Superheroes x Star Wars by Florent Belmonte 1

Superheroes x Star Wars by Florent Belmonte

There’s certainly no shortage of superhero and Star Wars inspired artwork out there, yet we still welcome new offerings with open arms. Our latest find comes to us in the form of a serious from artist Florent Belmonte. Typically we … Continue reading


Best Tactical Tomahawks

Combat Ready: The 12 Best Tactical Tomahawks

Do you want a useful tool that can dig out a foxhole, open those pesky security doors, help you remove IEDs, fend off Viking invaders, and be concealed under a suit jacket or tuxedo for those high-stakes weddings? Then you … Continue reading


2014 Polaris Sportsman Ace 1

2014 Polaris Sportsman Ace

Off-roading doesn’t have to mean off-comforting. Sure, if you flip over and your ATV tumbles down the side of a jagged mountain, some discomfort is possible, but if you stay safe and ride something like the 2014 Polaris Sportsman ACE … Continue reading


Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Notebooks 0

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Notebooks

Taking out your workday frustrations on a stress ball or dart board just doesn’t offer the same visceral punch that say, slamming your laptop to the ground would. But then there’s that pesky issue of getting it to work ever … Continue reading


The Garage In Seattle Washington 1

The Garage in Seattle, Washington

A garage can be a place for cars, tools, or junk. With the Garage in Seattle, we’re seeing how it can be much more. Design studio Graypants is led by Seth Grizzle and Jon Junker, and this is their debut: … Continue reading


Hand Carved Steer Skulls 1

Hand Carved Steer Skulls

Trick houseguests into thinking you grew up on a ranch and possess some insane artistic skills with this hand carved cow skull. When they ask which ranch, look slightly upwards and off to the side and somberly say, “My friend, … Continue reading


2015 Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition 1

2015 Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition

For some guys, a perfectly grilled filet mignon is not enough; they also need it served by a topless waitress. For those men, Audi is unveiling the 2015 RS7 Dynamic Edition; the ultimate version of an already high-powered sports sedan. … Continue reading


Glowdeck Wireless Charging Speaker System 0

Glowdeck Wireless Charging Speaker System

As technology continues to march forward, consumers continue to demand more from their devices. We expect everything to be “smart,” Blueooth speakers included. Say hello to the innovative Glowdeck. Sure the Glowdeck will wireless play your music through its built-in, … Continue reading


2015 Mini Countryman 1

2015 Mini Countryman

The New York Auto Show is just a few days away, and many of the auto makers are starting to give us a sneak peek at what’s to come over the holiday weekend. The latest vehicle to cross our desks … Continue reading


KiteWing- Wind-Powered Action Sport Wing 0

KiteWing: Wind-Powered Action Sport Wing

We love extreme sports, and we especially love devices that help push the boundaries on them. With that being said, it’s easy to see why we’ve fallen head over heals for the awesome KiteWing. Just as the name of the … Continue reading