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Razer Updates Its Zephyr Mask with Convenient Voice-Amplifying Tech

There is no accessory more vital nowadays than the face mask — and even vital may be understating it. With every brand from Old Navy to Balenciaga somehow managing to make the best out of a global pandemic by producing their own face masks, gaming peripherals brand Razer did so themselves last year with their futuristic, air-purifying Zephyr mask. Now, Razer is looking to push the envelope even further with a Pro iteration of the Zephyr that boasts voice amplification tech and medical-grade filters.

Surely, having a conversation with your standard cloth mask on is no easy task, and the world-leading crew of gamers is well aware of that. Taking matters into their own hands, Razer’s patent-pending voice amplifying technology looks to take miscommunication out of the equation, managing to unmuffle whatever you have to say while wearing the Zephyr Pro. At the end of the day, wearing a face mask is a matter of precaution, and the gadgeteers at Razer accounted for that with replaceable N95-grade filters that provide optimized sustainable protection. Additionally, the Zephyr Pro’s dual intake fans can be adjusted as you see fit, making way for fresh air at velocities of either 4,200 RPM or 6,200 RPM. Boasting a nearly unbelievable 99% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency), the new-and-improved RGB-clad face mask sets a remarkably high standard for safety.

Wearing this out and about may seem a bit alien, but it is as big a statement piece as they come. While pricing and release information have not been formally announced for Razer’s latest reveal, expect the Zephyr Pro to hit the market at some point in 2022.

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Photo: Razer