Salami Of The Month Club By Olympic Provisions 1

Salami Of The Month Club By Olympic Provisions

A beer-of-the-month club sounds great, but it still needs something to go with it, right? Olympic Provisions fills that meatless void in your home with 12 different salamis showing up at your doorstep over the course of the year; each one … Continue reading


Voxan Wattman 200 Horsepower Electric Motorcycle 1

Voxan Wattman 200 Horsepower Electric Motorcycle

Now here’s the kind of electric shock that’s way better than the old finger-in-the-socket-hair-frizzer. French motorcycle maker Voxan has created the Wattman, a 200 horsepower-packing bike that promises to be the most powerful electric motorcycle in the world. The shock comes as soon as the … Continue reading


PowerUp 3 0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

How long did your best grade school paper airplane stay airborne for? Three seconds? Five? Or were you one of those talented and gifted types who could turn a sheet of loose-leaf into a 10-second 747? Either way, the crash … Continue reading


Slate Mobile AirDesk 0

Slate Mobile AirDesk

Whether you’re a student, business professional, or gamer, the Slate Mobile AirDesk is the ultimate accessory for laptop users, offering up all the conveniences of a desktop workstation, from the comfort of your couch. Look, we get that mobility is … Continue reading


Self Defense Money Clip

Self Defense Money Clip

We’re not promoting violence, but sometimes when someone is trying to do harm to you, you’ve got to protect yourself. The Self Defense Money Clip is the perfect way to do so. You never leave the house without your wallet … Continue reading


Ray-Ban Wayfarer Leather Sunglasses 1

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Leather Sunglasses

It’s no secret that Ray-Ban’s classic wayfarers have seen a massive resurgence in popularity over the last decade, and by the looks of it – the trend doesn’t seem to be dying down. If you don’t want to look like … Continue reading


Batman Tumbler Golf Cart 00

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

All rich guys love to golf, and that includes Bruce Wayne. But what does Gotham City’s protector use when he hits the golf course? A Batman Tumbler Golf Cart of course. Originally starting life as an EZ-Go golf cart, this … Continue reading


Sriracha Hot Sauce Vodka

Sriracha Hot Sauce Vodka

Life doesn’t get much better than this right here folks. If you enjoyed our list of the greatest Sriracha recipes ever, you’re going to be head over heels for the newly introduced UV Sriracha Vodka. That’s right, our favorite hot … Continue reading


Bruce Lee Playing Cards 1

Bruce Lee Playing Cards

Poker night just got deep. These Bruce Lee Playing Cards will do that to your ‘guys night in’ or just look damn cool on your shelf of collectibles. The cards are from Dan & Dave and they’re made in conjunction with … Continue reading


Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer 1

Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer

Discretion is the name of the game with Grasshopper, a portable pen-sized vaporizer that lets you inhale your herbs instead of smoking them. Developed by a group of North Carolina-based engineers, the Grasshopper is pretty simple yet slightly high-tech in its design. … Continue reading