Badass Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Shredders Apparel 1

Badass Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Shredders Apparel

Those holiday Christmas parties will be coming up faster than you think. Do yourself a favor and start shopping for that ugly holiday sweater now. In fact, never mind the shopping, we have you covered with these completely badass ugly … Continue reading


Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven 1

Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Tailgating season is officially here, and while we love to chow down some ballpark dogs and burgers before the game kicks off, it would be nice to switch things up every now and then. What if we told you could … Continue reading


Disney Princesses Twerking in Twerk Shop Series 1

Disney Princesses Twerking in Twerk Shop Series

Even weeks after Miley Cyrus’ performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs, the interwebs is still creating memes inspired by the horrendous act. The latest fuses Disney princesses with a dance move that was resurrected by Miley herself, in a series … Continue reading


All Terrain Camping Trailer by Campa USA 1

All Terrain Camping Trailer by Campa USA

Designed specifically for those of you that are looking to experience everything the great outdoors has to offer without sacrificing some of the amenities you love from home, the All Terrain Camper Trailer is a complete base camp that has … Continue reading


Zombie Lawn Flamingo

Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornament

So your badass lawn gnome needs an equally badass pet, and what’s more badass than a zombie flamingo? That’s right – nothing. Standing at 18 inches tall, this life size flamingo has had all of his skin mauled right off … Continue reading


Pretentious Beer Glasses 1

Pretentious Beer Glasses

Typically we put more thought into the brew we’re drinking rather than the glass we’re drinking it from. Kentucky based beer lover Matthew Cummings is looking to change that with an entire range of glassware he calls Pretentious Beer Glasses. … Continue reading


Vinylize Eyeglasses 0

Vinylize Eyeglasses Made From Recycled Vinyl Records

On a mission to create eyewear that was constructed from recycled material, the team at Vinilyze have spent years perfecting their made from recycled vinyl records eyeglasses. Joining cellulose acetate with vinyl was no easy task. In fact it took … Continue reading


BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter 1

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter

The four wheeled vehicles have been stealing most of the spotlight from this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great motorcycle and scooter offerings as well. Bimmer has just pulled the curtain back on their … Continue reading


Steampunk Iron Man Costume 1

Steampunk Iron Man Costume

Iron Man still remains the most popular member of the Avengers superhero collective (at least among mainstream comic book fans). We have already seen several fans attempt to recreate Tony Stark’s suit of mass destruction, but a steampunk Iron Man … Continue reading


Egg Perfect Egg Timer 1

Egg Perfect Egg Timer

Boiling an egg is not rocket science, but the inconsistencies in the finished product might lead one to believe just that. There are ton of opinions out there when it comes to how to make the perfect hard boiled egg, … Continue reading