Draculas Castle Now Up For Sale 1

‘Dracula’s Castle’ Now Up For Sale

We’re just trying to picture the Craigslist ad for Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, which is now up for sale. It can’t be an easy one to write, but it’d be fun as hell to read: “New listing: … Continue reading


Happy Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” -Joseph Campbell Crowding around the barbecue with a cold beer in our hands on a Monday afternoon is definitely a pretty awesome feeling, but … Continue reading


Best Train Stations

The 20 Most Amazing Railway Stations In The World

When we think of what amazes us, a train station isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Many of us take a train every day. And even if we don’t, we’ve all been in a train station at some time. If … Continue reading


Marble Smart Electric Skateboard 1

Marble Smart Electric Skateboard

Taking your skateboard to work sounds like a fun way to save on gas and beat traffic, but then you realize you live eight miles from your job and you don’t want to arrive looking like you just outran the … Continue reading


Twin Peaks- The Entire Mystery

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

OK, so we all know who killed Laura Palmer by now, right? It was Bruce Willis. And he was dead all along. But what we haven’t known is whether Agent Cooper’s cherry pie looks even better in 1080p. We’re about … Continue reading


Best GPS Running Watch

On The Road Again: The 8 Best GPS Running Watches

If you are serious about your training and absolutely need to know how far you have actually run, you can’t trust some smartphone app. They tell you lies that could force you to either over or under train, both of … Continue reading


Best Tactical Flashlights

The Illuminati: 6 Best Tactical Flashlights

If you’ve ever heard the expression “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” then you have only heard half the quote. The rest of the statement is “but if you have a tactical flashlight, that … Continue reading


TSOVET JPT-NT42 Summer Colors 1

TSOVET JPT-NT42 Summer Colors

If all you’re looking for is style and simplicity on your wrist, not blinking, buzzing alerts that let you know you just got another unwanted email from Enzyte, consider the new JPT-NT42 watch from TSOVET. Available in a festive array … Continue reading


Gigs 2 Go Tear-And-Share Flash Drive Pack

Gigs 2 Go Tear-And-Share Flash Drive Pack

As the saying goes, sharing is caring. But let’s face it, there are different levels of caring involved when you’re sharing say, your last slice of homemade key lime pie, as opposed to a new box of reduced calorie Wheat … Continue reading


Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

With the fairer sex, a trip to the toilet means a lovely encounter with some scented candles, potpourri, or perhaps some modern art. At a guy’s house, it often involves a haz-mat suit. Kohler’s Touchless Toilet Flush Kit removes the … Continue reading