ICON Thriftmaster Pickup Truck 1

ICON Thriftmaster Pickup Truck

It seems as though ICON can do no wrong. When it comes to custom vehicles, these guys are really setting the bar high for other companies out there. After debuting their E-Flyer Electric Bike, the west coast design house is … Continue reading


Skyrunner Flying All-Terrain Vehicle 1

SkyRunner Flying All-Terrain Vehicle

To be fair, the SkyRunner was not in existence when we wrote our vehicle guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse (and technically still won’t be until 2014). If it was, this vehicle would definitely be a serious contender. Most all … Continue reading


ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike 1

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike

Typically our friends at the California based ICON are busy putting together off-road beauties like this Toyota FJ44 and this 1965 Dodge D200, but the brand is proving that it’s certainly not limited to 4-wheel vehicles with this equally beautiful … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Marty McFly Zboard Hoverboard 1

Back to the Future Marty McFly Zboard Hoverboard

The electric skateboard makers at Zboard have decided to create a special limited edition Back to the Future Marty McFly Hoverboard Zboard for the holiday season. Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that this thing doesn’t actually hover. … Continue reading


Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 1

Gunbus 410: The World’s Largest Motorcycle

The Gunbus 410 Motorcycle may look like your run of the mill motorcycle, that is until you see the photos of this monstrous 2-wheeled machine next to an actual sized motorcycle. Crowned the world’s largest motorcycle, this beast measures in … Continue reading


Der Ziesel Electric Tank Wheelchair 1

Der Ziesel Electric Tank Wheelchair

Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy all the excitement the winter season brings with it. Dubbed Der Ziesel, this badass electric tank wheelchair hybrid is the perfect way to shred the … Continue reading


Honda CB125 Monstub by Valen Zhou 1

Honda CB125 Monstub by Valen Zhou

Sure it might be a bit rough around the edges, but the apocalyptic look of this custom Honda CB125 motorcycle is what makes it so appealing to us. Hand built by photographer Valen Zhou, this custom fabricated 2 wheeler is … Continue reading


2013 Lucra LC470 1

2013 Lucra LC470

Not familiar with the name Lucra? Don’t let that detour you from taking a closer look at the boutique car maker’s hand-built, 2 door monster – the 2013 Lucra LC470. One of the best looking vehicles we’ve ever laid our … Continue reading


Concept 1865 Electric Bike 1

Concept 1865 Electric Bike

Designed as if the inventors of the first pedal powered cycle had access to today’s modern materials and technologies, the Concept 1865 Electric Bike is one high-tech velocipede. While electric bike concepts have become quite popular, we have yet to … Continue reading


The Racer by DP Customs 0

The Racer by DP Customs

The Del Prado brothers are back at it again, hitting yet another home run with this beautiful, Formula One inspired “The Racer” motorcycle. Anyone who is familiar with the custom motorbike scene knows DP Customs. Jarrod and Justin love what … Continue reading