Backpack would serve a purpose. Created by Jerusalem based industrial … Continue reading


BMW Mini Camper Concepts 1

BMW Mini Camper Concepts

Seeing that BMW’s Mini has built a strong following of young, active fans over the years, it made perfect sense to transition into the world of the great outdoors with these BMW Mini Camper Concepts. The brand has unveiled three … Continue reading


Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack 0

Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack

Football seasons is literally right around the corner, and that means one thing for us – plenty of tailgating parties. Now’s the time to start prepping the gear you’ll need for those weekly parties, and the Hops Holster 12 Can … Continue reading


ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks 1

ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks

Paintball masks are somewhat essential to the game, and while there are ton of options to choose from out there, ColdBloodArt makes the most badass masks on the market. Created by head designer “Bomb,” ColdBloodArt is a Thailand based brand … Continue reading


2014 Hennessey Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray 1

2014 Hennessey Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray

If there’s one thing the new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 needed, it’s more power right? Okay, so 455 horsepower might be enough for most of us out there, but for those of you really looking to tear up the … Continue reading


22 Coolest Ice Cube Trays

22 Coolest Ice Cube Trays

It’s the summer season, and that means we will need plenty of ice cubes to beat the heat – but regular ice cubes are just so boring. With the amount of cool and creative ice cube trays available these days, … Continue reading


William Shakespears Star Wars

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope originally hit theaters back in 1977, and was of course created by none other George Lucas. Well Ian Doescher decided to reimagine the classic story we all know and love, but this time … Continue reading


Icon FJ44 1

Toyota Icon FJ44

The southern California based team at Icon has a real talent for assembling the finest off roading machines around. Some of their classics include the custom built Bronco and Dodge D200, and now they look to add another one to … Continue reading


Lifesaver JerryCan

Lifesaver JerryCan

We’ve taken a look at water filtration bottles and straws designed for the great outdoors, but what about those situations when you need more filtered water on hand? That’s exactly¬† what the Lifesaver JerryCan was created for. Perfect for survivalists … Continue reading