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Sennheiser’s IE 600 Earphones Are Made from Amorphous Zirconium

With wireless earbuds seemingly never going out of style, it serves us right for a nameworthy brand to remind us that this seamless connectivity is not the only game in town when it comes to premium headphones. As a result, the renowned audio engineers at Sennheiser took it upon themselves to prove that even wired earphones can still be opulent. In efforts to do so while appealing to its audiophilic audience, the German manufacturer has unveiled the IE 600.

First thing’s first: these new buds are made through a 3D-printing process from ultra-sturdy R01 amorphous zirconium, the same material used to compose the Mars Rover’s drilling head, going to show that these are as professional-grade as it gets. The punch-packing in-ears also boast a pair of classy, gold-plated MMCX connectors that are recessed within the housing for the sake of enhanced stability. For guaranteed security, the headphones come equipped with three sizes of both silicone and memory foam ear tips, as well as adjustable ear hooks.

In addition to their unique makeup, the IE 600 features a pair of dual resonator chambers for unsaturated hi-fi audio. In addition to that, they make immaculate use of Sennheiser’s patented True Response driver, a sole 7mm driver with enough range to touch on every frequency, all the while providing remarkably low distortion. This listening experience is made even more lifelike as a result of the earphones’ finely-tuned acoustic back volume.

Although the IE 600 is tailored toward studio usage, keen listeners will appreciate that these in-ears provide such high-grade quality across the board. Sennheiser’s latest reveal is slated to hit the market for $700 in either the spring or summer.

Purchase: $700

Photo: Sennheiser
Photo: Sennheiser