Booq Boa Flow Gadget Backpack 1

Booq Boa Flow Gadget Backpack

From laptops and DSLRs to Pringles and Magic the Gathering cards, there’s no limit to what one might need their backpack to accommodate these days. Booq’s Boa flow laptop backpack promises unrivaled versatility, durability, and comfort for the man who … Continue reading


Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine 1

Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine

There’s a uniquely satisfying feeling one gets when pulling a lever. Maybe it’s all those Adam West Batman shows we watched, but when we flip a big switch, we instantly feel like a super villain who just set his diabolical and unnecessarily … Continue reading


Sexual Fitness

Sexual Fitness: Ultimate Guide to Pump While You Hump

Statistics show the average person burns about 100 or so calories during sex. That means there’s some go-getter out there working off 200 calories every time we turn in a goose egg; thanks, champ! But hey, if you could work off 300 or even … Continue reading


Best Castle Hotels

The 15 Best Castle Hotels In The World

With hotels continually trying to outdo each other to get us to book with them, service and amenities are getting nicer all the time. This is good. We like choice and we like to be pampered. Up to a point. … Continue reading


Best Camping Coffee Makers

Brew On The Range: The 7 Best Camping Coffee Makers

If your idea of a vacation includes roughin’ it somewhere deep in the wilderness, you’re going to have numerous concerns to think about such as how not to get eaten by mountain lion or a unicorn or whatever other kinds … Continue reading


Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar 1

Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

Previously, “playing an Alpaca” involved some pretty unreliable results. And way too much fur. But now with the Alpaca Guitar, there’s absolutely no need to visit a petting zoo—unless you wanna wow the kids with your “Puff the Magic Dragon.” … Continue reading


Skylock Smart Bike Lock 1

Skylock Smart Bike Lock

For the urban cyclist, the bike lock is simply a must. But hey, can we make these things a little bit cooler and less cumbersome to lug around? Yes we can. The Skylock promises to do a ton of things … Continue reading


Star Wars Tie Fighter Nutcracker 1

Star Wars Tie Fighter Nutcracker

Unless one lives with a Jedi who doesn’t mind using their supernatural powers to help serve up snacks, there’s usually no Star Wars-ian way to bust crack a nut. Now, thanks to those underrated Sith problem solvers, we have a … Continue reading


Spyglass 3D Augmented Reality GPS App

Spyglass 3D Augmented Reality GPS App

Remember those fights you used to get into with your girlfriend before the days of mainstream GPS? Ya know, the whole “men never ask for directions” nonsense. Well you can expect that same kind of sass from your car’s GPS … Continue reading


Bison Bag- Sleeping Bag-Hammock 1

Bison Bag: Sleeping Bag-Hammock

Perhaps the reason we haven’t noticed many combination sleeping bag-hammocks over the years is due to the unfortunate way the words come together. Somehow we don’t see Dick’s Sporting Goods carrying a “slammock” or a “hamming bag,” although Dick’s actually … Continue reading