Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support 1

Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support

Therapy, so we hear, can be costly. Plus there’s the whole guy-sitting-on-a-couch-judging-us thing to deal with. So how does water therapy sound? Better. Wetter and better. Float comes to us from Iceland, a country which we just found out has … Continue reading


Hand-Built All-Electric Carice MK1 0

Hand-Built All-Electric Carice MK1

When you think of something being “handmade,” you probably picture artsy wind chimes or maybe a bottle opener made out of grandma’s old dentures. What you most certainly do not think of is an all-electric roadster; but that’s the case with … Continue reading


Cole Haan ZeroGrand Oxford Brogue 0

Cole Haan ZeroGrand Oxford Brogue

While the sportswear giants are constantly innovating in the world of athletic and performance footwear, it’s not too often that we see dress shoes getting the same treatment. Cole Haan decided do something about that as they debut their ZeroGrand … Continue reading


SlideRider Staircase Slide 1

SlideRider Staircase Slide

Kids have it great these days. When we were young, we would climb into the dirty clothes hamper, and ride it down the apartment complex stairs. Today’s generation gets the SlideRider, a contraption that seamlessly transforms your staircase into a … Continue reading


Victorinox SwissCard Lite 1

Victorinox SwissCard Lite

Chances you’ve already got a whole lot of cards in your wallet, and we’d be willing to bet you’d prefer that most of them never come out (see credit cards). Well Victorinox(the same team responsible for the iconic Swiss Army … Continue reading


Yeti Hopper 1

Yeti Hopper

Yeti is known for building some of the absolute best coolers on the planet. Problem is, sometimes a big bulky cooler is just overkill for what’s on the agenda. With that in mind, the brand created the Yeti Hopper. Just … Continue reading


Boob Bounce House in New York

Boob Bounce House in New York

Yes you read that correctly. This is a bounce house comprised of nothing but massive boobs, and yes it’s just as awesome as you’d imagine. Designed as collaboration project between sensory artists Bompas & Parr alongside Professor Vanessa Toulmin from … Continue reading


Best Robotic Lawnmowers

Love Machines: The 5 Best Robot Lawnmowers

Paul Bunyan and John Henry were both pitted against machines to prove that pure muscle and manpower could do a better job than any robot. They were wrong. If you think that you’re more man than them, we wish you … Continue reading


iZZi Slim Camera Case 0

iZZi Slim Camera Case

While Apple is getting ready to take the wraps off the iPhone 6, we think it’d be silly to abandon the iPhone 5/5s anytime soon if you have one. Instead, why not invest in it? The iZZi Slim Camera Case … Continue reading


Dubais Mall Of The World Indoor City 1

Dubai’s Mall Of The World Indoor City

Mall of America? Ha. That’s cute. Check this out: Some ambitious planners in Dubai are looking to create the Mall of the World, a virtual indoor city if you will, and the details are wilder than anything you can find … Continue reading