DemonBells 1

DemonBells: Demon Faced Kettlebells

For nearly 200 years kettlebells remained unchanged. In the last few years however, we’ve seen several different companies improving the design aesthetics of this workout apparatus. Our personal favorite would have to be the DemonBells. A collection of demon faced … Continue reading


Hydroflex Composite Skateboards 1

Hydroflex Composite Skateboards

Long known for the innovative surfboard technology, the team at Hydroflex have decided to infuse that same technology into their Hydroflex Skateboards – a hi-tech composite skateboard. Right here in our own back yard of Oceanside, California, Hydroflex creates some … Continue reading


STACT Modular Wine Wall 1

STACT Modular Wine Wall

Finding the perfect wine rack, at the perfect price, used to be a daunting task . Not anymore though. Showcase your prominent collection of wine right on the walls of your room with the STACT Modular Wine Wall. Setting a … Continue reading


Ostrich Pillow Light 1

Ostrich Pillow Light

After the Ostrich Pillow¬†experienced a ton of success through Kickstarter, the team at Studio Banana Things have decided to iterate their revolutionary napping pillow with a more portable version dubbed the Ostrich Pillow Light. With people all around the globe … Continue reading


Milky PinUps 1

Milky PinUps: Models Wearing Nothing But Milk

Inspired by vintage pin-up illustrations from the 1940s and 1950s, London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz of AurumLight Studio offered up a nice milky twist in his own pinup rendition fittingly titled Milky PinUps. The series consists of beautiful naked women … Continue reading

Gadgets, Grooming

PhilipsBeard Trimmer 9000 with Laser Guide 1

Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 with Laser Guide

Phillips knows that keeping your beard dialed in is top priority. That’s exactly why the brand has released their Norelco Beard Trimmer 9000, the world’s first ever beard trimmer with a built-in laser guide for precision grooming. Getting symmetrical results … Continue reading


Nike Air Max 2014 0

Nike Air Max 2014

Originally introduced back in 1987, the Nike Air Max sneaker range has since gone on to produce several certified classic models including the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95 among others. With the new year right around the corner, … Continue reading


Star Wars Millenium Falcon Sunshade 1

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sunshade

It may be many more months until the weather becomes hot enough to use this Millennium Falcon Sunshade, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing early? It’s been proven that sun shades help keep your car cooler when the … Continue reading


Ghe-O Motors Rescue Vehicle 1

Ghe-O Motors Rescue Vehicle

If you liked the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6, you are going to fall head over heels for the Ghe-O Motors Rescue Vehicle. Built by the Romanian company Ghe-O Motors (founded by Robert Oprea and Christian Vlad), this badass rescue vehicle … Continue reading


Famous Movie Cars by Nicolas Bannister 1

Famous Movie Cars by Nicolas Bannister

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered an art series that takes the spotlight off the people in the movie, and focuses on the vehicles that stole the show, but that doesn’t make Nicolas Bannister’s Famous Movie Cars series any … Continue reading