Mountain Pack by Topo Designs 1

Mountain Pack by Topo Designs

Topo Designs has been bringing us some of the best bags for our outdoor adventures, but this spring, the Colorado-based crew wanted to build the perfect “do it all” pack. We think it’s safe to say they succeeded with the … Continue reading


Kershaw Shuffle Multi-Tool Knife 1

Kershaw Shuffle Multi-Tool Knife

The Oregon based crew at Kershaw has a penchant for quality EDC knives. And when you’re looking for one that serves as a multi-tool and won’t break the bank, it’s hard to beat the Kershaw Shuffle. Introduced here in a … Continue reading


Best Protein Bars

Perfect Your Pump: The 7 Best Protein Bars

Few things in the land of dietary supplements have been as abused as protein bars. Walking the aisles of your favorite nutrition outlet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of products laying claim to that name. Some of … Continue reading


Honda Bulldog Motorcycle Concept 0

Honda Bulldog Motorcycle Concept

We often think of the motorcycle as the preferred mode of transportation for the man with no cares in the world… but that’s not always the case. Come on, even that guy has to buy groceries once in a while. … Continue reading


Litelok Bicycle Lock 1

Litelok Bicycle Lock

As our bicycles get lighter, shouldn’t our bike locks as well? That’s the sensible theory at play with Litelok, a new lightweight, flexible, and super secure bike lock. The MVP here is something called Boaflexicore, a newly created composite material … Continue reading


Whiskas Catstacam- Wearable Cat Camera

Whiskas Catstacam: Wearable Cat Camera

Ya know, we were just saying the other day how social media needs more cats. Sure, there’s 18.6 trillion cat videos on YouTube, but where are all the cat POV photos on Instagram? Here they come. From the folks at … Continue reading


Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 0

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo, Norway

With the miserable winter of 2015 behind us now, it’d be tough for anything to make us yearn for more snow anytime soon. But this AirBnB penthouse situated at the top of a ski jump in Oslo, Norway, comes pretty … Continue reading


Melchior Robot Clock by MBF 0

Melchior Robot Clock by MB&F

This awesome robot clock might cost $36,000, but hey, that’s still a lot less than it cost to make Chappie. We’re guessing this is more entertaining too. From MB&F and L’Epée 1839, Melchior is a 480-component mechanical table clock features steel … Continue reading


Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern 2

Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern

The spring season brings about plenty of daytime camping fun, but who says the fun should stop after the sun goes down? The problem is, even the best lantern attract unwanted bugs. Thermacell plans to put a stop to all … Continue reading


PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener 1

PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

We’d be downright lying if we said the market was in need of yet another bottle opener. But even with the abundance of options currently available, no one is making one quite like the PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener. Bottle … Continue reading