Best iPhone 6 Waterproof Cases

Splash Down: The 5 Best Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases

One of the biggest cries of Apple fanatics is that the company follow in the footsteps of Sony and make their phones waterproof so that if you are opening the box in a running shower, it won’t immediately die. As … Continue reading


Sidekick GoPro Light 1

Sidekick GoPro Light

There’s no guarantee where or when GoPro greatness will happen to you. Sure, you might pull off that masterful sky dive in the daytime, but that crazy hot instructor might not take off her goggles and helmet until dusk. That’s (partly) … Continue reading


Matrix Card Holder 1

Matrix Card Holder

Even after seeing the three movies, we were still a little unsure as to what the Matrix actually was. Now we finally know: It’s a card holder. Whoa. At least it is in this case, with this Danish-designed pocket accessory. … Continue reading


Jeff Bridges Sleep Tapes

Jeff Bridges Sleep Tapes

We’ve seen a few pieces of merchandise spinoffs from The Big Lebowski in our day, but relaxation CDs? Well, no, but it’s close. This is Jeff Bridges Sleep Tapes, a new tongue-in-cheek promotional effort with the digital platform Squarespace. But … Continue reading


Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 1

Monsieur Bojangles Bracelets

Hey, if a mob boss can wear a gold bracelet, surely you can wear one with your full man cred intact. And these handcrafted accessories made in the Netherlands would be a great place to start. Monsieur Bojangles uses durable … Continue reading


Coolbox Toolbox 1

Coolbox Smart Toolbox

Up until now, we really didn’texpect much else from a toolbox besides an A) an ability to hold tools and B) no Disney princess decals on the side. But the Coolbox, the so-called “world’s most advanced toolbox,” is aiming to … Continue reading


PDW Griffin Skeleton Knife 1

PDW Griffin Skeleton Knife

No man should ever hit the backcountry without a good survival knife. And while we’ve detailed a ton of great options in the past, the team at Prometheus Design Werx looks to be added to that list with the Griffin … Continue reading


SlatePro Special Edition TechDesk 1

SlatePro Special Edition TechDesk

Hard to believe it’s been a whole year since our friends at iSkelter released their SlatePro TechDesk. To celebrate their first birthday, the design team has created a special edition with all sorts of new options. Built specifically for the … Continue reading


SWYP All-In-One Credit Card

SWYP All-In-One Credit Card

Coin was one of the coolest products we’ve ever covered. But unfortunately over a year later, there’s still no reliable retail version of the product. While Coin tries to get their act together, SWYP looks to take center stage. SWYP … Continue reading


Kahn Design Range Rover RS600

Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 105 Longnose

The Land Rover Defender is not a vehicle that needs any modification, but that hasn’t stopped the team at Kahn Design from consistently pumping out custom versions of the beloved go anywhere vehicle. This time around the company’s CEO and … Continue reading