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Frolic’s Ice Cream Maker Turns Your Kitchen into a World-Class Parlor

With summer right around the corner, wait times at your local ice cream shops are about to increase tenfold. In an attempt to keep you from testing your patience for a scoop or two, there’s Frolic, a new Keurig-like machine that churns out homemade ice cream in a matter of two minutes.

Frolic was made in collaboration with Dana Cree, a two-time James Beard Award finalist and, more impressively, the author of a cookbook titled Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream. The compact countertop appliance is operated through three elementary steps: simply toss your choice of mix-ins into your preferred pre-filled ice cream base pod, pop it into the machine, and let it go to work. Whether you’re craving fresh strawberry ice cream or cookies and cream, all you need to do is toss a few berries or Oreos into Frolic’s uber-convenient pods, which are available in Classic, Lite, and Vegan formulations for both vanilla and chocolate flavors.

While you may be familiar with at-home ice cream makers, Frolic goes to show how far we’ve come from the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker of yesteryear. By using fresh, responsibly sourced dairy, each 13.5 oz pod provides ice crystals that are 10 times smaller than what you’ll find in average store-bought pints, making for a smoother, more premium ice cream. The pods also last for up to a year in your freezer, meaning you can stock up well ahead of time for whenever your ice cream cravings strike.

To no surprise, this innovative appliance shattered its fundraising goal on Kickstarter — after all, everyone loves ice cream — and Frolic should be getting into the hands of its anxious ice cream-loving backers in time for summer.

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Photo: Frolic
Photo: Frolic