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The First-Ever Touchscreen Mechanical Keyboard Has a 12.6″ Display

Just when you think the computer keyboard industry can’t evolve any more, a product comes out that changes the conversation really quickly. Dubbed the K2, Kwumsy’s backlit touchscreen mechanical keyboard doesn’t just look great, but it serves as the world’s first touchscreen mechanical keyboard display.

A couple of years back, Kwumsy launched a crowdfunding campaign for the P2 Pro, an updated version of its innovative tri-screen foldable monitor, and now the company is leading the way again with the K2 keyboard. Built with a 12.6in touchscreen on top, this mechanical keyboard can turn any smartphone, tablet, or computer into a multi-screen display or be used by itself to type, game, or browse. Alternatively, you can switch back and forth between the K2 and your device of choice at will with the addition of a type-C cable switch.

Achieving 1920 x 515 resolution, the 60Hz touchscreen display has ten touchpoints for next-to-zero delay. You can customize your K2 to fit your own office vibe with 15 RGB backlight settings. If that’s not enough, you can hot-swap each and every one of the 71 keycaps for a more personalized aesthetic and feel. The screen’s parameters can be customized to your liking as well without the need for any additional software, downloads, or subscriptions. With three built-in USB ports, you can use the device with a mouse, external hard drive, videogame controller, or anything else you can think of.

Grab the K2 touchscreen keyboard now through Kwumsy’s online store for $399, or nab the add-on package which comes with an aluminum alloy keyboard stand for $409 (the stand alone costs $39).

Purchase: $399

Photo: Kwumsy
Photo: Kwumsy