Flic Wireless Smart Button 1

Flic Wireless Smart Button

When we first heard about Flic, the wireless smart button that syncs with your phone to complete small tasks, we were a bit skeptical. But after seeing it in action via the company’s IndieGoGo campaign, our minds are made up: … Continue reading


Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 1

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer

How many times have you burnt your gravy because you set the whisk down to do something else? I’ll tell you — many times. Now, there’s a better way. Introducing the updated Stirio, a hands-free stirrer that stirs your food … Continue reading


OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator 1

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

Being a golfer is the pits this time of year — when the snow hits the ground, it’s nearly unbearable for avid golfers. We like to compare golfing over the summer and being forced to stop because of the winter … Continue reading


Blizzard SR RC Snow Plow by Kyosho 1

Blizzard SR R/C Snow Plow by Kyosho

Kyosho is well-known in the world of RC cars for the incredible quality and attention to detail that they put into every one of their RC Cars. The company has a Fazer VE Ferrari, Ferrari 360, and even a Subaru RC … Continue reading


Gibi Pet Location GPS 1

Gibi Pet Location GPS

Losing a dog is an occurrence that’s all too common in today’s world. Dogs are wanderers, and even the most loyal dogs can wander away only to lose their nose. The Gibi pet locator is here to change all of that. … Continue reading


GAEMS M155 Performance Gaming Monitor 1

GAEMS M155 Performance Gaming Monitor

So you just picked up Shadow of Mordor for the PS4, or maybe Sunset Overdirve for Xbox One, and you can’t bear to be away from your game during your trip back home for the holidays. GAEMS M155 Performance Gaming … Continue reading


BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant 1

BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant

Pahking the cah might be fun to say in Boston, but unless you’re raising the stakes with a high speed back-in to your spot, parking is generally a tedious necessary exercise once you’ve arrived at your destination. The tech guys at BMW … Continue reading


Blackberry Classic Smartphone 1

Blackberry Classic Smartphone

BlackBerry has really struggled to keep up with the likes of Apple and Android. As the iPhone continued to evolve (along with Android), BlackBerry just hasn’t kept up with what consumers demand. So for the holidays, the brand we once … Continue reading


Power Pen Battery Charger 1

Power Pen Battery Charger

These days people can’t go anywhere without their smartphones. And while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, it does pose one huge problem – battery life. There’s certainly no shortage of portable chargers on the market, but the Power Pen … Continue reading


Best Gaming Mouse

Fragtastic: The 9 Best Gaming Mice

A good gamer is a well-equipped gamer. You wouldn’t go into battle without proper body armor and weaponry, nor should you head out into the dog frag dog world of PC gaming without a high resolution monitor, a bombproof processor, … Continue reading