Filson Dog Car Seat Saver

Dog Car Seat Saver by Filson

Whether you’re taking your Retriever to go retrieve stuff from the local lake, or your Boston Terrier to Boston for a talent show, dogs and cars can sometimes make for a messy mix—especially when you let them play in the backseat … Continue reading


Flower Shell

Flower Shell: Shoots Flower Seeds Instead of Bullets

The shotgun shell: a raw, powerful taker of life. The Flower Shell: a raw, powerful giver of life. Developed by Per Cromwell at ST, a small Scandinavian creative lab, the Flower Shell is a 12 gauge shotgun shell that blasts … Continue reading


EatN Tool Spork Multi-Use Utensil 1

Eat’N Tool Spork Multi-Use Utensil

I gotta admit, as a bachelor, sometimes my dinner creations are so, umm, unique, I don’t know what kind of utensil to attack it with— “Do I wanna chisel this down or try and scoop out the blue ooze first?” The Eat’N … Continue reading


Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 Protective Case 1

Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 Protective Case

Although the Dark Knight trilogy has long been concluded, Batman’s Tumbler continues to assert its dominance on the pop culture scene. This time around, DC Comics has decided to license the beloved Batmobile to Crazy Case for this Batmobile Tumbler … Continue reading

Gear, Giveaways

Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Giveaway

Giveaway: Win A Free Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock

Contest Ended: Congratulations John O’Neil The holiday season is all about giving, which is why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Eagles Nest Outfitters to give away one of their Single Nest Hammocks. FOLLOW ALL 3 STEPS BELOW TO … Continue reading



Zombie Hammer Survival Weapons

People come in all shapes and sizes — tall, short, fat, skinny, trapezoidal, etc. – so why wouldn’t zombies? The folks at Zombie Hammer have created an entire line of survival weapons that are designed to maul the many different types of undead … Continue reading


Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster 0

Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster

Hearing a stranger on your roof at 2AM, then seeing him creep around your living room, is the kinda thing most people would be alarmed by. But deep into the night of December 24th, the odds of it being a burglar … Continue reading


CardSharp 4 Metal Credit Card Folding Knife 2

CardSharp 4 Metal Credit Card Folding Knife

Ian Sinclair’s folding credit card knife receives another iteration this year in the CardSharp 4. This time around, Sinclair has ditched the stainless steel blade nestled within the polypropylene body in favor of a natural CNC machine aluminum metal build. … Continue reading


Firefly Vaporizer

Firefly Vaporizer

When other people zig, you zag. When smokers start experimenting with e-cigarettes, you take your love for tobacco in a whole new direction. The Firefly Vaporizer is the first true portable convection vaporizer, emitting tobacco vapors that come faster and stronger than with a regular cigarette. … Continue reading


Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel 0

Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel

It’s that time of year again. Waking up to mounts of snow that need to be shoveled out of the driveway, just so you can get to the office on time. Think of it as a work day before your … Continue reading