Brass iPhone Case by Revisit 1

Brass iPhone Case by Revisit

When it comes to protecting our precious iPhones, we want nothing but the best, and the team at Revisit promise just that with their rugged, yet sophisticated Brass iPhone Case. The bumper case was designed to fit your iPhone 5 … Continue reading


Best Fire Starters

A Blaze of Glory: The 7 Best Fire Starters

There are lots of things that separate humans from animals. We have electricity, we have bitchin’ hot rods, we have BitCoins that no one understands, and – most importantly – we have fire. Our ability to control fire is the … Continue reading


Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener

Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener

Let’s get this straight: the Drinique Knuckle Bottle Opener is simply the world’s first knuckle bottle opener, and nothing else. It makes no claim to be a weapon. None. But, should one of those stereotypical bar brawl thingies break out, … Continue reading


Grovemade Wood Sleeves for iPad MacBook 1

Grovemade Wood Sleeves for iPad & MacBook

When it comes to high quality, handcrafted Apple accessories, there are few brands that compete with the team at Grovemade. And this Wood Sleeve collection is everything we would expect from the Portland based team. Each sleeve is handcrafted from … Continue reading


Northwest Territory  Front Porch Tent 1

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

Most of the time we prefer to rough it in the great outdoors. But, there are those times when we are looking to bring out the entire family for a more luxurious experience sleeping under the stars. For those situations, … Continue reading


Triple Aught Design Amphibious Cargo Pants 1

Triple Aught Design Force 10 AC Amphibious Cargo Pants

When you’re looking for clothing that was built to conquer both land and water, the team at Triple Aught Design has you covered with their Force 10 AC Cargo Pants. Built to handle literally anything you can throw at them, … Continue reading


Best Binoculars

Watching the Watchmen: The 9 Best Binoculars

While they might be the windows to the soul, the human eye is a horrible disappointment. Any optical technician will tell you that they have poorly designed lenses that require the advanced computing system in your brain just to try … Continue reading


Booq Boa Flow Gadget Backpack 1

Booq Boa Flow Gadget Backpack

From laptops and DSLRs to Pringles and Magic the Gathering cards, there’s no limit to what one might need their backpack to accommodate these days. Booq’s Boa flow laptop backpack promises unrivaled versatility, durability, and comfort for the man who … Continue reading


Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar 1

Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

Previously, “playing an Alpaca” involved some pretty unreliable results. And way too much fur. But now with the Alpaca Guitar, there’s absolutely no need to visit a petting zoo—unless you wanna wow the kids with your “Puff the Magic Dragon.” … Continue reading


Star Wars Tie Fighter Nutcracker 1

Star Wars Tie Fighter Nutcracker

Unless one lives with a Jedi who doesn’t mind using their supernatural powers to help serve up snacks, there’s usually no Star Wars-ian way to bust crack a nut. Now, thanks to those underrated Sith problem solvers, we have a … Continue reading