Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton 1

Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

We already know that an Apple smartwatch is on the way, we just don’t know what to expect. Since smartwatches have been all the rage on the tech scene, designers have been introducing concepts, but until now, we hadn’t really … Continue reading


Apple TV Holder by Tinsel Timber 1

Apple TV Holder by Tinsel & Timber

As with many Apple accessories, the Tinsel & Timber’s Apple TV Holder is not a necessity, but just like all of the Apple products – it looks beautiful. Not to mention it does provide some convenient functionality. Like many of … Continue reading


The Drunkin Donut Co 1

The Drunkin Donut Co.: Alcohol Infused Doughnuts

Donuts are the real breakfast of champions (bacon maple bars specifically). What could possibly make these heavenly baked goods any more scrumptious? How about infusing them with booze? That’s exactly what the team at The Drunkin Donut Co. has done. … Continue reading


Ducati Monster 900 by Hazan Motorworks 1

Ducati Monster 900 by Hazan Motorworks

Most people would be happy with a completely stock Ducati, but Max Hazan is not most people, and decided to custom build this Ducati Monster 900 motorcycle. Taking a minimalistic approach to the build, Hazan replaced quite a few components … Continue reading


Wolfram Zombie Apocalypse Cabinet 1

Wolfram Zombie Apocalypse Cabinet

The apocalypse. It’s not a matter of if, but when. With the overwhelming amount of survival tips and tactics out there, it can start to become a mental overload when it comes to preparation. The Wolfram Survival Cabinet alleviates some … Continue reading


Katy Perry for GQ Magazine

Web Consumption: Katy Perry for GQ Magazine

Another great weekend of NFL conference championships is in the books, but now we have to figure out to make it through another grueling work week. Check out what’s going on around the web. 1. Pop superstar Katy Perry holds … Continue reading


Pop Culture Religious Candles 1

Pop Culture Religious Candles

Those old-time religious candles always looked cool, but they also blatantly reminded you that you hadn’t been to church in years. Now who needs that negativity? Get all the style of a religious candle without the guilt with these pop … Continue reading


Matthew Perrys Malibu Beach House 1

Matthew Perry’s Malibu Beach House

Is that show with Matthew Perry as the sports talk radio host still on? No? Eh, it’s tough to feel bad for the guy after he made all that Friends money. In fact, he apparently made enough loot to be able to … Continue reading


Triton Underwater Oxygen Respirator 0

Triton Underwater Oxygen Respirator

Perhaps Great White sharks don’t have a beef with humans, but rather the bulky and not very stylish oxygen tanks that divers often wear around them. Here’s one way to find out; the Triton Oxygen Respirator makes it totally possible to breathe underwater … Continue reading


Shakoolie Shower Beer Koozie 0

Shakoolie Shower Beer Koozie

It’s in these frigid winter months that we often get in shower, crank up the hot water, and attempt to spend most of the day there. But there’s one significant problem with that technique: no beer. Yes, there’s rarely a beer … Continue reading