Nutella and Go Snack Pack 0

Nutella & Go Snack Pack

As you are already aware, we are obsessed with Nutella (as indicated by our Nutella recipes feature). There’s still always been one problem with the heaven sent concoction, and that’s its lack of mobility. That all ends today with the … Continue reading


USB Powered BB Sniper Rifle 0

USB Powered Sniper Rifle BB Gun

If you’re looking to cause some havoc at the office, then this USB Powered BB Sniper Rifle is right up your alley. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt anyone. It will just annoy the hell out of them. You might not … Continue reading


Marvel Superhero Soap

Marvel Superhero Soap

Marvel’s baddest supeheroes are invading your shower with this awesome set of Marvel Superhero Soaps shaped like some of our favorite characters from the world that Stan Lee built. This set of 4 soaps includes the likes of Captain America … Continue reading


Sushezi DIY Sushi Made Easy

Sushezi: DIY Sushi Made Easy

If our wallets could afford it, we’d eat sushi every day of the week. We absolutely love the stuff. The problem is it becomes quite expensive to hit up the local sushi joint on a daily basis, and we all … Continue reading


Fish Tank Aquarium Sink 1

Fish Tank Aquarium Sink

Every home needs a fish tank, but not all of have the space required to accommodate one. The Moody Aquarium Sink is perfect for these situations, as it fuses your bathroom sink with a full-fledged fish tank. This fish tank … Continue reading


Bean Bag Hammock Chair 0

Le Beanock: Bean Bag Hammock Chair

What’s better than lounging poolside in the hammock? How about laying by that same pool in a bean bag hammock? Le Beanock is a UK designed and built bean bag hammock chair that will eventually find its way into our … Continue reading


Batman Money Clip

Batman Money Clip

Now that we know Mr. Ben Affleck will be playing Bruce Wayne in the upcoming ‘Batman vs. Superman’ film, we can keep the Dark Knight inspired merchandise coming strong. Your wad of cash might not compare to Bruce Wayne’s, but … Continue reading


Adidas Adipure Adapt Ninja Running Shoes 1

Adidas Adipure Adapt Ninja Running Shoes

As more athletes search for the natural feel of barefoot running, the major footwear labels continue to introduce new models that do just that. The latest silhouette to hit the retail scene are the Adidas Adipure Adapt Ninja Running Shoes. … Continue reading

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Abandoned Underwater Strip Club in Israel 1

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club in Israel

Photos of abandoned buildings have always fascinated us, but of all the deserted spaces we’ve seen in the past, nothing has measured up to the awesomeness of this abandoned underwater strip club. Many times when buildings are left to decay, … Continue reading


Ice Cream Monster Truck by Skoda 1

Ice Cream Monster Truck by Skoda

The folks at Skoda recently released their mammoth manly baby stroller, and after the Man-Pram went viral, the Czech car maker decided to once again come up with a creative advertising campaign for their next venture. To help celebrate the … Continue reading