Eagle Point Tiny Cabin in Washington 1

Eagle Point Tiny Cabin in Washington

After being included in our list of the best tiny homes on the planet, we decided to highlight one of our personal favorites from the feature in the Eagle Point tiny cabin. What it lacks in size, it more than … Continue reading


Decked Truck Bed Organizer 1

Decked Truck Bed Organizer

After three years of research and development, along with some help from the Detroit based Altair Product Design group, DECKED has created the ultimate storage system solution for pickup trucks. Introducing the Decked Truck Bed Organizer. Your truck bed already … Continue reading


Mile-Low Club Romantic Submarine Voyage 1

Mile-Low Club Romantic Submarine Voyage

Everyone’s heard of the mile-high club, but the Mile-Low Club? Not so much. Forget all the lame plans you have for Valentine’s Day, dig deep into your pockets (real deep), and book you and your partner an evening accommodation in … Continue reading


Star Wars Darth Vader Planetarium 0

Star Wars Darth Vader Planetarium

We are constantly looking for ways to incorporate Star Wars into our bachelor pad, without looking like a complete nerd of course. The Star Wars Darth Vader Planetarium will add that intergalactic flair to your living room, without cramping your … Continue reading


Best Beard Trimmers

7 Best Beard Trimmers for the Rugged Professional

Whether you’re looking to tame that grizzly beard of yours, or sport the stubble look that women can’t get enough, you’ll need to invest some cash into a good beard trimmer. Beards have seen a strong surge in popularity over … Continue reading


The Dash Wireless Smart In-Ear Headphones 1

The Dash Wireless Smart In-Ear Headphones

Exercising with your music on has always been, at best, a bit of an inconvenience. Sure, progress has been made from the boom box on the shoulder, but even the lightest of headphones come with cords that get more twisted than Twisted … Continue reading


The Connoisseurs Vault 1

The Connoisseur’s Vault

When one has amassed a collection of fine treasures, the garage is hardly the place to store them. Check out the Connoisseur’s Vault from Hammacher Schlemmer, a home vault with secure storage for the stuff you love perhaps a little too … Continue reading


Floating Sauna in Seattle 1

Floating Sauna in Seattle

The sauna is a great place to unwind and let the dry heat thaw out your cold soul, but there’s one significant problem: naked dudes. Statistics show 89% of men over the age of 60 feel compelled to drop trou when sauna … Continue reading


Remote Control Snow Plow 1

Remote Control Snow Plow

That first snowfall of the year is great, isn’t it? When it comes in mid-February. But that’s not the way it works. By now, many of us are now up to 4th, 9th, or way too manyth snow storm of … Continue reading


The Golf Bike 1

The Golf Bike

Yes, golf is a sport, but unless your pre-swing routine includes 50 jumping jacks, it’s not a sport that will flush much of last night’s margarita binge out of your system. Hop off that cart and give your legs a workout with … Continue reading