Hakosan Design Imagines Toyota’s A70-Gen Supra As a Futuristic Restomod

Photos: Hakosan Design

Over the last decade, retro-inspired production cars have become increasingly popular, with pretty much every major manufacturer currently offering a vehicle based on its brand’s vintage archives. And while some of these models do a remarkable job of delivering a modernized take on an existing ride — such as the Ford GT, Alpine A110, and MINI Cooper — others fail to capture the look and spirit of older models, with one obvious example being the latest-generation Toyota Supra. In an effort to produce a design that stays more true to the Supra’s predecessors, talented concept artist Luis González of Hakosan Design fame has opted to render its own interpretation of a restomodded Supra.

For the project’s starting point, Hakosan has selected the A70 Supra — the third-generation model produced from ’86 through ’93 — rather than using the more popular fourth-gen. Constructed around a reinforced and improved chassis, this neo-retro-style A70 has been given an all-new suite of bodywork that features flared fenders, a rear diffuser, side skirts, a low profile rear wing, and a completely redesigned front-end complete Cyberpunk-inspired LED headlights. The Alicante-based artist has also treated the Supra to a custom wheelset – another touch that modernizes the donor without altering any of its hallmark visual traits.

Hakosan Design has also bestowed the A70-gen Supra with a number of design cues from modern electric cars. This includes a roof-mounted mini spoiler, square, four-unit LED foglights, Brembo brakes with red calipers, and a custom Supra-branded LED taillight management. In addition to being fitted with a central dual-exiting exhaust setup, the Supra’s stance has also been lightly slammed, and its overall side profile has been tweaked, now sporting a sleeker line with what’s almost certainly a markedly more slippery drag coefficient.

All in all, Hakosan Design has done a phenomenal job of thoroughly modernizing the A70, while still making it obvious that the render is based on a third-gen Supra. And, while we don’t expect this render to ever be produced in metal, we hope a few manufacturers are influenced by Hakosan’s execution, as we’d love to see a retro-inspired production model with a similar design approach.

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Photo: Hakosan Design
Photo: Hakosan Design
Photo: Hakosan Design