Dress Like an OG Apple Employee with These Custom Hi- & Low-Top Sneakers

Lifestyle brand Thinking Different is devoted to vintage Apple brand culture, and they’ve brought their ‘80s-techie style sensibilities to the sneakerheads at Foxtrot Uniform in the form of a new collaborative capsule called the Thinking Different x Foxtrot Uniform Collection.

The Thinking Different x Foxtrot Uniform Collection imagines what the employees of Apple would have worn for a uniform in the ‘80s and ‘90s during the brand’s Macintosh days, and headlining the capsule are a pair of showstopping sneakers. Foxtrot Uniform have taken a pair of iconic silhouettes from the era — the Reebok Club C and Nike Dunk Hi — and outfitted them with a vintage Apple aesthetic. Dubbed the “Fictional Employee Sneakers,” both kicks are finished in white that’s been given an aged look and complemented by accents featuring Apple’s old rainbow colorway. The low-top Club Cs feature chalky edges, Apple logos on the tongue and side, and custom Thinking Different x Foxtrot Uniform laces with branded rainbow aglets. The hi-top Nikes are similar, with the same chalky edges, logos, and laces, but with the addition of brass grommets.

In addition to the sneakers, which are the clear stars of the show, the Thinking Different x Foxtrot Uniform Collection also includes the Thinking Different Fade-Away Laces and rainbow versions of Foxtrot Uniform’s Of The Highest Quality Socks. The Fictional Employee Sneakers are available in extremely limited quantities from Foxtrot Uniform’s website on Oct. 4 only, with the Club C priced at $399 and the Dunks going for $549.

Purchase: $399+

Photo: Foxtrot Uniform