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iKettle Wi-Fi Kettle 1

iKettle Wi-Fi Kettle

It’s amazing what our smartphones are capable of these days. It seems that nearly every daily task is being wrapped into a one touch smartphone operation, and the iKettle adds another to the list. As you may have guessed already, … Continue reading


The Bully by Deus Ex Machina 0

The Bully by Deus Ex Machina

The Australian based Deus Ex Machina have been building custom motorcycles for years now, but they somehow manage to keep outdoing themselves. While we were huge fans of the Harley American custom, the newly completed “The Bully” is hands down … Continue reading


LEGO Daft Punk Minifigures

LEGO Daft Punk Minifigures

Daft Punk’s return to the music scene created more buzz than just about anything else in music this year. While their ‘Random Access Memories’ album may have been a bit more pop oriented than their previous offerings, it doesn’t change … Continue reading


Icon 039

Icon A5 Personal Aircraft

We’re still optimistic about the thought of personal aircrafts one day becoming the norm for daily commuters. While we are probably still a long way off from that day, the Icon A5 Personal Aircraft fills that void for the time … Continue reading

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Skully P1 Heads-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet

Skully P1 Heads-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet

The innovation team at Skully are ¬†looking to make commuting on your 2 wheeled companion a whole lot safer with the introduction of their¬†Skully P1 Heads-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet. Equipped with a fully integrated heads up display and rearview camera … Continue reading


Sony A7 Full Frame Camera 1

Sony A7 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

So you’re looking to upgrade your entry level DSLR this holiday season, but you’re not quite sure what the next step in your budding photography career (or hobby) should be. The Sony A7 full frame camera might be a good … Continue reading


2014 BMW R nineT Motorcycle 1

2014 BMW R nineT Motorcycle

BMW has been making quality motorcycles for 90 years now. The brand originally hit the 2 wheeled scene back in 1923 with their BMR R 32. Now nearly a century later, the brand is celebrating 9 decades of motorrad with … Continue reading


Magnetized Float Table by RPR 1

Magnetized Float Table by RPR

There’s more than meets the eye with the innovative Float Table. Designed by the team at Rock Paper Robot, this Rubik’s cube like table utilizes a series of magnets to make each individual cube levitate. Our first question when we … Continue reading


Hot Wheels Car Maker 1

Hot Wheels Car Maker

We may be grown men, but let’s face it – we never really grew up. We still love video games, Star Wars, and of course Hot Wheels. That’s why this Hot Wheels Car Maker is the perfect gift for guys … Continue reading


52 Million 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO 0

$52 Million 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO: Most Expensive Car Ever

Furthering the long debate that the Ferrari 250 GTO is the most sought after vehicle on the automotive scene, this beautiful 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO just broke the world record for the most expensive car ever sold, fetching a price … Continue reading