Booq Boa Flow Gadget Backpack 1

Booq Boa Flow Gadget Backpack

From laptops and DSLRs to Pringles and Magic the Gathering cards, there’s no limit to what one might need their backpack to accommodate these days. Booq’s Boa flow laptop backpack promises unrivaled versatility, durability, and comfort for the man who … Continue reading


Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar 1

Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

Previously, “playing an Alpaca” involved some pretty unreliable results. And way too much fur. But now with the Alpaca Guitar, there’s absolutely no need to visit a petting zoo—unless you wanna wow the kids with your “Puff the Magic Dragon.” … Continue reading


Star Wars Tie Fighter Nutcracker 1

Star Wars Tie Fighter Nutcracker

Unless one lives with a Jedi who doesn’t mind using their supernatural powers to help serve up snacks, there’s usually no Star Wars-ian way to bust crack a nut. Now, thanks to those underrated Sith problem solvers, we have a … Continue reading


Bison Bag- Sleeping Bag-Hammock 1

Bison Bag: Sleeping Bag-Hammock

Perhaps the reason we haven’t noticed many combination sleeping bag-hammocks over the years is due to the unfortunate way the words come together. Somehow we don’t see Dick’s Sporting Goods carrying a “slammock” or a “hamming bag,” although Dick’s actually … Continue reading


Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case 1

Magpul iPhone 5 Field Case

When you’re looking for the perfect way to protect your iPhone 5 during your outdoor excursions, look no further than the iPhone 5 Field Case from the team at Magpul Industries. Sporting military inspired aesthetics, this case was built to … Continue reading


Lean Skateboard 1

Lean Skateboard

Doing 35 mph on a skateboard sounds pretty intense, but if it involves leaving any precious epidermis on the pavement, yeah, we’re gonna have to pass. The Lean Skateboard might actually be one longboard that we’d feel comfortable going neck … Continue reading


Morpher Folding Bicycle Helmet 1

Morpher Folding Bicycle Helmet

It’s hard to argue that helmets save lives. In fact it’s been said that nearly 90% of cycling fatalities occur when riders aren’t wearing one. The Morpher Folding Bicycle Helmet looks to offer up life saving protection, with the ability … Continue reading


Vertty Beach Towels

Vertty Beach Towels

A beach towel is just a beach towel right? That’s exactly what we thought. Until we came across something entirely different than anything on the market. Say hello to the Vertty Beach Towel. After a surfing trip in Australia, a … Continue reading


Best Travel Mugs

Going the Distance: The 9 Best Travel Mugs

There’s a lot of travel mugs and commuter cups that claim to be “thermal” but most of them are just cheap imitators made in China that couldn’t keep a cup of coffee at the ideal 198-205 degree temperature that the … Continue reading


Machine Era Leather Wrapped Tumbler 1

Machine Era Leather Wrapped Tumbler

Think about it: If a leather wrapped steering wheel is feels good in the driver’s seat, why wouldn’t you want the same comfort while relaxing at home with a drink? Machined from a solid block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, … Continue reading