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G-SHOCK Honors Those Orange NASA Suits with a New Watch

Since the ‘80s, NASA astronauts have been wearing those bright orange suits upon launch and reentry. Following the inclusion of the ejection seat in 1981 and then the disastrous Challenger explosion a few years later, changes and advancements needed to be made to better ensure the safety of the crew. The first orange Launch Entry Suit (LES) was introduced in 1988 and then replaced by the Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES) in 1994, which is still used today. They come equipped with parachutes, air and water supply, flares, and radio, among other things.

Today, Casio’s G-SHOCK has introduced a special edition timepiece that pays homage to these “pumpkin suits.” Known as the GWM5610NASA4, this watch has been decked out in the same International Orange hue that astronauts wear to make themselves more visible if they happen to make an emergency landing in the ocean. It’s the same color used for the Golden Gate Bridge and the Tokyo Tower. The black chapter ring on the watch is made to resemble the black visors on the spacemen’s helmets, while the thin blue line surrounding the dial is a nod to the blue accents on the suits.

To further its adulation, G-SHOCK has placed the NASA logo across the band, which has been integrated into the case, and the band loop has been adorned with the American flag. An image of an astronaut is engraved onto the caseback as well. The solar-powered digital watch has features such as radio-controlled timekeeping, world time for 48 cities, and five daily alarms, and is water resistant up to 200m.

Coming in a special metal tin that’s made to look like a launch pad, this G-SHOCK NASA watch is now available through Casio’s online store for $170.

Purchase: $170

Photo: Casio