2015 Ducati Monster 821 1

2015 Ducati Monster 821

The Italian bike manufacturers are back in action for the new year as Ducati unveils their latest work of art, the 2015 Ducati Monster 821. Packed with a 821cc twin cylinder Testastretta engine (hence the name of this beauty), the … Continue reading


Footloose 4x4 Land Rover Sherazee 0

Footloose 4×4 Land Rover Sherazee

So you want go anywhere, do anything freedom with your vehicle, but you don’t exactly want to go the grandpa route with a big beige RV. Fair enough. We say check out the Land Rover Sherazee by Footloose 4×4. Like … Continue reading


2015 Audi A7 Sportback 1

2015 Audi A7 Sportback

Audi rarely makes cars that look as lethal-quick as they are, but the newly announced refresh of the A7, though subtle, seems to at least be hinting at the power under the hood. The 2015 A7 will feature a wider … Continue reading


Tortuga Trikes 1

Tortuga Trikes: Gas Powered Drift Trike

Tricycles used to be a toy built just for kids, but since drifting trikes hit the scene a few years back, the popularity of adult-oriented tricycles is on the rise. The folks at Tortuga Trikes are looking to keep that … Continue reading


Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato Concept 1

Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato Concept

It’s been nearly five decades since Milanese coachbuilder Zagato originally teamed up with Italian supercar maker Lamborghini, and now the 2 brands are back at it. Introducing the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato Concept. The fact that this thing looks like a … Continue reading


Google Self-Driving Car

Google Self-Driving Car

When Google was birthed back in 1998, no one could have ever imagined just how big the tech giant would become. Proving that there is nothing off limits for the Mountain View based brand, Google unveils their first ever self-driving … Continue reading


BMW Concept Roadster Motorcycle 1

BMW Concept Roadster Motorcycle

If Bimmer’s current concept car lineups are any indication of what’s to come, we would have to say that the German auto maker’s future looks promising. Motorcycle fans fret not, as the brand’s 2-wheeled department also looks to be in … Continue reading


Mini Superleggera Vision 1

Mini Superleggera Vision

Admittedly, we’ve never been huge fans of the current Mini Roadster. So when we heard the German auto maker was presenting a new iteration of the drop-top, we weren’t overly excited. That is, until we actually saw it. The Mini … Continue reading


BAC Mono Single Seat Race Car 1

BAC Mono Single Seat Race Car

“It’s not always about the horsepower,” sounds like one of those clichéd cop outs; the equivalent of “It’s the motion of the ocean,” for the guy with the Prius. But actually, it’s true. The BAC Mono ($130,000) proves it, because … Continue reading


Kawasaki W650 By Revival Cycles 1

Kawasaki W650 By Revival Cycles

Kawasaki may have discontinued the W650 a few years ago due to emissions regulations, but that hasn’t stopped the gearheads at Austin, Texas-based Revival Cycles from putting their spin on a bike that was clearly inspired by the British motorcycles … Continue reading