The Conductor Magnetic Charger For iPhone 5 1

The Conductor Magnetic Charger For iPhone 5

Let’s face it, the cool factor of any phone dies a little when you have to whip the charger and cord out of whatever crevice you have it stored in. Keep the 21st century vibe going with the Conductor, a … Continue reading


Lynx Smart Grill 0

Lynx Smart Grill

These days we have a smart version of everything. Smart phones, smart watches, smart thermostats. The list goes on and on. It seems that almost everything we use is becoming “smart,” so why not cook on a smart grill? Well … Continue reading


Cogito Original Smartwatch 1

Cogito Original Smartwatch

The market’s getting flooded with smartwatches left and right, but are they making much of an impact? Eh. Jury’s still out. But there is a definite group of people out there who don’t want another screen on their wrist. They want classic … Continue reading


Shapify 3D Printed Figure 0

Shapify: 3D Printed Action Figure of Yourself

3D printing is taking over everything, and selfies are no exception. Up your selfie game with a 3D printed figure of yourself by the team at Shapify. Before we continue, there’s one caveat worth noting – you will need an … Continue reading


Clearview Clio Invisible Speaker 0

Clearview Clio Invisible Speaker

If design aesthetics are just as important as the sound quality produced by your wireless speakers, then the Clearview Clio speaker is right up your alley. Unlike any speaker we’ve seen in the past, the Clio utilizes a transparent acrylic … Continue reading

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Burrito Box Burrito Vending Machine

Burrito Box Burrito Vending Machine

One can’t deny the surprising pick-me-up power of say, peanut M&Ms, or maybe even a nice bag of Munchos. But one can certainly deny the appetite-suppressing power of pretty much anything that comes out of a vending machine. That’s what makes the Burrito … Continue reading

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ChefJet 3D Printer 1

ChefJet 3D Dessert Printer

The Swedish Chef may have a few decades of experience on you in the kitchen, but with technology like the ChefJet 3D Printer behind you, you can quickly shmorfl de weedl (that’s ‘close the gap’ in jibberish). 3D Systems is proudly showing … Continue reading


Polaroid C3 Cube Camera 2

Polaroid C3 Cube Camera

Polaroid’s making a nice little splash at CES 2014, and this tiny guy is certainly contributing to the ripple. The C3, a 35-mm square camera that fits quite easily in the palm of your hand, is aimed at the guy or girl on the go … Continue reading


Bang And Olufsen BeoSound Essence 1

Bang And Olufsen BeoSound Essence

Looking to make home audio simpler than the plot of a Fast and Furious installment, the high-end engineers at Bang & Olufsen have come up with the BeoSound Essence, a simple and stylish solution for quickly accessing your digital music collection. There are two aspects to … Continue reading


Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector 1

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

4K TV technology growth is most certainly being stifled by the lack of 4K content available on the market, but that’s not to say that electronic brands aren’t working their way into the space. While affordable 4K TVs rank high … Continue reading