Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (9)

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Think you have to spend thousands of dollars for a professional Blackmagic Cinema Camera? Well think again. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera allows you record professional videos on the go thanks to its compact design. Don’t let the small size … Continue reading


Flavor It Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Flavor It Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Water can get a little boring from time to time, but it’s important that you consume your daily requirements 365 days a year to stay healthy. The Flavor It Infuser Water Bottle looks to make water a bit more flavorful … Continue reading


Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne (10)

Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne

We believe in the age old saying that dog’s a man’s best friend.  One of, if not the most loyal animal Earth, Fido will always be there when you need him. This unique ‘Dogs In Cars’ photography series takes a … Continue reading


Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle (4)

Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle

With Milan design week officially kicking off on April 9th, we think it’s only fitting that we shine the spotlight on our personal favorite design from the forthcoming show in the Cykno Electric Eclectic Bicycle. Designed as a collaboration project … Continue reading


QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Bed by ZO Loft (4)

QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Bed by ZO Loft

Furniture in itself is an art form. A chance for designers and firms to express themselves through the shapes and styles of their offerings, and this geek inspired QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Bed shows exactly what we’re talking about. Designed by … Continue reading


Audi Motorrad Motorcycle Concept (5)

Audi Motorrad Motorcycle Concept

Finally someone shares the same dream we have of Audi producing a beautifully crafted two wheeler. French designer Thibault Devauze has teamed up with his brother Marc Devauze and modeler Clement Couvreur to introduce this Audi motorcycle titled the Audi … Continue reading


Star Wars Jedi Disney Princesses (4)

Star Wars Jedi Disney Princesses

We’ve seen Disney’s princesses reimagined as nearly everything, yes zombies included, but we’re not sure we’ve seen anything as awesome as the  Star Wars Jedi Disney Princesses collection. Based out of Atlanta, illustrator Ralph Sevelius has transformed 3 of our … Continue reading


Hawaiian Floral Patterned MLB Hat Collection by American Needle (6)

Hawaiian Floral Patterned MLB Hat Collection by American Needle

There are few patterns more popular than the Hawaiian floral pattern right now on the men’s streetwear scene, and the team at American Needle has tapped this popularity for their latest collection of Hawaiian Floral Patterned MLB Hat Collection. The … Continue reading


Redverz Expedition II Tent (5)

Expedition II Tent by Redverz Gear

The weather’s starting to look quite nice out here in southern California, and we think it’s definitely about time to start planning those camping trips. Of course you need to have the perfect camping tent, and for those of you … Continue reading



The Original Baconkit: Make Homemade Bacon

Some would argue that bacon hit its popularity plateau years ago, but products like the Bacon Condoms prove that couldn’t be further than the truth. Men love bacon, and the Baconkit has been created to make you love bacon even … Continue reading