BMW E30 TM Concept30 1

BMW E30 TM Concept30

The E30 has long been one of our favorite body styles from BMW. The German auto maker used the body style to introduce the first ever M3, which has of course gone on to become an icon in the automotive … Continue reading


David Brown Speedback GT 1

David Brown Speedback GT

While the thought of creating a new high-powered sports car from scratch initially intrigues us, we admit we’d probably tap out on the whole deal after the third day of meetings on what kind of intake manifold we’d be using. … Continue reading


Leaos Carbon Fiber Urban Electric Bike 1

Leaos Carbon Fiber Urban Electric Bike

We often see the use of carbon fiber in high-end sports cars, but why not let electric bikes get a sniff too? The Leaos Carbon Urban E-Bike is a technological marvel, with a carbon fiber monocoque body and an impressive … Continue reading


Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition 1

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition Pickup Truck

German auto maker Volkswagen may not be known for its pickup trucks (at least here in the states), but the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition proves that the brand should definitely be making more of them. Designed specifically for the great … Continue reading


BMW CS Vintage Concept 1

BMW CS Vintage Concept

While we do love concept cars that reveal potential future design trends, there’s a lot to be said about concepts that pay homage to the classics. That’s exactly what we have here with the BMW CS Vintage Concept. Designed by … Continue reading


Rungu All Fat-Tire Bullfrog Trike

Rungu All Fat-Tire Bullfrog Trike

Sometimes it’s good to be fat. Like at the gentlemen’s club when the hottest stripper is looking for the most comfortable lap to dance in. Or, when you’re a tire trying to traverse sand, snow, steps, and rocks. That’s the … Continue reading


Lamborghini Rat Rod 1

Lamborghini Rat Rod

Looking like something Bruce Wayne would take to a local car show, this aggressive looking concept car was created by Pawel Wisniewski and his friend Jans Slapins. After the two watched a drag racing video (Lambo vs Rat Rod), the … Continue reading


Espresso Racer Vespa Scooter 1

Espresso Racer Vespa Scooter

It’s rare that the scooter enthusiast gets to chime in when his friends are talking about horsepower; usually it’s something like, “Scram kid, yer bahddering me.” But this time it’s different with this vintage Vespa PS 240 from Germany’s Scooter … Continue reading


Size Matter 2 Semi Truck Gymkhana

Size Matters 2: Semi Truck Gymkhana

Founder of DC Shoes and professional rally car driver Ken Block helped put Gymkhana style driving on the map. Inspired by Block’s precision maneuvering, stunt driver Mike Ryan has unveiled ‘Size Matter 2,’ his second Semi Truck Gymkahana video. Basically … Continue reading


BMW R1200S Animal by Cafe Racer Dreams 1

BMW R1200S Animal by Cafe Racer Dreams

Serving as the successor to Bimmer’s R1100S, the BMW R1200S was a rugged sport-tourer that packed a mean punch. Equipped with a 120-horsepower powerplant, Cafe Racer Dreams decided that this was the perfect platform to build their custom “Animal” motorcycle. … Continue reading