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Sony’s Latest Walkman Has a Gold-Plated Chassis for an Improved Listen

Does it get any more nostalgic than the Sony Walkman? While the original line of iPods may have something to say about that over the next few years, Sony’s iconic portable music player has remained a mainstay in the tech giant’s portfolio since the late seventies, first as a cassette player before transitioning to CDs and eventually digital music files, and it’s not slowing down now. The Japanese conglomerate has unveiled its latest high-resolution MP3 playing Walkman, and it looks as good as it sounds.

The WM1ZM2 Walkman Signature Series’ appearance is highlighted by a gorgeous gold-plated OFC chassis, which is akin to that of the line’s prior MP3 player, but Sony claims to have upped its OFC purity rating to 99.99%. As a result of its sophisticated design, this high percentage leads to immaculate audio prowess by delivering clear, punchy bass notes, lingering mids, and soaring highs. In other words, audiophiles can expect to get quite the kick out of this while adding a little bling to their day at the same time.

The latest Walkman looks to deliver a robust listening experience courtesy of its wide variety of internal sound processing technologies like its DSD Remastering Engine for an analog-adjacent quality and the unique Vinyl Processor for an authentic turntable-like sound. Measuring in at a sliver over 5.5″ tall by 3.17″ wide, the immaculately designed MP3 player is guaranteed to be an easy carry, as well as a prolonged one thanks to its 40-hour battery life.

Although Sony’s shiny new Walkman will first be released throughout Europe and Asia for €3700 (~$4,229) within the next few months, we are hoping to see it hit the light of day in the States eventually too. Whether you’re a true audiophile or a more casual listener, you’ll want to take an extensive look at the nostalgia-inducing MP3 player on Sony’s official site.

Purchase: $4,229

Photo: Sony