Technics Debuts its Most Advanced Turntable to Date with the SL-1000RE-S

Pronounced “techniques,” Technics is a legendary Japanese pro audio brand that revolutionized the DJ industry in 1972 with the debut of its utterly game-changing SL-1200 turntable. And while the SL-12 has undeniably represented the industry standard for DJs for the last half-century, the company has now released what’s unequivocally its most advanced, high-performance deck to date with the all-new SL-1000RE-S Direct Drive Turntable System.

At the heart of this reference-class turntable is an SP-10RE-S double coil twin rotor-type coreless direct drive motor unit — originally developed for the SL-1200G model — that packs 3.47lb-in of torque, resulting in an insanely responsive control. Weighing in at a whopping 88.7lbs — plus another 4.7lbs for the controller — the table also features reinforced thrust bearings, gold-plated terminals, and a more stable base that more effectively dampens sound. Additional sound dampening is afforded via a cylindrical tube made of a microcell polymer.

Capable of playing at 33, 45, and 78 speeds, the SL-1000RE-S also boasts a separate control unit with an OLED display and its own separate housing, thereby helping to mitigate unwanted noise. The turntable also features a 17.4-pound, heavyweight-class platter with a three-layer construction crafted from a combination of brass and diecast aluminum and a dozen tungsten weights. What’s more, the SL-1000RE-S also gets a high-sensitivity S-type tonearm with OFC internal wiring and an integrated mounting base. These features collectively allow for the most precise, and best-sounding turntable Technics has ever conceived.

Produced in limited numbers, the Technics SL-1000RE-S Direct Drive Turntable System is available now, with pricing set at $19,000.

Purchase: $19,000