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Nitecore’s NES2000 Outdoor Power Station Can Charge aniPhone Over 120 Times

Nitecore NES 2000 0 Hero
Photo: Nitecore

Anytime Nitecore releases some sort of outdoor gear, it’s well worth mentioning, and its latest gadget is undoubtedly a doozy. The manufacturer’s NES2000 power station is far from a video game console like its name suggests, but instead a high-capacity power bank with a ridiculous 2000W output.

Nitecore NES 2000 1
Photo: Nitecore

From a design perspective, we’re never surprised to see NITECORE pull off the spectacular, as the brand has been celebrated with countless design awards, from the Red Dot to Good Design. Placed atop a mobile quartet of wheels with a locking function, the heavy-duty power station’s design promotes nothing short of easy transporting — in addition to impeccable amounts of juice. With a limitless power supply of 2,016Wh, the company suggests you can charge a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro as many as 124 times. Additionally, thanks to its 2000W AC output, the NES2000 can be used in case of emergency rescue, endless road trips, camping, or any form of outdoor work you need to keep the tools and machinery running.

Nitecore NES 2000 2
Photo: Nitecore

Speed-wise, Nitecore claims the new release only takes a total of 2 hours to fully charge and can reach 80% in a matter of a half-hour less. Plus, thanks to its convent car charge, you can practically utilize the device in any way you see fit, be it powered by a solar panel or connected to a 100W PD adapter. Moreover, thanks to the built-in MPPT tech, the NES2000 automatically regulates itself in adherence to the output voltage of your connected solar panel, further optimizing efficiency levels. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the device is seamlessly compatible with the brand’s trusty NNERGY app, allowing you to monitor power and control functions all from the palm of your hand and make sure they are activated using the built-in LED display.

Nitecore NES 2000 3
Photo: Nitecore

While Nitecore is yet to address pricing details for its high-end gadget, learn more about the NES2000 on its webshop.