Toyota x JAXA Moon Rover

It’s been nearly half a century since any human set foot on the moon, but recent announcements by NASA and the boom in popularity of private space travel have got us hoping that drought is coming to an end. Our hopes were just compounded, too, by the announcement that Toyota and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) are jointly working on a pressurized rover specifically designed for the lunar surface.

Created to be a livable mobile base that can accommodate up to four people, the vehicle measures up at about the size of two microbuses — offering an internal space of roughly 60 square-feet. The 6×6 people hauler will also function on electric power cells– which burn so clean, their only waste is water and excess air — with a built-in solar panel for on-the-go charging. The design also allows for spacesuit-free operation, has its own airlock, and even offers autonomous driving — so astronauts can focus on more pressing tasks. It remains to be seen if this 6×6 actually ends up on the lunar surface, but we have high hopes.

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