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The Polaroid I-2 Instant Camera Has the Label’s Sharpest Lens Yet

Polaroid I 2 Instant Camera 0 Hero
Photos: Polaroid

There’s no denying the convenience that current camera technology has provided (not to mention the quality available to everyone in their pockets), but there’s something about having a physical representation of a memory that’s hard to replace. Sure, we have more storage, higher pixel counts, and a host of other features that make things easier, but much like the vinyl revival, we’ve been looking back to film cameras with a newfound appreciation. Polaroid is one of the most iconic brands in the film camera space, and is likely one of the first names that pops into your head when thinking about them. In an effort to embrace imperfections and combine the past with the present, Polaroid just dropped the I-2 Instant Camera, a film camera equipped with Polaroid’s sharpest lens to date, manual controls, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Polaroid I 2 Instant Camera 1
Photo: Polaroid

Inside, Polaroid is showcasing what they claim to be its sharpest lens to date, with a wide aperture three-lens system designed alongside Japanese optical engineers. This lens system uses autofocus and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) to make automatic adjustments and help you out in various lighting conditions. This is also the first Polaroid instant camera with built-in manual controls, featuring a viewfinder and the ability to manually select between different shooting modes. 

Polaroid I 2 Instant Camera 2
Photo: Polaroid

The I-2 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and the Polaroid app gives you remote control access and the ability to upgrade to the latest software. If you want to add a lens, it has a thread mount compatible with 49mm filters, and the camera works with both i-Type 600 and SX-70 film. While it does have a modern look, the design and film quality still have that old-school Polaroid style.

Polaroid I 2 Instant Camera 3
Photo: Polaroid

The Polaroid I-2 Instant Camera is available now for $599, with a variety of film to choose from, like the Summer Edition pack that came out earlier this year.