Elemental RP1- Road Legal Track Car 2

Elemental RP1: Road Legal Track Car

If it’s the go kart-esque experience you desire, but you don’t feel like making daily trips to the batting cages, perhaps you should graduate to the big leagues with a track-focused sports car like the Elemental RP1. This two-seater isn’t … Continue reading


Withings Activite Fitness Tracking Swiss Watch 1

Withings Activite Fitness Tracking Swiss Watch

So you want a fitness tracking watch, but you don’t want to make that fashion statement to the world—understandable. Check out the stealthy style of the Withings Activité, a Swiss-engineered analog watch with plenty of fitness tech inside. There’s an … Continue reading


BRASSE 31BLK Mod Kit for Kawasaki Ninja250

BRASSE 31BLK Mod Kit for Kawasaki Ninja250

There are motorcycle riders, and then there are motorcycle maniacs; the kind of guys who tinker with every bit of machinery on their rides until their girlfriends have to drag their sleeping bodies out of the garage. But what about … Continue reading


Sigma Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens 1

Sigma Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

$26,000 can buy you a lot of things; a new car being one of them. You knew that. We knew that. But what neither of us knew was that that tidy sum could be required for a single telephoto zoom lens. Sigma’s … Continue reading


Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

Shovels are one of those things that would most certainly come in handy during your outdoor excursions, but who has room to tote a shovel? Well that got the folks at Gerber Gear thinking, and the Gorge Folding Shovel is … Continue reading


Six Senses Resort in Laamu Maldives 1

Six Senses Resort in Laamu, Maldives

Sure there are several resorts to choose from in Maldives, but there’s only one resort in the Laamu Atoll. Nestled deep within the Indian Ocean is the stunning Six Senses Laamu Resort. When you close your eyes and picture paradise, … Continue reading


Urban Armor Gear Apple iPhone 5 Case 2

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5 Case

While the iPhone 6 rumors have been flying lately, we still have a few more months with our iPhone 5, and that means we need to stay protected during our backcountry expeditions. The Urban Armor Gear case is the perfect … Continue reading


Wider 42 Transformer Yacht 1

Wider 42 Transformer Yacht

Yacht builders are constantly having to innovate in order to meet the demands of their clients. Typically this involves building a bigger boat, but Wider Yachts decided to think outside of the box designing a yacht that can actually expand … Continue reading


50-Foot Cliffside Slip and Slide

50-Foot Slip and Slide Off A Cliff at Lake Powell

Daredevil director Devin Graham (aka Devin Super Tramp) is about to brazenly steal another three minutes from your life. Don’t worry, it’s in a good way. Feast your eyes on this wild day of slip-n-slide action at Lake Powell in … Continue reading


Best Work Gloves

Thumbs Up: The 8 Best Work Gloves

Humankind has gone to the moon – if you believe the government – plumbed the depths of the ocean, and even made a reduced-calorie beer for anyone watching their girlish figure. While these feats are impressive, none of them could … Continue reading