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Kickstart Your Cigar-Smoking Career With Cigora’s Curated Sampler Packs

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Any experienced smoker can attest to what an enjoyable experience and hobby smoking cigars can be. However, the huge number of variables involved can make it somewhat daunting to get into, especially if you’re starting from scratch with no prior cigar knowledge or experience. If you happen to fall into this category, fear not, for the staff experts over at Cigora have recently streamlined the beginner cigar-buying experience, debuting a myriad of expertly-curated samplers to kickstart your smoking career in style and help you figure out which types of sticks you personally enjoy most — all without breaking the bank. Free shipping is also being offered to all HIC customers for a limited time as well. Below, we’ll be delving into our favorite new cigar sampler packs from Cigora. So, without any further adieu, let’s cut the cap, toast the foot, and dive in. 

Cigora’s Big Brand Sampler

Cigora Big Brand Sampler
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Even if you aren’t a cigar smoker, there’s a very decent likelihood that you’ll be familiar with some of the biggest and most respected names in the space like Montecristo and Cohiba. The Cigora Big Brand Sampler features a hand-picked selection of sticks from eight of these established — and highly eminent — brands. Alongside Cohiba Red Dot and Montecristo White Series cigars, this sampler also contains other noteworthy stogies like a CAO Flathead v660, a Macanudo, and a Robusto from one of our personal favorite distilleries, Buffalo Trace. Featuring both smooth and full-bodied cigars, this eight-cigar sampler makes it abundantly clear why each of these respective brands have garnered the reputations that they have — and will more importantly have you nubbing in no time. 
Buffalo Trace: Used under license

Cigora’s Nicaraguan Boutique Cigar Sampler

Nicaraguan Boutique Cigar Sampler (1)
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Alongside a certain island located south of Miami, Nicaragua is another one of the world’s cigar production capitals. Cigora’s Nicaraguan Boutique Cigar Sampler provides a curated selection of the Central American locale’s finest sticks, sourced directly from some of its most eminent cigar-makers. Comprised of half a dozen cigars in total, this sampler includes an Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection Robusto, a Dapper El Borracho Maduro Robusto, an El Gueguense Robusto, a Crowned Heads Mil Dias Double Robusto, a Southern Draw Cedrus Belicoso, an RoMa Craft Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Belicoso.

Cigora’s Best Top Shelf Cigar Sampler

Cigora Best Top Shelf Cigar Sampler
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From supercars to watches to whiskey, the finer things in life very seldom come cheap, and high-end cigars are by no means an exception. As such, figuring out which super premium sticks you personally have a proclivity for can be a fairly exorbitant endeavor. Fortunately, Cigora’s Best Top Shelf Cigar Sampler lets you enjoy a curated selection of five different stogies from decidedly elite brands. Constituting this top-of-the-line sampler is an Ashton Symmetry Corona, a Plasencia 1865 Alma Fuerte Gordo, a Sin Compromiso Toro, a Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Robusto, and a Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno Lonsdale. In addition to being perfect for special occasions, this sampler also makes for an exceptional gift — and one that’s sure to impress any true cigar aficionado.

Cigora’s Best Beginner Cigar Sampler

Cigora Best Beginner Cigar Sampler
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Being a company that’s headed up and run by a team of individuals that are genuinely passionate about cigars, Cigora knows firsthand how intimidating it can be to dip your toes into the world of stogies. To make enjoying cigars more accessible, Cigora has pieced together a sampler pack that offers a diverse range of different types of sticks, all with varying wrappers, binders, fillers, and profiles, and all hailing from different regions. These ten hand-picked cigars also include a great combination of Puros from both big-name outfits as well as smaller boutique rollers. As far as discovering which type of cigars you’ll personally enjoy, there truly is no better option than Cigora’s Best Beginner Cigar Sampler. And, for those unfamiliar with premium cigar pricing, this sampler set offers pretty stellar, bang-for-your-buck, too. 

Cigora’s Best Wedding Cigar Sampler

Cigora Best Wedding Cigar Sampler
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Perfect for all manner of special occasions and milestones, Cigora’s Best Wedding Cigar Sampler contains pairs of five different stogies from five of the world’s top brands – including two La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Robustos, a pair of Davidoff Aniversario Series Robustos, a set of Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars Toros, two Dias de Glorias from AJ Fernandez, and twin Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Toros. Not only does this hand-picked sampler feature ten objectively world-class sticks, but it also lets you and one other lucky individual both get to share the experience of enjoying a highly exclusive cigar together. Considering the caliber of the ten cigars that are included in this sampler, the Best Wedding pack also offers pretty exceptional value.