Best Hand Warmers

Fists of Fire: The 6 Best Hand Warmers

A pair of winter gloves and a down jacket are all well and good, but against serious, “Hey, why are my fingers turning black?” cold you need more than a little thinsulate and some happy thoughts. You need a hand … Continue reading


The Dr Dreidel 1

The Dr. Dreidel

Yep, we’re getting closer and closer to almost every idea that has ever existed being put into actual production. How do we know? Because we just found the Dr. Dreidel. But yeah, perhaps the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah does need … Continue reading


Beretta Presents- HUMAN TECHNOLOGY

Beretta Presents: HUMAN TECHNOLOGY

It’s safe to say most of us have never seen the construction of a shotgun. And after watching this insanely detailed video of how a Beretta is made, we’ll never need to see another one again. It’s just that good. … Continue reading


Snurfer Boards 1

Snurfer Boards

Before there were snowboards, there were Snurfers. OK, perhaps some background is needed on what exactly a Snurfer is. The Snurfer was pretty much the original snowboard. Created by Sherman Poppen in 1965, it was ridden like a snowboard, but … Continue reading


Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo 1

Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo

You’re familiar with Beauty and the Beast, but direct your eyes to a little something called “sensuality and beast.” That’s the theme behind Infiniti’s Concept Vision Gran Turismo, a spectacular supercar that will be drivable in Gran Turismo 6 for … Continue reading


2015 Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged Ford F-150 0

2015 Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged Ford F-150

We’ll have to wait to see if Ford will in fact debut the much buzzed about F-150 Raptor at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, but in the meantime, Hennessey has filled that void in our hearts with the 2015 Hennessey … Continue reading


Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock Wetland Sneaker 1

Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock Wetland Sneaker

Cons are our go-to kicks for the summer season, and if the brand has anything to say about it, they’ll soon be our rainy day sneakers as well. The Nike owned brand has been looking to offer up nice alternatives … Continue reading


Power Pen Battery Charger 1

Power Pen Battery Charger

These days people can’t go anywhere without their smartphones. And while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, it does pose one huge problem – battery life. There’s certainly no shortage of portable chargers on the market, but the Power Pen … Continue reading


Del Ben Primitive Knife 1

Del Ben Primitive Knife

Back when Grog needed to cut up his freshly killed wooly mammoth for that night’s dinner in the cave, he used – we believe – a single piece of rock. Times have changed, but man’s desire to slice up his … Continue reading


Heckler Design OneLess Desk

OneLess Desk

If your apartment space is tighter than Santa’s boxer briefs, you can’t really afford to give up a lot of real estate for a big computer desk. Enter OneLess Desk, Heckler Design’s slim and stylish desk that promises a tiny … Continue reading