Walther Tactical Tomahawk

Walther Tactical Tomahawk

James Bond has wielded a lot of weapons during his days, and the Walther PPK is the most famous firearm used by 007 to date. In addition to firearms, the brand also makes a pretty awesome battle axe (among many … Continue reading


Huback USB Hub for iMac 0

Huback USB Hub for iMac

We certainly wouldn’t call Apple’s choice to equip the iMac with USB ports in the back a design flaw, but we would like the option to hook our devices up without scratching up the back of the iMac. And that’s … Continue reading


Morning Views From The Tent by Oleg Grigoryev 1

Morning Views From The Tent by Oleg Grigoryev

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors, but let’s face it – it’s nearly impossible to spend every waking moment enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. So what’s the next best thing? Live it vicariously through someone else … Continue reading


The Whiskey Wedge 1

The Whiskey Wedge

While we prefer many of our favorite whiskies neat, there is certainly a time and place for a Scotch on the rocks. But as you may already know, ice can melt quite quickly, resulting in a watered down spirit. The … Continue reading


Best Ice Scrapers

De-Frosted: The 6 Best Ice Scrapers

It’s soon going to be that time of the year where men and women shall be forced to leave their warm homes to spend time digging their cars out of snow, thermal socks and boots working overtime as they curse the deadly … Continue reading


Seek Thermal Camera 0

Seek Thermal Camera

So your phone can call, text, guide, record, and wake you up, but can it see a rabid raccoon coming at you in the dark? With the Seek Thermal Camera it can. Working with any iPhone after the iPhone 5 … Continue reading


Golden Eagle With GoPro Offers Beautiful View

Golden Eagle With GoPro Offers Beautiful View

So you recently won a golden eagle in one of those supermarket claw drop machines. Congrats! Normally you only find stuffed animals in those quarter traps, but hey, we won’t tell anyone about the mix-up. Now though, you’ve been racking … Continue reading


Karakoy Loft By Ofist 1

Karakoy Loft in Istanbul, Turkey

You tell us: Is a 45-year-old bachelor lonely or lucky? We say he’s lucky. At least in this case where such a man gets to live in the brilliantly designed Karakoy Loft by Ofist in Istanbul, Turkey. The longtime center … Continue reading


Ferrari 458 Speciale A 1

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

So you’ve been saving your pennies for a Ferrari, but you wanted to make sure you chose the perfect one for whipping down the California coast in. Well, it’s time to break the piggy bank: The 458 Speciale A is here. … Continue reading


GoPro HERO4 Black Edition

GoPro Hero 4

Action cameras are all the rage these days with different companies offering a variety of products, but if the competition doesn’t watch out, GoPro will soon achieve the kind of dominant market share that leads people to refer to all … Continue reading