2015 Porsche Cayenne 1

2015 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche’s beloved SUV gets a modest facelift along with the first plug-in hybrid option within the luxury SUV segment. Say hello to the all new, 2015 Porsche Cayenne. We’ll be the first to say that the Cayenne didn’t really need … Continue reading


Soto Pocket Torch 0

Soto Pocket Torch

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the Soto Pocket Torch lets you turn any disposable lighter into a portable blow torch in a matter of seconds. When you’re exploring the backcountry, sometimes you need more fire power than a little lighter can … Continue reading


Life-Sized Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car 0

Life-Sized Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

No this isn’t the new Batmobile. What you are laying your eyes upon is a vehicle designed specifically for Darth Vader by the fine folks at Hot Wheels. While the Sith Lord certainly didn’t have a need for a car … Continue reading


Bunch O Balloons 0

Bunch O Balloons

We’ve seen a lot of great products make their way to Kickstarter, and Bunch O Balloons easily ranks among our all time favorites. This awesome new “bunch of balloons” lets you fill and tie a hundred water balloons in just … Continue reading


Best Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes

Less is More: The 6 Best Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes

We’ve all seen them. The strange and moderately creepy barefoot running shoes with their anatomically correct toes. We’ve also seen their cousins, the minimalist running shoes which barely have a sole. They have gone in and out of vogue with … Continue reading


Mod Digital Cloud Notebooks 1

Mod Digital Cloud Notebooks

Can you imagine how much those silly doodles and sketches of Ashley Whateverherlastnamewas you drew in the 6th grade would be worth right now? Yeah, nothing. Still nothing. But, they would hold immeasurable sentimental worth. It’s too late for 6th … Continue reading


Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet 1

Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet

Nvidia grabbed attention of the gaming world a year ago with its first Shield, a portable gaming device with a 5” screen attached to a full-size controller. Now, they’re adding to the Shield family. The Shield Tablet is an 8” … Continue reading


Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioning Cooler 1

Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioning Cooler

Would you keep your girlfriend around if she was a one trick pony? Probably not. The same principle should hold true for your cooler. The IcyBreeze earns its keep by keeping your stuff cold, then, also like a good girlfriend, … Continue reading


TacticalWalls Hidden Shelves For Firearms 1

TacticalWalls Hidden Shelves For Firearms

If you’re looking for a storage solution that matches your passion for guns, while still keeps things on the hush hush, TacticalWalls has something for you. The company specializes in shelves that double as storage solutions for rifles and handguns. … Continue reading


Arctic Swell- Surfing in the Arctic Circle

Arctic Swell: Surfing The Ends of the Earth

Think all surfers are laid-back stoners with no initiative? You’re dead wrong. Here’s an example of some surfers who show an insane amount of initiative. Granted, it’s all in the name of more waves, but still, would you to go … Continue reading