Foldaway Adult Bunk Beds

Foldaway Adult Bunk Beds

When sleeping on the cold, hard ground isn’t the most ideal situation for your next outdoor excursion, opt for these portable Foldaway Adult Bunk Beds. Don’t let the simple design of these things fool you. These are constructed by a … Continue reading


Bohemian Recycled Oil Can Guitars

Bohemian Recycled Oil Can Electric Guitars

Musical instruments have once again found success on Kickstarter as the Bohemian Recycled Oil Can Electric Guitars are now available on the retail scene. The electric guitar comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes, but we have yet to … Continue reading


ZEbag Wine Bottle Carrying Case (4)

ZEbag Wine Bottle Carrying Case

Anyone that drinks wine on a regular basis knows that the best way to store this particular spirit is on its side. If this is the case then why are carrying bags for wine designed to let the bottles stand … Continue reading


Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle

Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle

When it comes to survival tools, a good rule of thumb is the smaller, the better. You’re looking for tools that can perform a multitude of tasks, without being too bulky to lug around. Henry has introduced the perfect firearm … Continue reading


Batman Toddler Booster Car Seat (3)

Batman Toddler Booster Car Seat

Batman has been summoned from Gotham City to help protect your little ones from the unforeseen dangers of daily driving with the Batman Toddler Booster Car Seat. While safety features are the number one priority when it comes to selecting … Continue reading


Shock Awe Zombie Killer Knife

Shock & Awe Zombie Killer Knife

Like the many zombie knives that came before it, the Shock & Awe Zombie Killer Knife is just another line of defense in the upcoming walking dead apocalypse. Walkers won’t stand a chance when this 5 inch blade, constructed from … Continue reading


Special Ops Radition Detecting Watch

Special Ops Radiation Detecting Watch

While we hope you never actually need to use this Special Ops Radiation Detecting Watch out in the real world, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As if the watch wasn’t stylish enough to sport without any special … Continue reading


LED Turn Signal Gloves (4)

LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves

We’ve discussed the dangers of riding at night in the past, and unfortunately things only seem to be getting worse for cyclists. Thankfully product innovators continue to look for ways to make your evening commute safer with inventions like these … Continue reading


Werewolf Motorcycle Helmet (3)

Werewolf Motorcycle Helmet

We think it’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t be attracting many members of the opposite sex sporting this somewhat creepy Werewolf Motorcycle Helmet, but that’s fine because you know how badass you’ll look? While we still don’t think we’ll … Continue reading


Mojo UFO Cuben Fiber Camping Tent (3)

Mojo UFO Cuben Fiber Camping Tent

Camping season is finally upon us, and we’re here to make sure you make an educated decision when purchasing your next camping tent. If you’re looking for an extremely durable, yet lightweight option, then look no further than the Mojo … Continue reading