Whistle Dog Activity Monitor 0

Whistle Dog Activity Monitor

Sniffed Asses: 29 mins. OK, so the new Whistle dog activity monitor probably doesn’t get that specific about your pooch’s daily behavior, but it does report on almost everything else. This is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activity, gives you insights based on their needs, … Continue reading


Hersheys Nutella Chocolate Spreads 1

Hershey’s Nutella Inspired Chocolate Spreads

Nutella has been around for 50 years now — 50! –but for whatever reason, the creamy chocolate spread has seen its US sales triple over the past 5 years to an astounding $240 million. As expected, here comes the competition. From the Well That … Continue reading


Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses 1

Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses

Even if you did drop $1,500 on a nice DSLR to take those ‘artistic’ photos of your girlfriend, that doesn’t mean you’re gonna lug it around 24/7. But hey, sometimes other, more fully-clothed life moments are worth saving too, and you might wanna capture them … Continue reading


Sibling Rivalry Motorcycles by Deus Ex Machina 0

Sibling Rivalry Motorcycles by Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina‘s team in Venice, California, has given birth to a pair of twins: Boodaak and Dakdaak. Mercifully, these names haven’t been slapped on human babies, but instead on a pair of new custom Honda motorcycles. Both bikes are hand-built with motocross … Continue reading


Porsche Design Tower Miami 0

Porsche Design Tower Miami

If you’re LeBron James or Dwayne Wade, or the guy who pays LeBron James or Dwayne Wade, parking your ride on the street outside the Holiday Inn just doesn’t seem fitting. It’s for those people that the Porsche Design Tower is … Continue reading


The Heat Mobile Estate 0

The Heat Mobile Estate

When the Austrian team at Marchi Mobile decided to unveil their ridiculous $3 million eleMMent Palazzo Land Yacht, we instantly give them the title of coolest RV/trailer on the planet. But, it’s a new year, and things change. Introducing The … Continue reading


Nike Roshe Run SneakerBoots Premium Leather Pack 1

Nike Roshe Run SneakerBoots Premium Leather Pack

After creating another break-out model in the Nike Roshe Run, the Swoosh begin designing new iterations of the popular running shoe. Last year we received the SneakerBoot version of the popular silhouette, and this year the sportswear giant unveils the … Continue reading


Symbol Audio Desk 1

Symbol Audio Desk

If you appreciate clean design, and anti-cluttered work spaces, then you’ll love the Symbol Audio Desk – a desk with a built-in audio system. Designed by the New York based team at Symbol, the desk features sliding doors that open … Continue reading



Nightstalker Jeep by Starwood Motors

The guys at Starwood Motors are some of the best in the business (if not the best) when it comes to building zombie-ready Jeep Wranglers. We last took a look at there at their Full Metal Jacket build, and just … Continue reading


P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones 1

P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones by Bowers & Wilkins

You’ve always wanted to own a Maserati, but unfortunately funds are a little short when it comes to the 6-figure price tag their models command. The P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones by Bowers & Wilkins give you a chance … Continue reading