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Batch & Bottle’s New Pre-Made Cocktails Use Premium Spirit Brands

Making the perfect cocktail is not easy, no matter how few ingredients are required. And when entertaining family and friends at your summer get-togethers, concocting beverages can be time-consuming. That’s why in recent years, ready-to-drink cocktails have found more ubiquity. Unfortunately, pre-batched cocktails are often met with implications of mediocrity or cheapness. However, any of those ideas have been tossed out the window with Batch & Bottle’s latest collection of RTDs, which are made with spirits from premium distilleries.

The four beverages in Batch & Bottle’s inaugural line are merely more than a collection of “thrown together” ingredients. Crafted by and from four highly-respected distilleries from around the globe, these cocktails went through meticulous deliberation from start to finish. Taking the iconic Hendrick’s gin taste and adding flourishes of cucumber and rose, Master Distiller Lesley Gracie worked in tandem with five renowned bars from four different continents to make the ultimate curated martini for enthusiasts and the everyman alike with the Hendrick’s Gin Martini. With a similar approach to the ever-popular old fashioned, Monkey Shoulder Global Ambassador Joe Petch procured the contents of what has been dubbed the Lazy Old Fashioned. The Scotch brand has crafted its own bespoke bitters which, along with the addition of golden sugars, perfectly complement the malty richness of Monkey Shoulder blended whisky.

For a new spin on the cosmo, Icelandic vodka brand Reyka has swapped the standard cranberry juice for rhubarb, and then added blood orange and lime to the spirit in the Reyka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan. Likewise, while a traditional Manhattan cocktail is made with rye whiskey, it can very well be made with Scotch, as it is here using a Glenfiddich single malt. Led by Struan Grant Ralph, the distillery’s Global Ambassador, the Scotch Manhattan is made by blending the brand’s own sweet vermouth and Granny Gordon’s bitters for a perfectly consistent balance with every pour.

All four of Batch & Bottle’s ready-to-pour cocktails are arriving just in time to kick off the summer party season. The 375mL bottles are available now through Drizly.

Purchase: $16